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Ryan called to the Diary room, nominations today is on the screen. Adam says they are probably out there and cant figure out what is burning. - Melonie
2:36PM 10/04/2008

The doors to the backyard appear to be reopened. Nat, Sharon, Adam making food in kitchen. NT - Melonie
2:41PM 10/04/2008

Mac n dogs for lunch today. NT - Melonie
2:41PM 10/04/2008

Nat yells there are ants in the salt and pepper now guys. Adam says they are hungry. NT - Melonie
2:42PM 10/04/2008

Adam talks to Sheila in the HOH - Melonie
2:55PM 10/04/2008

Adam is stressing - Melonie
2:58PM 10/04/2008

Ryan/Adam playing chess; Sheila in HoH bathroom getting ready for nominations NT - bb9lover
3:16PM 10/04/2008

Nat talking in irritating voice to gps NT - bb9lover
3:17PM 10/04/2008

Nat/Sharon in BY getting last minute sun. NT - bb9lover
3:18PM 10/04/2008

Nat/Sharon discussing how next week will be best for Nat to win HoH as it is most crucial NT - bb9lover
3:22PM 10/04/2008

Sharon says it was smarter move for her to throw HoH and win POV NT - bb9lover
3:23PM 10/04/2008

Sharon tells Natalie not to worry about noms because she will have the votes to stay over her NT - officialfan
3:29PM 10/04/2008

Flames NT - officialfan
3:34PM 10/04/2008

A few minutes ago Natalie told Sharon that she ultimately dropped from the "glass house" so she could play in HOH next week NT - CruiseCritic
3:36PM 10/04/2008

Ryan and Adams chess game is over NT - officialfan
3:36PM 10/04/2008

Sharon, Adam, Sheila and Natalie gathered around kitchen. Sheila calls Adam a sour grape because he is worried about being on the block NT - officialfan
3:46PM 10/04/2008

Sharon tells the group about her Abercrombie pictures covering the walls of her room. Nat expresses she never makes her bed NT - officialfan
3:49PM 10/04/2008

Alone in the KT Sheila tells Nat (with a hug, no less!!) that if she wins next week PROMISE Nat won't put up Sheila. - augie
4:04PM 10/04/2008

adam upset christ team not letting him be - allen
4:09PM 10/04/2008

BB calls outside LD, all HGs go out except Sheila, who sits at KT counter. Quick flash of Sheila inside with LD door down??!! NT - DanaRose
4:09PM 10/04/2008

feed returns briefly again sharon saying to adam we can high five and sit next to each other ok?? NT - allen
4:10PM 10/04/2008

It's time for Sheila to determine nominations. Feeds come in and out. - BBFanChelle
4:10PM 10/04/2008

flames NT - allen
4:11PM 10/04/2008

trivia NT - jdpottle
4:40PM 10/04/2008

Trivia Still. NT - Pizzaman
4:58PM 10/04/2008

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