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Topic #8743091
Divinemissm30 - Ryan brings more alcohol to a beer to Adam.... 0 Replies #8743091 9:36PM 12/04/2008
Ryan opens a beer up and sits down in the chair facing the girls....

Sheila & Nat having glasses of wine...Sharon not drinking...looking at a pic on Sheila's mug...Sheila says it was taken in Kansas by a photographer..

Sheila talking about her he is great and taking care of her her son likes him...knows their routine at home...

Talk stuck on Sheila's ex and how she met him for a while...
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Topic #8743112
Divinemissm30 - BBAD went to Flames...then to commercial....programming now back NT 1 Replies #8743112 9:38PM 12/04/2008
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BB8On - Flames came back for about 2 seconds NT #8743127 9:39PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8743192
Divinemissm30 - All HG's in HoH......Drinking...hanging out.....more random talk 0 Replies #8743192 9:44PM 12/04/2008
More random talk about Sheila's ex....HG's questioning her...

Sheila saying..I'm here of course for me and my son, but we're all here for a reason...of course for the money...we all want the money
Ry: We're a good core group of people

Sheila going on about her ex....

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Topic #8743278
Divinemissm30 - Sheila on a roll....laughing....cutting up ....being loud.... 0 Replies #8743278 9:50PM 12/04/2008
Everyone listening to Sheila....
Adam and Ryan cut in with some words every now and then...
Nat & Sharon: Mmmm Hmmm Mmmm Hmmm

Sha: Why do we all have drama in this house?
Nat: I don't have any drama
Ry: Me and Jen are good...we have minor issues
Sha: Mine and Jacobs are major
Nat: Myyyyy drama....Myyyy drama..
Nat keeps getting cut off
Nat: Hey Alex..what's up buddy?!?!
Adam: He's (Alex doll) not a drinker!

Talk of Sheila going to bars and hanging out with drunk people
Sheila saying no...why do that when you can do it at home...

HG's all talking at one time....(ed. hard to keep up!)
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Topic #8743333
Divinemissm30 - Party in the HoH.....all HG's involved in very animated conversations.... 0 Replies #8743333 9:57PM 12/04/2008
Sheila accidentally saying they've been in house for 2 1/2 weeks...everyone laughing

Adam burping and amusing himself

Sheila called to DR

Sheila says she's realized life is too short to put up with things that don't make you happy...Sharon says "Yes!"

Sheila gone to DR...

Adam threw beer can away and now back laying across bed...

Sharon saying that she'll confront Jacob at Wrap Party...saying she'll go get Jacob and bring him in front of Adam and ask about that comment

Natalie and Ryan talking about their "hammies" hurting...trying to change subject

Sheila back from DR

HG's talking at one time again...

Sheila discussing the "Bird & the Bees" convo she's had with her about her son's girlfriend...saying she can't talk about her but she's nice and beautiful
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Topic #8743392
Divinemissm30 - Ryan wanting more beer...Sheila offering one she has in her fridge... 0 Replies #8743392 10:04PM 12/04/2008
Ryan tells Sheila thank you for the beer....Sheila telling Natalie thank you for cooking...everyone saying yes it was good...

Talk about noodles now...taste..shapes...Sheila saying noodles freak her out...

Discussing good place to eat....places the HG's love to eat at...

Nat: We counted 27 times you grabbed your d*ck Baller...During breakfast time!
Adam: Oh I did?'s all soft down there...good place to be!

Nat telling story of catching Adam naked

Nat: A month ago..the house was divided...I came around the corner and seen Baller checking himself...(imitates Adam)...he saw me catch him and he jumped up...clinched his butt....laughing...he jumped up like OOHH!!..
The best part was Baller running in to the shower...I was like "Holy Butt Naked Baller!"

Everyone laughing

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Topic #8743437
Divinemissm30 - All HG's still picking on Adam.... 0 Replies #8743437 10:09PM 12/04/2008
Ryan saying he hopes BB shows that (Nat catching Adam)

Nat: Jen and Amanda saw Baller picking his nose and wiped it on the couch
Adam: No, I wiped it on my jeans! (ed. lol)
Nat: That was straight out gross!

Talk about boogers being stuck all over the bathroom wall..(ed. ewww)
Ryan says the girls prolly didn't want to get caught picking their noses on national tv so they went and hid in the bathroom and put them on the walls.

Sheila now discussing never forgetting this birthday.
Nat talking about her "Old Timers" being picked on
Sheila says it doesn't's all good

Adam: This is a funny season...I don't think there's been a funnier season
She: Yeah I think so too

Talk about the movie they saw in the house...Sheila telling Ryan thank you...they owe him for being able to see it
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Topic #8743522
Divinemissm30 - Sharon mentions all current HG's have never been together in HoH... 0 Replies #8743522 10:18PM 12/04/2008
All of them at one time...They only hang out and do this when they're drinking

Ryan and Adam switch places...Ry now on bed...Adam in chair...Sheila picking up trash...throws it away...sits back down

Talk of being cooler in HoH now...Nat saying Sheila's bed feels better being lower...

Sheila discussing her son and him wanting a race car bed when he was little...said she didn't get him one...he hates bed frames

Sharon loves giving to Goodwill...Nat wondering if her fish are still alive...Nat's sister taking care of her house....

Sharon says when we had fish..then Adam chimes in with "Who is we?"...Sharon says "Me and Jacob"

Adam: He's a good guy
Shar: I don't wanna hear it...he's a piece of sh*t
Nat: Adam you said you were gonna smoke when you got outta here
Adam: No I didn't!
Nat: Yes you did!..You said you were gonna roll one up and smoke it!

Ry: Sheila are you near or far sighted?
She: I'm near sighted...(she can't figure out which one)

Ryan and Adam helping Sheila figure out which it is. Sheila puts on her glasses and pulls out her letter...showing Ryan

Ry: Sheila you look like a naughty teacher
She: You're in the principal's office Baby!

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Topic #8743582
Divinemissm30 - Natalie mentions her mom was 80% blind...couldn't even drive her to school.... 0 Replies #8743582 10:24PM 12/04/2008
BB: Ryan please stop playing with your microphone!

Adam messing with Nat..Threatening to put lotion on her face.telling her you wanna see how chelsia got it?
Sheila: Do it! (to baller)...laughing hard...clapping her hands
Nat: Don't instigate him Sheila!
Nat: Baller!! Just stop!!

Adam putting lotion ALL OVER Nat's face...smearing it ALL in! (
Adam and Nat now play fighting
Ry: Nat you lost that battle!

Nat and Adam now in HoH bathroom cleaning up..Nat complaining her shirt is ruined.

She: Now that was good times!...this has been a good birthday!

Adam back in HoH bedroom wiping himself off....joins Nat in bathroom again...Nat saying it's okay Baller!
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Topic #8743598
officialfan - HGs discussing Alex, Ryan saying Sheila is psychotic for Alex NT 0 Replies #8743598 10:26PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8743656
Divinemissm30 - Adam now calmed down...sitting back down in chair.... 0 Replies #8743656 10:33PM 12/04/2008
Sheila and Sharon still at table....discussing Alex....
Ryan stretched out across bed....Nat still in bathroom

Adam back in bathroom to mess with Natalie

BB: Ryan Please stop playing with your microphone!

Nat back sitting at table with the girls. Adam back in his chair

Sheila going on and on about Alex..not dating very young guys...wittiness

She: let me tell you what I like about Baller...he's highly highly intelligent...and that would deffinitely get my libido going...but..but..the nose picking...butt grabbing...I don't like it
Adam: I like to turn you off...
She: I don't like it though!
Adam: I'm glad it turns you off
She: I don't like you being a playa
Ry: Matty's the player
Ry: Alex is a player
She: Alex IS NOT a player!
RY: He molested Amanda!...molested Sharon!...Made out with Chelsia!..Bam..Bam..Bam..3..He's a player!
She: He did not!
Sha & Nat: He made out with me...yeah in the pool
She: I'm not listening...La la la la la

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Topic #8743669
officialfan - Ryan saying Alex is a playa: made out w/ Chels & Sharon and molested Amanda. Shiela defending Alex NT 0 Replies #8743669 10:35PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8743699
Divinemissm30 - Adam left HoH....Rest of HG's...chatting.....discussing Alex 0 Replies #8743699 10:40PM 12/04/2008
Sheila very animated about Alex...defending him...putting Amanda down for saying Alex was trying things with her

Sha: Amanda said she didn't want to yell like rape..but it did bother her
She: Yeah she said that she didn't like or whatever
She: She made a bigger deal out of it b/c....Amanda said he's just really upset b/c we're partners and he's just jealous b/c Parker and I are hanging out. Alex was devastated over messed up his game

Adam back in HoH

Nat: Baller is back...he just wanted to use the restroom so we wouldn't hear him
Adam: I just had to take care of things
Nat: Oh he smoked
Adam: I smoked some butts

Nat talking about why didn't Adam hide some of his cigs from himself. Nat says that she usually hides things from herself when she knows she's getting money.

Nat and Sharon now smelling Sheila's Jasmine lotion....discussion of different smells of lotions they like..

Ry: What time is it Baller?
Adam: Time is of the essence

Adam: You know I just couldn't wait to be here...couldn't wait
She: yeah I know, I was the same way

Sheila asking Adam to please not put his feet on the table...
She: It's so disgusting...please don't do that

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Topic #8743716
Divinemissm30 - Starting to quiet down a bit in of PoV meeting speech... 0 Replies #8743716 10:42PM 12/04/2008
Adam telling Sharon she should say..."I've been on this block 5 times...will someone PLEASE use the veto on me!" ...laughing

Nat: Yeah...sharon you've been on the block for 5 weeks in a row!
Nat: Don't use the Veto Baller...leave yourself on the block!

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Topic #8743733
Divinemissm30 - Adam telling his story.....ALL to Flames.....BBAD to Flames NT 0 Replies #8743733 10:45PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8743744
Divinemissm30 - Feeds back...Adam finished with of commercials NT 0 Replies #8743744 10:46PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8743777
Divinemissm30 - Nat on subject of James....says he should be in SH now with Chelsia... 0 Replies #8743777 10:50PM 12/04/2008
She: Yeah it's Saturday...he should be there by now

Ryan going to see if they restocked the SR with more beer...Sheila says it's her b-day so they should give them more...

Talk of Ryan's shirt blue or black?

She: Nat you did a great job on Alex
Nat: I don't think I did
She: Yeah you did...everyone knows it's home
Nat: Yeah it has his name on it
She: (to Baller) you never let her do your portrait
Nat: Yeah baller
She: You should let her do it
She: Alright I need some more hugs

Sheila hugs everyone....Nat tells her happy birthday
Group Hug!...Everyone:...Aaaahhhhhhhh

Sharon: We're so dysfunctional
Nat: We're the most dysfunctional family on tv
Everyone agress
She: That's what makes tv

Everyone guessing time now
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Topic #8743821
Divinemissm30 - Sheila and Adam talking about ice cream......saving her some cookie dough... 0 Replies #8743821 10:57PM 12/04/2008
She: wow...what a day...what a day
Sha: I'm glad u liked me idea about the lock down
She: I'm glad we didn't do the sushi..I wanna have that with my son when I get out of here

Sha: Look, Look, he's wearing a blue shirt right? Watch when he walks in the door

Ryan walks in HoH...Sharon: Seeee...I told's black
She; That's so trippy!...let me see if mine does that

Ryan and She hanging half in/out HoH door checking out how their shirts change colors....Now Nat trying it out....Baller checking his now...

Everyone sits back down...Sheila messing with spy screen

She: All the action is going on in here
Ry: b/c there isn't anyone else left in the house!

Adam checking out Sheila's pics on her coffee mug

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Topic #8743835
Divinemissm30 - Sharon joins Ryan on the HoH bed.... 0 Replies #8743835 10:59PM 12/04/2008
Ryan thumping on dresser at end of bed....
Nat still sitting at table...
Sheila sitting in chair beside Adam... Adam twirling around

Ryan and Sharon seem to be winding down....

Sheila talking about her friend...goes to Flames...
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Topic #8743855
Divinemissm30 - Feeds Back.....Nat asking why the HoH headboard is messed up.. 0 Replies #8743855 11:04PM 12/04/2008
Nat wants to know if James and Chelsia did that...
Adam: Yes, that's what James said

Adam gets up and shows the HG's the dents in the headboard from Chelsia's head and chin

She: You know her parents (Chel) must be horrified!
She: would they show that on tv
Nat: Or the feeds?
She: would they show all that???
Nat: I wouldn't think so...
She: I wouldn't do that...If I liked someone in this house..I would have waited
Ry: Would you have gotten naked with them in the shower or the HT?
She: Yeah in my bikini...never naked

Talk of Alex again...Sheila saying he was too young...maybe they would have hooked up if he was like 5 years older
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Topic #8743901
Divinemissm30 - Sheila discussing how old/young her guy would have to be.... 0 Replies #8743901 11:12PM 12/04/2008
Now talking about the camera man that she thinks is hot....

Sheila getting all excited about some guy Adam is talking about...
Nat: Oh sheila's getting all excited!

Sheila hanging on to every word Adam is saying...repeating it
Sharon: You can tell Sheila is interested when she repeats every word Adam is saying!....She's really listening!

Adam: His name is Joe...lives in Florida

She: I think Josh is hot....
She: How old is Josh?
Adam: 28
Adam mentions Josh's privates
Adam: he's got a birthmark...talks about the girls kissing it

Nat: James looks like he's walking around with two big old cow bags! (ed. lol)
Nat: He's so disgusting...I wouldn't touch him at all!
Nat: I wanna know what James had to say!
Adam: I respect mine and James' conversations...can't tell you!
Nat: James is soooo repulsive to me!
Nat: He's been up in Chels nasty Pu*s...his nasty donkey kong wiener!...No one could pay me to be with him!
She: now what did he say that Nat's revealed all these things about him!

Adam gets up and walks out of HoH
She: Where you going Baller?
Adam walks back in and says he was just making it all up
She: I knew you were going to do that!

Sheila joins Ryan and Sharon on the bed
Ry: I'm in bed with two beautiful angels
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Topic #8743946
Divinemissm30 - Shiela...telling HG's...Dick asked her out on a date.... 0 Replies #8743946 11:19PM 12/04/2008
Nat: Did you see how he was looking at you?
She: No, he was smiling at me...
She: Yes, we have a date
Nat: Tell US!
She; No, it's personal!!
Nat: Please!
She: I can't tell you til the end of the show
She: he wanted me to keep it quiet
Adam: I don't believe you!
She: You'll see at the Wrap Party!!!
Adam: No, he's digging some young stuff right now
She: Yeah, and I'll kick him to the curb
She: The truth of the matter is....I've been in the house for 2's been like a year with you people....I have a respect for Evel Dick....a yearning...Let me tell you why...

She: But...I respect ED b/c ...I even told you Nat...that before Dick showed up....If he talked smack about you he told you to your face and that's what I liked about his game play....B/c I don't like how people talk smack behind your back...don't be a hypocrite

She: When you've been in this house and deal with people 24/7 have to be a Dick
Nat; No, you don' don't have to be a Evel Dick
She: That was his strategy and I understand...If you don't understand that...doing what we do in this house out..
Nat: I don't think you should have to stoop to that level
She: You don't think talking smack about someone behind their back is bad?
Nat: Well, we're still here....those other HG's are not
She: Well that's his strategy...he had to be that way
Adam: You gotta be how you gotta be
She; I just think he (ED) Played a smart game

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Topic #8743967
Divinemissm30 - Sharon talking about Josh leaving a handprint on her behind..... 1 Replies #8743967 11:23PM 12/04/2008
Sha: It was really red!

Sharon asking Nat if she's taking a bath tonight or if she's done
Adam: We only have a few minutes left and we're done with Showtimne
Nat: We're not allowed to say that word! (showtime)
Adam: What Showtime?
Nat: You can't say that word!
Ry: Showtime? Showtime?
Nat: you're not supposed to say that
She: They told us we couldn't say that
Adam: What Showtime?

Talk about food now...

Ryan telling Sheila that if she cries when she reads her letter again she has to go take a big bite of onion....

Sheila reading her letter now...
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Shar - Sharon was talking about a handprint on Josh's butt, when Adam smacked him. NT #8744007 11:33PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8743978
Divinemissm30 - Sheila still reading letters from her birthday..... 0 Replies #8743978 11:28PM 12/04/2008
Sheila and Sharon both sitting on HoH bed...

Ryan on his side between them facing Sheila...

Adam has hand in pants...feet propped up on dresser at foot of bed...leaning back in chair..

Nat sitting in chair at glass table twirling her hair
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Topic #8743995
Divinemissm30 - Ryan now reading letter to Sheila trying to make her cry..... 0 Replies #8743995 11:31PM 12/04/2008
Ryan is reading the letter very softly and lovingly...(

He gives up and gives the letter back to Sheila

Adam, Ryan, and Nat leave HoH

Sharon and Sheila cleaning up HoH room
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