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Topic #8738886
sunflower721 - **flames** then feeds back.sheila saying that ryan needs to work on adam that vote needs to be 2-0 for sharon to stay,ryan saying maybe it would be 0 Replies #8738886 4:17PM 12/04/2008
better for you to have to break a tie with the jury house,that you (sheila) were the one that voted her out.

Sheila on and on about nat needing to go.

Ryan leaves HOH room sheila says she is getting ready to come down.

Sharon and Nat talking about BB and when ppl are evicted what do they do (in jury house) nat says she will miss the Microphone and she will miss the games and the anticipation,the disco ball and getting sprayed with champagne etc...
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Topic #8738911
soulmate - feeds back nothing new, adam doing dishes, sharon & Nat laying in the sun chatting no game talk NT 0 Replies #8738911 4:19PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738916
sunflower721 - Ry and Adam in the Red Bedroom talking about tomorrow ,ryan telling adam to wait for Oils sake (ryans nickname),ryan says nat is crazy dude going up 0 Replies #8738916 4:20PM 12/04/2008
on the block with someone and telling them they are going home (regarding sharon).Ryan talks about nat only being on the block one time and she knew she was not going home,ryan whispers to adam we are calling the shots.
and we have the votes.
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Topic #8738930
soulmate - Adam wants to get straight what they will say to the girls. 0 Replies #8738930 4:22PM 12/04/2008
Ryan: We decide from Sunday to Wed who will go
Adam: Taking who can win POV & HOH Telling Ryan he had HOH twice and never put him up.
Ryan: I won't put you up bro.
Ryan: Nats pissing me off
Adam: I know
Adam: She is dogging both of her boys
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Topic #8738972
sunflower721 - adam saying that nats been throwing him under the bus to sharon and then sharon tells sheila,ryan says i know,they laugh that oil and hank are coming 0 Replies #8738972 4:25PM 12/04/2008
out tomorrow ,ryan tells adam to wear his wife beater tomorrow.ryan says we should set a table up and have them (nat and sharon) sit down to reprimand them.

ryan says he will say to nat we recently heard all this stuff,and lets go talk about it,adam says nat is casting judgment upon us.

ryan asks if they should bring the bible to the sit down adam says yes of course.

adam is quoting bible verses.
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Topic #8738987
sunflower721 - sharon saying to nat they (ry and Adam)are not going to turn on you now,says it several times.Nat says you never know. NT 0 Replies #8738987 4:26PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738989
Divinemissm30 - Ryan joins Adam in Red Room...... 0 Replies #8738989 4:26PM 12/04/2008
Ryan trying on Sharon's bra...(LOL)

Ry: She's a "A" dude....34A
RY: Your tit's couldn't fit in here bro!...laughing
Adam: 42D for Big Baller...laughs
Adam: What does Big She say?
RY: Nothing, just same old...over and over dude
Ry: I told her Sheila I told you it's gonna be 2-0....we can do whatever we wanna do tomorrow dude...just be cool
Ry: We'll have all day Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to get out who we want to get out...all the broads dude..
Ry: Nat's crazy dude..If I was on the block I wouldn't be telling them who was gonna go home...planning the week ahead..had Nat even been on the block?
Adam: With Matty...figuring out times she's been on the block

Now discussing who's been on the block when

Ry: Me and you are going shopping dude!...We decide who stay and who and you will be playing for HoH and PoV
Adam: If one of us wins PoV we keep the noms the same
Ry: I'm not putting you up dude...Sheila already knows I'm not putting you up
Adam: That PoV is crucial too...know what I'm saying?
Ry: Nat is piss*ing me the f*ck off dude
Adam: She's dogging you and me...her boys!
Ry: Hank and Oil are coming out dude....wear your wifebeater and house shoes tomorrow dude..
Ry: We've gotta get all dressed up for this meeting dude....talking about PoV tomorrow

Adam pretending to be hosting the PoV throw down tomorrow

Ry: This is gonna be fun
Adam: Nat is gonna be sh*tting her pants....she's gonna try and say something to stay in the of them is lying
Ry: Just tell Sharon not to worry she's not going
Ry: We'll tell Nat she's staying until tomorrow then come out and say "Oh we just heard all of this recently"
Adam: She's being a false witness to everybody...
Adam: I feel Nat by the world of the should not be in this house ...I'm gonna find some scripture to say against her...laughing

Adam now looking for a scripture to use

Ry: We need to find a bunch of verses tomorrow....start of the meeting with them...saying...Ok...tell Nat...You're probably wondering why we're reading all these verses...please let us explain (lol)
Adam: Yes Dude! Yes Yes Yes
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Topic #8739032
sunflower721 - sharon tells nat that james said if Adam gets to the end he (james) will vote for adam and if sheila gets to the end he (james) will vote for sheila 0 Replies #8739032 4:30PM 12/04/2008
because if sheila gets to the end she must have done something amazing playing the game to get to the end.

Nat is talking about future game if I dont win HOH I will win POV she says.Sharon totally playing into it with her and pumping her up.

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Topic #8739061
sunflower721 - Boys in Red BR still,they are looking up bible quotes to use tomorrow. NT 0 Replies #8739061 4:31PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739087
sunflower721 - adam says here proverbs 14 line 5 ,ryan looks it up in sharons bible and then reads it aloud,adam says thats it. NT 0 Replies #8739087 4:33PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739119
sunflower721 - Nat/sharon talking about dog and pitbulls/then talked about Micheal Vick how he was a good talking about Football teams. NT 0 Replies #8739119 4:36PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739137
sunflower721 - LOL boys are still hitting the bibles hard in the Red BR every once in awhile reading something from it out loud and laughing. NT 0 Replies #8739137 4:37PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739165
sunflower721 - adam "the words of a tale bearer are like wombs they go all the way down into the belly" (LOL ed) NT 0 Replies #8739165 4:39PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739181
sunflower721 - nat leaves sharon in BY to go find out what is going on with her(nats) hair dye NT 0 Replies #8739181 4:41PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739211
soulmate - Nat comes into red br and offers baller her bible, she is awaiting permission to do her hair NT 0 Replies #8739211 4:44PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739231
soulmate - Adam says something about lying tongue NT 0 Replies #8739231 4:46PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739242
soulmate - Nat called to the DR NT 0 Replies #8739242 4:46PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739246
sunflower721 - ryan says out loud so natalie how much sh*t were you talking outside to sharon.adam says yeah I know,then natalie comes into the red room 0 Replies #8739246 4:47PM 12/04/2008
and ryan asks her what she is doing she says she is waiting on her hair dye.

She asks if one of them want her bible because it is easier to read she gets it out of boat room for adam.

Nat then leaves red room.

and the boys contimue the quote hunt.

LOL adam asks nat if she loves Psalms and Proverbs, and nat yells yes.

Nat now called to DR.

Ryan says good luck with that hair and Adam says yes clean that Mop up
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Topic #8739260
soulmate - Adam reading aloud from the bible NT 0 Replies #8739260 4:48PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739262
sunflower721 - Nat out of DR said they wont let her do it (her hair). NT 0 Replies #8739262 4:48PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739303
soulmate - They are quoting verses they could use on her and she is laughing and agreeing...too funny NT 0 Replies #8739303 4:52PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739311
sunflower721 - Nat to ry and adam tells boys that sharon said she knows she is going home,nat saying Team christ did it we did it again.The boys are still reading 0 Replies #8739311 4:53PM 12/04/2008
bible and yelling quotes out.(about decietful and false tongues).(little does nat know they are talking about her as she talks about sharon leaving.)adam laughs and nat says what what adam,you got another one she asks to hear it he reads it and its about brothers living together in unity.(lol the boys alliance)
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Topic #8739337
hockynutty - Nat wondering where the Giant lava lamp on the Tv came from 0 Replies #8739337 4:55PM 12/04/2008
"do you think they make those?"
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Topic #8739339
soulmate - sharon and Nat talking to the Gp's NT 0 Replies #8739339 4:55PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8739344
sunflower721 - nat asks adam if he saw the giant lava lamp on the TV,adam says yes I did.Ry and adam are not saying to much to natalie.She leaves and goes to the GPs 0 Replies #8739344 4:55PM 12/04/2008
cage .Sharon is in the KT now.
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