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Topic #8735997
marinswife - Nat, Shelia and Sharon sunbathing, Adam and Ryan getting ready to workout. 0 Replies #8735997 12:44PM 12/04/2008
General Chit Chat amoung the houseguests.
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Topic #8736036
marinswife - Adam lifting weights, Ryan walking around watching. 0 Replies #8736036 12:47PM 12/04/2008
Ryan helping the girls put their lounge chair down. Shelia back in the pool.
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Topic #8736289
ILUVBB07 - Sheila and Sharon in pool. Ryan, Nat, and Adam sunbathing NT 0 Replies #8736289 1:09PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8736555
ILUVBB07 - Adam went in the house and got laundry and brought it out to Sheila 0 Replies #8736555 1:30PM 12/04/2008
Sheila folded clean laundry and is now inside doing dishes. Sharon and Adam are in the pool.
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Topic #8736687
ILUVBB07 - Sheila up in HOH looking at pictures of her family and son NT 0 Replies #8736687 1:42PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737081
ILUVBB07 - Ryan and Adam playing chess. Sharon and Nat still sunbathing NT 0 Replies #8737081 2:15PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737157
sunflower721 - nat eating in KT sharon making food as well. NT 0 Replies #8737157 2:22PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737182
sunflower721 - F1 and F2 Ryan and Adam playing chess, F3 and F4 nat and Sharon in KT. NT 0 Replies #8737182 2:24PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737212
echo - f1 f2 ryan and adam playin chess, f3 nat eating (ED ewww), nat calling bebiessss 0 Replies #8737212 2:28PM 12/04/2008
gps keep gettin flashed on f3
sharon cant get into the sr right now and is annoyed
nat said that was good (ed not sure what she ate)
sharons now eating
nats now pickin and eating something out of a bowl, she keeps lickin her fingers and stickin them back in the bowl (ed ew)
sharon and nat search the fridge for gp treat and decide on peppers
adam diggin for gold in his nose on f1 while playing chess
nat talkin to gps standing at their cage now
nat asks what unisex means, sharon explains

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Topic #8737226
sunflower721 - sharon preparing food for her beeeeebies.nat saying she loves when they make that sound.nat saying hansel and gretel would be cute names (for GPS).. 0 Replies #8737226 2:29PM 12/04/2008
sharon saying the names have to be unisex for them,nat asked what unisex is,sharon tells her.(LOL ed.)
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Topic #8737243
sunflower721 - nat yelling to boys "did you have an accident in bathroom!" nat asks ryan if he missed in the toilet. (guess there was urine all over) NT 0 Replies #8737243 2:30PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737261
echo - nat yellin from wc asking if the boys left a mess on the toilet 0 Replies #8737261 2:31PM 12/04/2008
adam says their ***** in the sr for sheilas bday sends sharon to distract her while shes doin her hair so they can set things up
ryan says act like u wanna talk game so she doesnt get suspicious
sharon runs up to hoh
adam and ryan go in sr
theres a gift bag, streamers, tape, cake hats ice cream
adam and ryan head out to by to decorate
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Topic #8737266
sunflower721 - adam goes and gets a birthday cake and gift bag from SR for sheila. NT 0 Replies #8737266 2:32PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737291
echo - ryan is openin door so adam can move fast and not be seen on hoh cam 0 Replies #8737291 2:34PM 12/04/2008
boys outside
they ask nat to help
streamers are goin up (ed funny seeing the boys decorate)
sheila sittin in hoh bathroom with hair dye on head
sharon peeks out hoh door to mkae sure they arent seen
adam wants the cake out too
they hang a happy bday sign more streamers

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Topic #8737328
sunflower721 - sheila and sharon talking crap on natalie,sheila said she (nat) shouldn't of trusted her and that nat shouldn't have dropped,meanwhile the boys and 0 Replies #8737328 2:36PM 12/04/2008
nat are in the BY getting sheilas surprises ready for her.They are decorating the backyard with streamers.

Sheila saying to sharon how natalie was laughing when they showed the flour getting dumped on her.

Sheila tells sharon how natalie said she( nat) is the pawn this week and she will send the ultimate pawn (sharon) home this week.

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Topic #8737423
soulmate - Adam/Ryan/Nat decorating the BY couch area for She's Birthday celebration, streamers, HB banner, party hats, cake candles Ice cream NT 0 Replies #8737423 2:42PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737469
sunflower721 - sheila getting ready to rinse her hair dye out in shower,sharon still up there working sheila up about nat.sharon tells sheila that nats so done with 0 Replies #8737469 2:45PM 12/04/2008
you(sheila).Sheila tells sharon nat is making her job so much easier for her (about putting nat on the block).Sharon says she did this to herself because she got cocky,and saying you (sheila) are not a smart cookie),sheila says whatever I didn't want to have to do this (shyeah right ed).sheila says whatever again and says she didnt want to have to take anyones chances of getting the money. (LOL ed)Sheila saying she will be shocked that those two boys (ryan and adam ) turned on her.Sheila says if they dont vote her out I'm done.

Sharon leaves HOH room to check on the Birthday plans.
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Topic #8737490
soulmate - Sheila in the shower rinsing dye from her hair talking about Nat with Sharon. They are sdone in the backyard, ready to light candles and Adam went up 0 Replies #8737490 2:46PM 12/04/2008
to get Sheila. Sharon just went out to see the decorating and now she is telling them it is going to be awhile. LOL Sheila is in the HH shower talking and no one is in there with her.
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Topic #8737512
soulmate - Sharon jsut told Sheila that there is an outside lock down so she is hurrying 0 Replies #8737512 2:47PM 12/04/2008
out of the shower.
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Topic #8737531
sunflower721 - sharon back up to HOH and tells sheila she has a few minutes until a lockdown outside (really to get her out for her Birthday surprise),sharon goes 0 Replies #8737531 2:48PM 12/04/2008
out of HOH and yells down to boys the plan that she told sheila they all have to be outside for a lockdown.
and for them (ryan adam and nat) to wait outside.

Sharon is waiting for sheila up in HOH to take her outside for her birthday surprise.

Ry/ad/nat plan what song they will sing.(LOL)

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Topic #8737557
soulmate - cake and gift bag awaiting sheilas arrival NT 0 Replies #8737557 2:50PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737571
soulmate - goign down the stairs SUPRISE "OH MY gOD" NT 0 Replies #8737571 2:50PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737588
soulmate - singing "for shes a jolly good fellow NO bd SONG ALLOWED NT 0 Replies #8737588 2:52PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737600
soulmate - blowing out sandles making a wish lots of hootin and hollering NT 0 Replies #8737600 2:52PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8737612
soulmate - opening gifts...a letter from her son NT 0 Replies #8737612 2:53PM 12/04/2008
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