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Topic #8738409
soulmate - Adam saying they will talk a/r/she after Sunday, after Nats up NT 0 Replies #8738409 3:40PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738443
soulmate - ryan saying Nat keeps contradicting herself saying she knows she is staying and she can do HOH/telling the girls Ryan should go up NT 0 Replies #8738443 3:42PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738457
sunflower721 - Sheila says to boys that nat is thinking way to far into the game,that you (hgs) cant do talking about the blowup between sharon and nat,how 0 Replies #8738457 3:43PM 12/04/2008
nat said to sharon why did you make me do that (fall out of HOH comp).

ryan says there is no surprise in tomorrow nat knows she is going up tells sheila not to worry about us (ry and adam).

Adam says I dont know why you are always worried about me,sheila says because you always tease me and it worries me.

He says dont worry nat is going home.

sheila finally goes up to HOH room.

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Topic #8738466
sunflower721 - Boys done eating now in LR playing chess,adam says there is going to be a big blow up tomorrow.ryan says yeah I know. NT 0 Replies #8738466 3:44PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738528
sunflower721 - nat and shaorn talking about james and how he was not even thankful he got voted back into the house.sharon says God borught james back into the house 0 Replies #8738528 3:48PM 12/04/2008
for a reason.

nat saying how it was better mattie was gone and talking about when julie was talking to her about how it was without mattie in the house and that chels was cracking up in the backround making fun of her (nat).

Sharon says she doesnt even remember that.

Sharon in pool talking very hard to hear her....
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Topic #8738565
Divinemissm30 - Sharon & Nat laying out in BY....Adam & Ryan playing chess....Sheila in HoH NT 0 Replies #8738565 3:50PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738606
sunflower721 - Sharon talking to nat about family and exes.talking about sharons roll over accident. NT 0 Replies #8738606 3:52PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738628
sunflower721 - Sharon tells Nat that jacob was the first person she talked to after accident.How much the near death experience changed her life. NT 0 Replies #8738628 3:54PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738671
Divinemissm30 - Ryan & Adam playing chess discussing game....... 0 Replies #8738671 3:57PM 12/04/2008
Both guys are being extremely quiet...concentrating on chess game

Adam wins a game....Ryan seems to be preoccupied

Ryan: Saying he's an idiot at the chess game

Both guys go into Kitchen

Adam: how are we going to open this up?

Ry: we're going to sit down Nat first...I think we should sit them down individually soon as NAt starts talking sh*t we'll call her out.

Adam: We'll get them (Girls) all started and then sit back and watch...laughing

Ry: We're gonna call her out on all her alliances....names all the alliances Nat is in

Ry: I'm gonna go take a sh*t

Adam is alone in kitchen singing

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Topic #8738673
sunflower721 - boys in KT now,adm asking how we do this (with nat and sharon tomorrow)ry and adm plan how they will talk to them.laugh and joking about it,ryan says 0 Replies #8738673 3:58PM 12/04/2008
he has to use bathroom and will think about it,says to adam we got hours dude,hours,then leaves ot use restroom.

Adam cleaning up in KT singing.

Then flames.
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Topic #8738702
Divinemissm30 - Flames on all Feeds..... NT 0 Replies #8738702 4:00PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738706
sunflower721 - ******Flames****** NT 0 Replies #8738706 4:00PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738746
Divinemissm30 - Feeds Back.....S/N in By laying out....Adam in KT alone.....Ry still in WC.....Sheila in HoH NT 0 Replies #8738746 4:04PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738776
sunflower721 - feeds back adam doing dishes in KT ryan out of WC.Adam telling ry he needs to practice what he is going to say to nat,adam says he is ready to start 0 Replies #8738776 4:06PM 12/04/2008
right now on nat,ryan says they have to wait.
adam says nat will know why I am voting her out of this house.ryan says that he can tell her it all tomorrow.
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Topic #8738787
Divinemissm30 - Ry joins Adam in Kitchen....... 0 Replies #8738787 4:08PM 12/04/2008
Adam: Nat can say whatever she's not gonna work
Adam: I'm ready to say something now, but I'm not doing that to you bro
Ryan: Just wait and do it tomorrow
Adam: There's no way she's gonna leave this house without me saying something

Shiela comes out of HoH and asks where something is..

Adam: You're her (Shiela) hero Ryan...yells "We got it!"

Ryan goes into HoH with Sheila

Sheila questioning Ryan about Nat's comments...random

Ryan confirming to Sheila she has nothing to worry about
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Topic #8738790
soulmate - Sharon telling Nat about her accident NT 0 Replies #8738790 4:08PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738798
sunflower721 - ry and sheila up In HOH talking about nat.then flames...feeds back and ry saying to sheila he dropped so sheila could have HOH. NT 0 Replies #8738798 4:08PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738804
soulmate - Sharon thinking after her accident that her and Ex could get back but nearly dying showed her what's important NT 0 Replies #8738804 4:09PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738821
soulmate - omg..sharon is like talking on speed..Nat eyes closed just going hm uh huh NT 0 Replies #8738821 4:10PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738826
sunflower721 - sheila wondering why nat didnt want adam to know that she(nat) was making deals with me (sheila),ryan keeps saying I know I know, 0 Replies #8738826 4:11PM 12/04/2008
ryan saying in one breath nat is making her job easier on her then in next breath saying I dont want to have to do this to her ...
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Topic #8738835
soulmate - boys saying they will each sit down with one of the girls Shar/Nat then once they start talking ***** about the other one bring em together NT 0 Replies #8738835 4:12PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738842
Divinemissm30 - Ryan and Sheila in HoH...discussing Nat's eviction..... 0 Replies #8738842 4:12PM 12/04/2008
She: Why did she not want Adam to know that she was making deals with me?
Ry: It was probably..please protect me.....She's gotta go
She: I know...she could win some of these physical comps in the end
She: She's acting really rude to's dumb
Ry: B/c she thinks Adam and I aren't gonna vote her off this week and she's gonna come after you next week.
She: I don't wanna do this to her Ryan, but she wants to just start fights with me. That girl hates to loose!...She has to win!
She: Nat said "I deserve to go home if I loose to Sheila"
She: I want her out of her Ryan
Ry: She's going don't worry
She: They're gonna be celebrating when she walks in to Sequester
Sheila telling Ry she loves him and that she has him.
Ryan telling Sheila that nothing is going to change about this
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Topic #8738845
soulmate - flames..adam was singing NT 0 Replies #8738845 4:13PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738869
soulmate - still flames NT 0 Replies #8738869 4:15PM 12/04/2008
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Topic #8738872
Divinemissm30 - More Nat eviction discussion between Sheila and Ryan in HoH.... 0 Replies #8738872 4:16PM 12/04/2008
She: If Adam makes it a one to one vote that's gonna be terrible
Ry: I know you don't wanna break that tie...but that might be good for you!
Ry: The people in there might say "Go Sheila"
She: I want us to be the F3...and I don't wanna do that to Sharon...but we have to stick together and this has to go through.

Ry and She hug....says they will handle business tomorrow

Ry leaves HoH...Sheila now alone in HoH
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