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Topic #8819620
saskwatch - Ryan in kitchen. Looks like he's got a piece of pizza or somehting. 0 Replies #8819620 9:30PM 16/04/2008
Sharon says she signed up for this game on her own. Can't believe that BB would set her up with 2 people in the house.. 1st Jacob and then some unknown relationship.
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Topic #8819668
saskwatch - Sharon says that would have been bad if Ryan hadn't voted for me. Adam says Sharon it was all predetermined. We planned it this way. So don't hold 0 Replies #8819668 9:32PM 16/04/2008
it against me please. It wouldn't have affected you, cuz we knew what Sheila was doing. I knew you were safe. She says she's not holding it against him.
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Topic #8819724
saskwatch - Sharon goes back to screaming sweet nothings to her bug. Adam says you knew it was fine. 0 Replies #8819724 9:34PM 16/04/2008
Sharon says she didn't know it was going to be 1:1. Adam says you knew Sheila would keep you. Adam says Natty don't know who voted for her. Sharon says I knew who voted for her. I watched you wink at her. Sharon says, hell, i'm grateful, whatever. Also mentioned Natty kept running around saying she had Ryan's vote.
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Topic #8819755
saskwatch - ryan back outside. 0 Replies #8819755 9:36PM 16/04/2008
Sharon's going to ask if there's a food comp. Adam says there might be. Ryan says something about the "slug"...Sharon's new furriend. Adam wants to fry him. Ryan wants to throw salt on him. Sharon says she'll cry.
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Topic #8819774
saskwatch - Sharon saying, really, don't hurt him. Sharon thinks it's the same one. 0 Replies #8819774 9:37PM 16/04/2008
Ryan says there's a whole slug family living in our jacuzzi.
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Topic #8819788
PartyN - Sharon called to DR, but wants to stay to save her slug. NT 0 Replies #8819788 9:37PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8819812
PartyN - Sharon asking Shelia to watch her slug NT 0 Replies #8819812 9:38PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8819827
saskwatch - ryan says Jen says don't forget about me... but babe we're famous now. Me 0 Replies #8819827 9:39PM 16/04/2008
and Baller.. good times.
Sharon's going in and tells them to leave her slug alone.
Ryan says there may be a spa kill by the time she gets back.
Sharon calls Sheila to come watch her slug. Sheila says oh your slug will be fine. Ryan says she's going to the DR to find out about this relationship b/c she's wigging out. Both boys believe she's acting weird.
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Topic #8819874
PartyN - Shelia poking the slug with a stick. (with that...I am gonna crash...thanks for letting me have a go at this tonight) NT 0 Replies #8819874 9:41PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8819895
Roadkill23 - Sheila telling R/A she doesn't know anyone in the house. "Everyone is a stranger" NT 0 Replies #8819895 9:42PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8819902
saskwatch - Sheila out in backyard babysitting Sharon's slug. 0 Replies #8819902 9:42PM 16/04/2008
Sheila asks Adam if he has a pre-existing relationship and he denies. Adam says don't worry about it Sheila, you've got my vote. Discussing how POV works. Adam says as long as Sharon goes you'll be fine. Sheila says he wants me to stay. Ryan back in yard and convo goes back to slug and Sheila asks if maybe Sharon was dating someone else before she came back in house. Sheila thinks pre-existing means before.. and denies knowing any of the 3 so what does it mean? Every one of the hg are strangers to Sheila.
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Topic #8819910
Roadkill23 - Adam tells Sheila, if it's her and Ryan that have a relationship, he's alright with it NT 0 Replies #8819910 9:43PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8819932
saskwatch - Ryans says it's you two. Adam says if it's you two, it doesn't bother me. (ryan & Sheila) 0 Replies #8819932 9:44PM 16/04/2008
Ryan says he doesn't know anyone. Questions whether Sheila and Parker.. she says no.. but they've shopped at the same grocery store.
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Topic #8819935
Roadkill23 - Ryan continues to say that Sheila knows Matty. Also thinks she knows Parker because they live near each other 0 Replies #8819935 9:44PM 16/04/2008
Sheila says no, even though they shop at the same store
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Topic #8819964
Roadkill23 - Ryan says something is weird with Sharon. Says Baller could be Sharon's brother 0 Replies #8819964 9:45PM 16/04/2008
Baller: There's no military in my family.
Sheila gets in HT, says she has family in the military
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Topic #8819987
BBSheri - Ryan, Adam, Sheila still trying to figure out who is related 0 Replies #8819987 9:46PM 16/04/2008
They keeping repeating previous relationship, The boys think it is Sheila and are trying to call her out. Sheila saying why you guys trying to put this on me? (ed ..It is the Gpigs/friends relationship not people LOL)
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Topic #8819989
saskwatch - Adam says I think you're acting really weird. Sheila says you're acting 0 Replies #8819989 9:47PM 16/04/2008
really weird. You always call people out when you are guilty.. you knew Matty. Adam denies.
Ryan says Sharon and Baller could be bro and sister. Adam says there's no military in my family. Sheila says there is in her family, tho. Talks about having family in navy and marines. Ryan being facetious about Sheila's ancestors and says and ... you're related to Sharon. Sheila says who is in the jury house, that is one of Sheila's exes. Sheila says BB is playing all of us. Adam says that's a bunch of bs, Sheila.
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Topic #8819992
Roadkill23 - Sheila is poking the slug with a stick, saying she thinks BB made up the relationship-story 0 Replies #8819992 9:47PM 16/04/2008
to create drama.
Baller: That's a bunch of BS. A pre-existing relationship is still in the house
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Topic #8820018
Roadkill23 - Sheila getting angry at Baller for continuing to say she's Matt's mother NT 0 Replies #8820018 9:47PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820034
Roadkill23 - Baller says he doesn't know anyone in the house and he never lies. NT 0 Replies #8820034 9:48PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820057
saskwatch - Ryan says 2 of the 4 still in the house know each other. 0 Replies #8820057 9:49PM 16/04/2008
Sheila says if that's the case who is it. Sheila says it's not a pre-existing relationship with Ryebread. Sheila getting upset with Adam throwing her under the bus... and says why is it everybody else but you that could have a relationship. Adam adamantly states.. I do not know anybody!" Sheila says well any of us could be related and not know it.. in the house or in the jury house.
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Topic #8820060
Roadkill23 - Sheila says she and Ryan might be related but they just don't know it. 0 Replies #8820060 9:49PM 16/04/2008
She says she thought on Day 1 that Ryan looks like her cousin
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Topic #8820089
Roadkill23 - Sheila trying to figure out if she and Ryan are related, asks him what his father looks like and what he does for a living NT 0 Replies #8820089 9:51PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8820119
saskwatch - Sheila says Ryan could be related without either knowing it. He looks 0 Replies #8820119 9:52PM 16/04/2008
like her brother Andy, and cousin. She says I kept telling you that my Mom would be attracted to you because you look like my stepdad. Ryan says he doesn't look like his mom or dad. His dad is 5"10 and is an engineer. Sheila says I don't know.. you'd think we'd know if we were related wouldn't you. Repeats Sharon's comment earlier about Julie asking who are you going to choose "your sister/cousin or friend Adam"
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Topic #8820129
saskwatch - Sheila can't understand why BB would deliberately put a target on us. Ryan goes in .. Sheila and Adam confirm loyalty to each other. NT 0 Replies #8820129 9:53PM 16/04/2008
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