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Topic #8797995
saskwatch - Adam and Ryan playing chess. NT 0 Replies #8797995 12:01AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8798167
saskwatch - Flames. NT 0 Replies #8798167 12:09AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8798473
saskwatch - Sheila encouraging Sharon to stop enabling Jacob. Giving her awesome direction and advice. NT 0 Replies #8798473 12:23AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8798717
HookedOnBB - R/A playing chess, A says so I'm voting Nat and you're voting Sharon, Ryan agrees NT 0 Replies #8798717 12:40AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8798813
HookedOnBB - Nat out of the sauna and tells the boys she feels much better and gives Adam a hug NT 0 Replies #8798813 12:47AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8798833
WVpdles - FLAMES NT 0 Replies #8798833 12:49AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8798871
HookedOnBB - Sharon calls Nat to the WR, Adam says to Ryan we gotta split it and Ryan says yep. NT 0 Replies #8798871 12:51AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799017
HookedOnBB - BB must have called lights out because all hg's now going to bed NT 0 Replies #8799017 1:07AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799081
adickted2u - Ryan and Adam Flip Again! 0 Replies #8799081 1:13AM 16/04/2008
(This has been one crazy night.) Before going to Bed Nat Ryan and Adam in the KT Nat gets called by Sharon to come. The Boys Look At each other and say lets split the vote. The Only Fair way. They Laugh and go to Bed.
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Topic #8799129
scandalous - The boys in bed; just lauged & said "Sheila's gonna freak" & giggled some more NT 0 Replies #8799129 1:20AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799239
scandalous - The boys aren't tired; they're talking about what segments Adam has, he says "Mr. A-bot-o", quitting cigs, faking out the cameras, etc. NT 0 Replies #8799239 1:39AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799241
scandalous - Adam says he has 10 cigarettes left & they'll last him 7, 8 days max NT 0 Replies #8799241 1:39AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799246
scandalous - Adam is now complaining about his own smelly bodily functions, then says this sucks & he's slept enough. Ry-me too NT 0 Replies #8799246 1:41AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799254
scandalous - Ry says it doesn't matter b/c they can sleep all day tomorrow. Adam says what if they move the show to 6pm Eastern for a double eviction... 0 Replies #8799254 1:42AM 16/04/2008
Ry says that won't happen. Adam is pissed about the curfew, they had to go to bed @ 1am b/c of the live show tomorrow.
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Topic #8799258
scandalous - Adam's up & out of the room, saying he's going to see if the BY is locked up yet NT 0 Replies #8799258 1:43AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799261
scandalous - Adam's in the WC, Sheila appears to be awake in the HOH w/ clicker in hand NT 0 Replies #8799261 1:44AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799272
scandalous - Adam's out of the WC, looks at something on the shelf there, takes off his shirt, admires himself in the mirror, gets on scale.. 0 Replies #8799272 1:46AM 16/04/2008
looks at something in the Sauna room mirror, back in WC, does something with a tissue in the mirror near the showers & is now roaming around the KT
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Topic #8799284
scandalous - Adam looks in the fridge for a few & heads back to the bedroom. He tells Ry somethings "not right" out there, the door is up, but something doesn't.. 0 Replies #8799284 1:49AM 16/04/2008
feel right. Adam says what if James & Chels (I think) comes back in the house tomorrow. Ry says he'd DOR.

Adam says he feels deisel today. Ry says Adam's chislled.

Ry says he wants to work out tomorrow.

Adam is now talking about bodily functions again.
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Topic #8799295
scandalous - Adam says he's going to be up for another 30 minutes to an hour; "camp style." Ry says they'll be up @ 8:30... 0 Replies #8799295 1:52AM 16/04/2008
enless they're doing something strange tomorrow.

Ry: what if they bring 2 back & one leaves

Adam: they could bring Mattie Mick back.

Adam: America hasn't had a say in anything in a while.

Adam asks Sharon what they think about Mattie coming back.

Sharon says she doesn't care as long as it's not Jacob.

Adam says it's a 2 for onesie tomorrow, Matt's coming back, from the other room Nattie yells "kiss my ass, Baller"

Adam repeats 2 for 1 & Nat says she'll punch him in the eyeball.
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Topic #8799301
scandalous - Nat yelling that the nic patches are messing the boys up; 2 feeds on Adam & Ryan laughing their butts off; other 2 on Sharon & Nattie smiling.. 0 Replies #8799301 1:54AM 16/04/2008
in their beds.

Ry goes to pee.

Adam asks Sharon & Chatty what they think? They both say no way. Nat again says the nic patches have fried their brain cells.
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Topic #8799309
scandalous - Nat says if Mattie Mick comes back she'll push the red button. They all say they're just laying there, noone can sleep, they're all laughing NT 0 Replies #8799309 1:55AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799311
scandalous - Adam: out of anyone in seques, who would you take back?... 0 Replies #8799311 1:57AM 16/04/2008
Ry: Matty, Josh, I dunno

Adam: of James, Josh or Chelsia...

And we get flames (most likely BB telling them to go to sleep)
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Topic #8799331
scandalous - Feeds back, all quiet/in bed NT 0 Replies #8799331 2:02AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799416
scandalous - Suddenly sound comes on in the pink br, hear Adam saying, "see were on to something bro, that's why" NT 0 Replies #8799416 2:35AM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8799417
scandalous - Sharon's still awake for whatever their conversation may have been, can see her rubbing her eyes. NT 0 Replies #8799417 2:36AM 16/04/2008
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