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Topic #8810903
CruiseCritic - All 4 feeds on the guys playing chess, Adam moves a piece and Ryan says what the F are 0 Replies #8810903 4:34PM 16/04/2008
you doing? Adam says he doesnt know and Ryan says he doesnt know what he is doing either (talking about chess game or vote?)

natalie talking to the bebeeees. Says Yogi and Boo Boo. Ryan says Hey boo booo

All 4 feeds only on the guys playing chess
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Topic #8810955
CruiseCritic - Ryan - what are you doing dude? Adam - power move for all of us. 0 Replies #8810955 4:36PM 16/04/2008
they are playing chess still - both staring at the board. (seem to be talking about the chess game)

Ryan says check - Adam tries to move a piece and Ryan says you cant do it - you F'd up. Adam says I F'd up big time dude, dont know what I am doing, formation is off.
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Topic #8811006
CruiseCritic - Can hear Sharon - but all feeds on Ryan and Adam playing chess. 0 Replies #8811006 4:38PM 16/04/2008
Adam's shirt now looks blue (in SR when I posted earlier it looked grey)

Sharon now comes over to the chess board with the picture Nat did and Ryan says cool, hottie. Sharon takes her papertowel picture and leaves the view of the feeds.

Guys just playing chess and not saying much
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Topic #8811061
CruiseCritic - Can hear Sheila now on the feeds and she is now in the LR area and Ryan tells her she looks HOT and 0 Replies #8811061 4:41PM 16/04/2008
he cannot keep his eyes off of her. Cam does NOT show Sheila in the view of the live feeder. Natalie comes in and tells Adam that he looks very nice and purple looks very good on him (went from grey, to blue to purple in my view-LOL)

natalie told them both that they looks nice. Guys continue with their game. they both say F it
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Topic #8811126
CruiseCritic - Sheila comes in and sits on couch and said "I am going to sit in here and bug you guys" 0 Replies #8811126 4:43PM 16/04/2008
and Adam says for what. Sheila says she has to crown one of them later with this (HOH key).

Natalie now over by GP cage on a couple of feeds and the guys playing chess on the other two. Nat was checking herself out in mirror? and see her walk thru kitchen in direction of WC.

Guys both sit back in their chairs. Hear Adam say guaranteed final ??
Ryan says he thinks it is the right thing to do. Sheila walks thru and when she leaves the area Adam uses his ROBO voice and says 'Sheila is going to freaaaaak" Ryan laughs. (sounds like keeping Nat?)
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Topic #8811163
CruiseCritic - Adam going thru pieces on the board and telling them they are all F'd 0 Replies #8811163 4:45PM 16/04/2008
and Ryan says you can get a pawn out of the deal but Adam says he is good. Sounds like the girls are by the GP cage, but cannot see them.

Guys playing chess....
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Topic #8811197
CruiseCritic - Sheila back walking thru the LR area and can hear Sharon talking as well - but still all 4 0 Replies #8811197 4:47PM 16/04/2008
feeds on Adam and Ryan playing chess. Sharon says hi guineas -

Ryan tells Adam - you could of taken my queen right there and ADam is freaking out - saying the f word. Ryan now talking in robo voice to Adam how he made a bad move (funny) . Sheila tells Ryan that he sounds more like a root than Adam
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Topic #8811257
CruiseCritic - Ryan and Adam still playing chess - closeups on both of them with no feeds on any of the 0 Replies #8811257 4:51PM 16/04/2008
ladies. (feeds on later than normal)

Ryan asks what time it is and one of the girls says 4:46 and Ryan says 4 4 6 and Adam says he is going to be on TV in 15 minutes.

Adam missed another chess move and says he is getting killed. Ryan says check mate and gets up and asks again what time it is and Ryan tells Adam to put the pieces away. Sheila tells Ryan to go get dressed (he has on wife beater white tank and khaki shorts)

Sharon and Sheila sitting at KT table. Natalie saying YOGI and then why do you have to turd in your freaken food, Sharon says I know.

nat by the cage, other two girls at KT table. Adam walks thru,

Nat says alll righty......
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Topic #8811265
CruiseCritic - Sheila just says it is 4:49 and TRIVIA NT 0 Replies #8811265 4:51PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8812382
updaterX - Ryan voted to evict Natalie and Adam voted to evict Sharon NT 0 Replies #8812382 5:39PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8812414
updaterX - Sheila voted Natalie out NT 0 Replies #8812414 5:40PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8812971
DanaRose - Ryan wins HOH!! NT 0 Replies #8812971 5:54PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8813221
updaterX - The new HOH is Ryan 0 Replies #8813221 5:59PM 16/04/2008
Was a Fact or Fiction comp. Sharon led most of the comp until the question "There still remains a preexisting relationship in the house." She and Adam chose fiction. Ryan chose fact. The answer was fact b/c the guinea pigs has a preexisting relationship. They went to a tiebreaker "How many combined minutes were the HGs in the glass houses?" Ryan guessed 310 and Sharon guessed 184. The answer was in the 500s. (ed. How stupid was the guinea pig question. Gag)
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Topic #8813630
HookedOnBB - R says he thinks the relationship left is Sheila and Matty, She tells him no that one of the people in the JH but she can't say who (meaning Josh) NT 0 Replies #8813630 6:06PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8813765
PartyN - Feed back NT 0 Replies #8813765 6:08PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8813992
HookedOnBB - HG's discussing who else could know each other, R/A seem to think Sheila has a relationship with someone already in sequester NT 0 Replies #8813992 6:12PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8814359
HookedOnBB - Sheila told them about Josh's lie he told her before he left which they aren't sure if it's true NT 0 Replies #8814359 6:19PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8814496
PartyN - Houseguests still kicking around the 3rd couple thing... 0 Replies #8814496 6:22PM 16/04/2008
Everyone is sitting around the table. From left to right, it's Sharon, Baller, Ryan, and Shelia. Sharon looking the best of the bunch in her skirt and low-cut top and with her hair down. Shelia in black with back to cams 2 and 4 wearing a short black skirt and black sweater. Baller is wearing what he wore to the house meeting a couple of days ago. Ryan is wearing the HOH necklace (ed: and that's all he needs).
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Topic #8814617
PartyN - Cameraman on cam 4 has fun by zooming back and forth on the GP's. NT 0 Replies #8814617 6:24PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8814704
PartyN - Ryan asks for a carton on cigarettes in his HOH basket. NT 0 Replies #8814704 6:27PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8814970
PartyN - Shelia up looking for food. Sharon talking to the GP's. Baller all... 0 Replies #8814970 6:34PM 16/04/2008
...strecthed out in his chair, it looks like he might have grinned at Ryan. Sharon unpacking now, and tying her hair back up.
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Topic #8815204
Stella222 - Sheila just said you and those GP's AHHHH NT 0 Replies #8815204 6:41PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8815239
HookedOnBB - Ryan comes out of the DR and says the relationship is STILL in the house NT 0 Replies #8815239 6:42PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8815245
Stella222 - boys still talking privately about it has to be sheila and sharon NT 0 Replies #8815245 6:42PM 16/04/2008
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Topic #8815275
HookedOnBB - R/A now think Sharon is Sheila's niece NT 0 Replies #8815275 6:43PM 16/04/2008
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