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Ryan says standing on scale is different for him because his feet are bigger. NT - saskwatch
10:42PM 20/04/2008

Sheila in bed. Sharon on her bed reading. Adam and Ryan in wc. Ryan says he's going to get a chaise when he gets home,cuz it's - saskwatch
10:44PM 20/04/2008

Baller says what if Sharon beats us. Ryan says there's no way. I got her. Ryan says if it's like the glass house, she'll fall in 20 minutes. - saskwatch
10:47PM 20/04/2008

Ryan says Sharon probably goes home Tuesday or Wednesday. NT - saskwatch
10:48PM 20/04/2008

BB: Adam please reattach your microphone. Adam yells at BB ITS ATTACHED!! NT - saskwatch
10:48PM 20/04/2008

Adam says Sharon's gotta drop tomorrow. Ryan says just let her know we've both got her... NT - saskwatch
10:49PM 20/04/2008

Adam says she can't get to the mental one. NT - saskwatch
10:50PM 20/04/2008

Ryan says no matter what bb plans for them.. he'll be up there all f'n night. she'll get tired. Ryan says take your smokes out there. NT - saskwatch
10:51PM 20/04/2008

HG's in beds, either reading, resting awake..Sheila has lights out attemping to sleep. NT - NiteKat
11:02PM 20/04/2008

Still quiet...Sharon & Adam reading Bibles in their beds, Sheila sleeping, Ryan roaming around in HOH. NT - NiteKat
11:17PM 20/04/2008

Ryan comes down out of HOH, is now whisperinh to Sharon...but I couldn't hear convo. NT - NiteKat
11:26PM 20/04/2008

Ryan in now chatting with Adam in Pink BR. Ryan complains that dinner isn't setting well with him. NT - NiteKat
11:29PM 20/04/2008

Adam & Ryan laugh about GP question & chat about Chinese Food. NT - NiteKat
11:30PM 20/04/2008

Ryan & Adam chatting about how they believe tomorrow will be a big day, their guesses on how fast things will be happening. NT - NiteKat
11:35PM 20/04/2008

Ryan discussing what he said in DR earlier about Sheila & BB says "RYAN"( as if meaning to stop that Ryan). NT - NiteKat
11:37PM 20/04/2008

Sheila asks that Adam turns out his BR lights ( Sheila's are already out), she says..... - NiteKat
11:51PM 20/04/2008

Adam & Ryan "THINK" the comp tomorrow might be hanging by their arms at some point, so .... - NiteKat
11:58PM 20/04/2008

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