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s/s toasted..cheers to each other...see each other 7 day later NT - Laura
12:01AM 20/04/2008

s/s saying if there was a double eviction we both would be gone NT - Laura
12:03AM 20/04/2008

shelia said adam threw the pov NT - Laura
12:06AM 20/04/2008

shelia saying i cant win against them...sharron said i cant either...which one of going first we will see each other 7 days later NT - Laura
12:08AM 20/04/2008

r/a playing chess...ryan saying he messed up his chess game NT - Laura
12:09AM 20/04/2008

BB ryan and hg's you are not suppose to take about DR sessions NT - Laura
12:12AM 20/04/2008

shelia and sharon talking about pov mistakes...why did adam throw the veto comp did he not think ryan could put him up NT - Laura
12:14AM 20/04/2008

s/s talking about scenerios...r/a playing chess....(I'm Finished Nite) NT - Laura
12:16AM 20/04/2008

all in KT... Ry thinks Adam & Sheila are related, sees same nose, same eyes etc. - Brendabythebay
1:15AM 20/04/2008

Sheila and Sharon have gone to bed, Adam/Ryan finishing up a chess game NT - WVpdles
1:57AM 20/04/2008

Chess game finished, Adam won. Ryan goes to HOH. Adam in kitchen. Sharon in bed. NT - hovermop
2:03AM 20/04/2008

Sharon sneaks up to HoH and tells Ryan, that josh made up the story he told Sheila about him and Neil NT - WVpdles
2:12AM 20/04/2008

All HGs are in individual Bedrooms sleeping. NT - NatHater
2:50AM 20/04/2008

around 3:30 (not sure for how long) Adam was sitting outside the DR pushing the button trying to get in - DrC
4:54AM 20/04/2008

All HGs sleeping soundly NT - DanaRose
7:17AM 20/04/2008

All Feeds HG'S sleeping NT - Laura
7:45AM 20/04/2008

Feed 1 Ryan Sleeping, Feed 2 Sharon Sleeping, Feed 3 Shelia Sleeping But Moving Around Alot, Feed 4 Adam Sleeping NT - Laura
8:49AM 20/04/2008

Everyone is still sleeping NT - pooh5983
9:27AM 20/04/2008

Everyone still sleeping on all four feeds. NT - nmbeach
9:55AM 20/04/2008

Camera Zooming In On HG'S Everytime They Move While Sleeping NT - Laura
10:07AM 20/04/2008

Adam & Sheila moving around a lot. Other two seem to be sleeping soundly. NT - nmbeach
10:24AM 20/04/2008

hg's still sleeping on all feeds NT - Laura
10:53AM 20/04/2008

Sheila putting on robe and gets out of bed NT - CruiseCritic
11:14AM 20/04/2008

Sheilas up NT - DanaRose
11:14AM 20/04/2008

Sheila in WC NT - CruiseCritic
11:15AM 20/04/2008

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