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Ry tells Adam it hurts his feelings that he hears that Adam is cutting deals. Adam & Ryan shake hands that both of them will vote out Sharon and go to - augie
6:11PM 20/04/2008

Adam ticked off at Sharon for telling Ryan of their early conversation about Adam saying F2 with Sharon. (which is true). Adam - augie
6:14PM 20/04/2008

Ryan says I just need to trust you dude. Adam says i'm voting Sheila out of the house.. calls her an f'n biotch. NT - saskwatch
6:15PM 20/04/2008

Adam tells Ryan that Sharon was making it sound like he had a deal with Sheila and that Sharon had the deal with Ryan. - saskwatch
6:21PM 20/04/2008

Adam still wants to confront Sharon - Ryan tells him she just wants to put distrust between Adam and Ryan and it's not working and to - augie
6:26PM 20/04/2008

Adam sitting at table in hoh with head in his hands. says he's sick. Ryan asks him if he feels bad for - saskwatch
6:27PM 20/04/2008

Flames. NT - saskwatch
6:28PM 20/04/2008

Ryan says when you're round those biotches.. don't tell them nothing.. Adam says they are down there stressing like crazy.. says he wants to go ask - saskwatch
6:33PM 20/04/2008

Boys downstairs getting drinks. NT - saskwatch
6:35PM 20/04/2008

Sheila eating ice cream cuz she's depressed and invites Sharon to join her. - saskwatch
6:42PM 20/04/2008

Sheila saying, "What else, what other kind of damage can we do?" - saskwatch
6:43PM 20/04/2008

Sharon saying Alex made fun of her for her cool whip and cookie dough. - saskwatch
6:46PM 20/04/2008

Adam on his bed reading Bible, hand in jeans, looks like he's rubbing 'it' NT - DanaRose
6:56PM 20/04/2008
now he's removed his hand from his pants NT - DanaRose
6:56PM 20/04/2008

Sheila says this game is a moral dilemma. If you lie to people they feel good about screwing you over. If you tell them the truth, they may feel - saskwatch
6:59PM 20/04/2008

Sharon agrees that it's a hard game because you don't know anybody from Adam. - saskwatch
7:04PM 20/04/2008

Sounds like Sheila got meds for her menstrual cramps. Adam sleeping on his bed now. Sharon rinsing dishes. NT - saskwatch
7:06PM 20/04/2008

Sharon in bed; Adam looks to be asleep. NT - augie
7:13PM 20/04/2008

2 feeds on Sharon in bed and 2 on Adam in bed. all is quiet. NT - saskwatch
7:14PM 20/04/2008

Sheila giving herself a pedicure in sauna room. Sharon in bed. Adam in his bed. Ryan not on cam. NT - saskwatch
7:20PM 20/04/2008

Sheila still doing her pedicure. Adam on back in bed and is awake. NT - saskwatch
7:28PM 20/04/2008

Flames then Trivia NT - WVpdles
7:43PM 20/04/2008

Triva ? Maybe POV time NT - BopthoR
7:43PM 20/04/2008
nah, they've been told PoV/Eviction is tomorrow NT - WVpdles
7:43PM 20/04/2008

BB brought in supper. chinese. NT - saskwatch
8:00PM 20/04/2008

Think BB told them about the prior relationship question, they are talking about the GP's being sisters. NT - JustHrt
8:01PM 20/04/2008
They did tell them. Now they are talking about famous sisters and eating dinner. NT - JustHrt
8:04PM 20/04/2008

Sheila thinks the Josh and Neil thing could still be true. Sharon goes, "I don't know, I don't 'think' it's true." NT - dustytissue
8:09PM 20/04/2008

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