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Ry still disappointed about low # of pics. Adam says take some house shots. - saskwatch
2:28PM 20/04/2008

Sharon and Adam laying on round couch discussing comps.. ( head to head) Sharon admits seeing comp. and adam asks if its set up for 4 or 3.. sharon - saskwatch
2:31PM 20/04/2008

Adam says maybe they're going to speed this thing up.. sharon doesn't know.. sharon squealing beebeees again! NT - saskwatch
2:33PM 20/04/2008

Sharon ensuring that Adam knows she doesn't know anyone.. going thru her family hx with him. NT - saskwatch
2:34PM 20/04/2008

Adam says, same with me..( no previous relationship) - saskwatch
2:38PM 20/04/2008

Sharon says she's loyal and it gets her into trouble... that's what her dad would say about her. Says she's nervousing about her dad and jacob at - saskwatch
2:43PM 20/04/2008

When Sharon whispered in Adam's ear, she said she saw bars, like the Cupid comp. NT - Shar
2:47PM 20/04/2008

Adam leaves to put on sweater. Comes back. Sharon again.. assuring Adam that it's not her with the pre existing relationship. Adam says it's one of - saskwatch
2:50PM 20/04/2008

Sharon says that weeks ago when Julie asked all the hg if they thot there was another couple that Sheila, Alex and Allison raised there hands.. - saskwatch
2:53PM 20/04/2008

Sheila does not think that ryan blogging and doing hoh px is out of the ordinary, cuz there's only 10 days left.. she's too depressed to care.. and - saskwatch
2:56PM 20/04/2008

Now discussing final HOH fr season 8. Sharon admits she knows more than Sheila bout the game.. but denies knowing anything about final hoh. - saskwatch
3:01PM 20/04/2008

Sheila says Nat drove her nuts with all her theories... blocks said pov and nat would tell she.. look on the block.. there's a cow, there's a turtle.. - saskwatch
3:06PM 20/04/2008

possible goodbye messages in DR NT - emy
3:07PM 20/04/2008

Baller is it big? Sharon asks and then leaves for DR. Sheila using lint brush on dress. - saskwatch
3:08PM 20/04/2008

Baller out of DR--says "daaamn" something BIG---and says to Sharon, "You'll see!" NT - Ziroc
3:08PM 20/04/2008
Sharon says I didn't like the look on Adam's face when he said that, Shelia says I didn't either but then I again I NEVER like his look. LMAO! NT - JustHrt
3:11PM 20/04/2008

Baller just said that DR told him live eviction was tomorrow!!! NT - random123
3:09PM 20/04/2008

Adam just told Sheila DR told him live eviction is tomorrow! NT - Shannon72
3:09PM 20/04/2008

Tomorrow is eviction.. live show Adam tells Sheila. - saskwatch
3:09PM 20/04/2008

Sheila to Adam so my fate is in your hands. She says she was joking this morning and he had to call her and f*in bitch. She's had adam's back this - WVpdles
3:12PM 20/04/2008

Do I say good bye to you or do I say goodbye to Sharon? says Adam to Sheila. - saskwatch
3:13PM 20/04/2008
he said he had to say goodbye to sheila and sharon NT - emy
3:15PM 20/04/2008
Adam said he had to say his goodbyes in the DR, not "who do I say goodbye to". NT - augie
3:14PM 20/04/2008
Adam was talking to Sheila and said he just did goodbyes to her and Sharon NT - WVpdles
3:15PM 20/04/2008

Sheila laying a big guilt trip on Adam - saying I'm not going to kiss your a@# - augie
3:13PM 20/04/2008

Adam had also said earlier... "if Ryan leaves the noms the same" and Sheila says oh you know he is. - saskwatch
3:15PM 20/04/2008

all feeds on shelia in boat looked like shelia put something in a case and zipped it - Laura
3:17PM 20/04/2008
that is her Big Brother bag NT - HookedOnBB
3:20PM 20/04/2008

a close up on sheila...holding back tears NT - emy
3:17PM 20/04/2008

Sounds like Shiela is trying to work up some tears in the boat room. She's lying on the bed sniffeling. NT - augie
3:18PM 20/04/2008

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