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Sheila washes hands and goes back to boatroom - gets into bed, turns her light back off - CruiseCritic
11:18AM 20/04/2008

FLAMES NT - CruiseCritic
11:22AM 20/04/2008

flames all feeds NT - Laura
11:22AM 20/04/2008

ryan and sheila up in kitchen getting coffee, ryan tells sheila that - echo
11:44AM 20/04/2008

sheilas req adam make them all a great breakfast like yesterday - echo
11:46AM 20/04/2008

ryans quite outside alone, adam joins in wc washing hands - echo
11:48AM 20/04/2008

the girls in wc talk about the guys being up late and very loud - echo
11:54AM 20/04/2008

adam all day dude, ryan yep wtf dude? ryan guessing they will be building - echo
11:57AM 20/04/2008

adam says they are gonna be stuck in the a/c house without sunlight - echo
11:58AM 20/04/2008

BB Hg'S please go inside this is a lockdown NT - Laura
11:59AM 20/04/2008

ryan up in hoh, says he needs to shave his balls (ed lmao) - echo
12:01PM 20/04/2008

sheila puttin on makeup, ryan blowin his nose numerous times as - echo
12:04PM 20/04/2008

ryan shavin as he and adam chat, ryan wants to know if her reported the robbery - echo
12:06PM 20/04/2008

the boys talk about missing espn, ryan says he misses espn way MORE then jen - echo
12:09PM 20/04/2008

ryan tells adam that jens dad works as a sales rep for keebler - echo
12:11PM 20/04/2008

Ryan just said shelia is the queen Bit@h - Laura
12:12PM 20/04/2008

adam pops into wc for amin, sheila still puttin on makeup - echo
12:14PM 20/04/2008

adam gettin into shower, sheila blowdryin hair, sharon in bra - echo
12:16PM 20/04/2008

ryan shaving in hoh....shelia blow drying hair, adam trying to get something out of - Laura
12:18PM 20/04/2008

flames on all feeds NT - Laura
12:21PM 20/04/2008

feeds back on sharon and shelia getting ready....ryan go to the DR NT - Laura
12:23PM 20/04/2008

sheila bitchin to sharon about adam, adams out of shower and wc now, - echo
12:24PM 20/04/2008

sharon still blowdryin hair, ryan came in and peeked into mirror at - echo
12:34PM 20/04/2008

boys in kitchen, adam cuttin strawberries , puttin cream chees in a bowl - echo
12:37PM 20/04/2008

they pile the strawberry cream cheese onto bagels - echo
12:42PM 20/04/2008

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