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Sheila in boat room reading her letter. NT - random123
12:43PM 20/04/2008

forthe past few min adam and sheila have been bickerin in the kitchen - echo
12:59PM 20/04/2008

ryan asked adam want to play chess...adam said no i want to - Laura
1:04PM 20/04/2008

for the past few min sharon has been playin with the gps, callin them , - echo
1:14PM 20/04/2008

Adam & Ryan playing chess. Sharon sitting talking to them. NT - nmbeach
1:29PM 20/04/2008

Ryan and Baller playing chess. Ryan in blue shirt and shorts. Baller in green-grey shirt and jeans. - PartyN
1:30PM 20/04/2008

Sheila/Sharon talking in HOH. Sheila says now it's just a waiting game. She thinks she could leave because Adam can't stand her. - dustytissue
1:38PM 20/04/2008

Ryan/Adam playing chess and talking. Adam mentions voting Sheila out. Ryan hopes the DR doesn't pull anything. NT - dustytissue
1:40PM 20/04/2008
They also were talking about Sharon and Adam said she isnt even HOT any more - CruiseCritic
1:52PM 20/04/2008

Sheila saying she flipped out when she and Adam were shackled, she was mad that Adam was able to sleep and she couldn't. Says that Adam was - dustytissue
1:50PM 20/04/2008

Ryan/Adam talking in bedroom now. Ryan calls someone a stupid b*tch and that she saw something. - dustytissue
1:55PM 20/04/2008
it was Sharon who saw something NT - caitlinrae
1:56PM 20/04/2008

ryan just told adam that sharon saw setup.. and ryan tried to peek, but couldn't see. Sharon says bb locked them out of hoh. Sharon tells boys she - saskwatch
1:56PM 20/04/2008

Sheila lying down alone in sauna room. Ryan/Adam/Sharon in bedroom talking about getting more cigarettes. NT - dustytissue
1:58PM 20/04/2008

Sheila in sauna room laying down. Sharon still going on about how someone would know where to find Adam's smokes. - saskwatch
2:00PM 20/04/2008

Sharon cont to discuss how Adam's cigs could have fell out of bag. Now going thru Adam's stuff trying to find cigs. Finds one of his allergy pills. - saskwatch
2:02PM 20/04/2008

BB: HOH please go to your room. Sharon says she's cleaning Adam's room. He says, you're a real sweetheart. NT - saskwatch
2:03PM 20/04/2008

Sharon telling Sheila, Adam said someone stole a pack of his cigs, Sheila - he's a liar, that's crap NT - WVpdles
2:03PM 20/04/2008

Adam attempts to talk to Sheila. She ignores him completely. Sharon tells Sheila that Adam's saying someone stole his cigs. Sheila says ah.. he's a - saskwatch
2:06PM 20/04/2008

Ryan gets girls and calls Adam to sit on bed with girls for picture. Sheila says no, I don't want him in here. - saskwatch
2:08PM 20/04/2008

Adam laying on half couch alone. Ryan tries to encourage Sheila to pose with Baller. - saskwatch
2:10PM 20/04/2008

Sharon doing her mole activity and whispering to Baller about Sheila. Baller says she's mad cuz I called her a f'n b. Sharon giggling. Sheila said - saskwatch
2:12PM 20/04/2008

Sheila in boat room by herself says "I hate him. (Adam). This is not acting people. it's real" NT - luvmykitties
2:13PM 20/04/2008

Ryan and Baller looking at px on camera and Ryan pleased with how good he looks. - saskwatch
2:19PM 20/04/2008

Sharon talking about her abercrombie shorts she has on. Ryan says you're an abercrombie girl.. sharon says 3 1/2 yrs.. ry says they are a cult. NT - saskwatch
2:20PM 20/04/2008

Expect the unexpected - saskwatch
2:22PM 20/04/2008

Jacob and the tramp - saskwatch
2:24PM 20/04/2008

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