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Topic #1997156
ferretkiss - hot tub crowd - lot of goofing around then turns to game talk (nothing new) 0 Replies #1997156 10:17PM 25/07/2005
they are talking about songs, usher, "fitty".
eric: i was like raise the roof bitches.

rach: is anyone else like tired tired.
all: noooo, what you are tired.
talk of napping on the couch
talk of if they are allowed to sleep on the couch.

eric does loud movie quote.
maggie seems embarassed for him, explains what he is saying.
eric: i was an asshol* but the guys loved me in the end.

beau getting people to make funny faces, everyone trying and laughing.
this goes on for a long time.
everyone telling everyone else how to do it, they do it, and laughing.
iv says when you do it for a while your jaw locks (talking about oral sex)
eric: no carpet munching for me.
iv: thats because she has been your wife for years. but for me, (had been a long time) and when i finally put that puppy to work....

they talk about howie - he has lost his luster, he is feeling everything just like everyone else.

iv: im just going to say this once, its just a game, but you dont have to completely F everyone. everyone points the finger like they were the only liars.
er:why did everyone jump on the Fin bandwagon to cut my ba**s off.
ma: wait one question at a time

they are asking rachel how things happened. she says she was not there when it started, she is just going along with howie and it sucks.

er: (things will change)
rach: i am more aware of that than anybody. i told april, its a game and things will change next week.
ap: (knows things will change again and thats why she is not going to get emotional any more)
er: im not going to do what james did and go groveling.
iv: im going to be true to the friendships that i formed when i first came in.
mag:we have an advantage because we not only know everybody we love each others company.

they say its going to be an all-girl team pretty soon.

ap: do you think howie played it to whatever group was in power this week.
ra: no, he was friends with kayser and them.
er: he looked at me 12 hours before and said dude, i want to be in the final four with you. (he was talking about james)

er: and thats why kayser, he said he swore to me im safe, and james, i will never say a word to them either in this game or outside this game.
iv: if howie feels like he is stuck in a rut and cant get out of it, he can change, thats why the votes are secret.
iv: i was asked what i would do to stay in this game, and i said i would not do anything different... cut to fish

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Topic #1997208
Anonymous - Eric says the only person he had a alliance with is Maggie... A few moments later he says 0 Replies #1997208 10:24PM 25/07/2005
"When I looked you in the eyes and swore on my children's lives, I was absoutely honest." This comment is directed at April. Maggie, Jenn, Ivette, Rachel, Beau, all present for this conversation at the hottub.
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Topic #1997231
ferretkiss - jan: do you want to try to work on the clues? 0 Replies #1997231 10:27PM 25/07/2005
kayser doesnt want to, says they only have pieces and they cant do it without all the clues.
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Topic #1997289
joannie - Lemmings are goofing around in the bathroom 0 Replies #1997289 10:35PM 25/07/2005
April, in the shower, apparently squatted down and *exposed* everything.
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Topic #1997290
Sunflake - April in the shower accidentally flashes her *adult content* 0 Replies #1997290 10:35PM 25/07/2005
cooter to Eric, Ivette and Beau.

Beau and Ivette were doing these wierd dances in the bathroom area. April is in the shower and squats down in the shower as part of her dance moves and Ivette freaks saying she sees Aprils cooter.

April forgot there wasn't glass on the bottom part of the shower.
Ivette says she saw the whole Playboy spread.
Everyone gets a good old chuckle at April.

April is annoyed that BB doesn't have longer shower doors.
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Topic #1997381
joannie - Kaysar and Jan on the HOH bed. J: "Kaysar, have you ever seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?" 0 Replies #1997381 10:51PM 25/07/2005
"A girl ate so much, she exploded! That's how I feel. Even when I smile, I can feel my face is fatter."

K: "Have you really gained that much weight?"

J: "Yes!"
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Topic #1997390
joannie - Jan: "I look like a f***in' whale!" NT 0 Replies #1997390 10:53PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997444
joannie - Howie is doing squats in the BY with the big huge weights. NT 0 Replies #1997444 11:00PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997453
joannie - Howie: "The Cappy curve got the Howie hook this week." NT 0 Replies #1997453 11:01PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997471
Minx - Howie seduces Beau on F4 NT 0 Replies #1997471 11:05PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997487
joannie - Howie is kissing Beau on the neck! 0 Replies #1997487 11:07PM 25/07/2005
James and Sarah are on the hammock. Sarah is squealing with laughter.

James: "Howie's gonna give Beau a hard on!"

Beau: "Give me a hard-on!"

James: "How do we know Howie isn't getting a hard-on?"

Beau: "I'm scared!"
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Topic #1997501
joannie - BB: "Sarah, stop playing with your microphone!" 0 Replies #1997501 11:11PM 25/07/2005
Sarah: "I'm not!"

Howie: "It's hidden by your big boobies!"
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Topic #1997513
joannie - F1 Janelle is walking on the treadmill NT 0 Replies #1997513 11:15PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997517
Sunflake - Beau is hyper dancing around the house. He and April requested to go in the DR together. While they were waiting for the green light. April was saying 0 Replies #1997517 11:17PM 25/07/2005
"Don't you need more for tomorrow night's show"
Or Thursday's show?
Or Saturday's show?
BB green lights them and they go in.
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Topic #1997518
callmejenn - Maggie scratching/tickling Jennifer's back while laying in bed. NT 0 Replies #1997518 11:18PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997524
callmejenn - Jenn's arm is draped over Maggies feet. (heads at opposite ends) NT 1 Replies #1997524 11:19PM 25/07/2005
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Anonymous - This only last a moment. Mag hears Sarah and James heading in. M gets out of J's bed, covers her and heads to her own bed. NT #1997539 11:22PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997543
callmejenn - Not much happening with the feeds. Empty rooms and Sarah brushing her teeth. NT 0 Replies #1997543 11:23PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997554
callmejenn - HOH Kay laying iwth big pillow over his face. Lights are on and he is on top of covers. 0 Replies #1997554 11:26PM 25/07/2005
James is puttering around in the kitchen waiting for Sarah. They head into the GR and get ready to go to sleep.

Janelle back working outm gets a set of weights to do her lunges.
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Topic #1997559
joannie - James and Sarah climb into bed together in the GR. NT 0 Replies #1997559 11:27PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997564
callmejenn - Feed 1 is LR, Feed 2 is WR, Feed 3/4 are James and Sarah in bed in GR. 0 Replies #1997564 11:29PM 25/07/2005
Doesn't seem to be anything going on anywhere.
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Topic #1997573
joannie - James and Sarah cuddling under the blanket 'tent' NT 0 Replies #1997573 11:31PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997582
callmejenn - A & B out of the DR. 0 Replies #1997582 11:33PM 25/07/2005
Beau is hugging Howie in BR. Beau running around the yard.

April, Beau, Ivette and Eric sitting at the table in BY.

Janelle and Howie also in backyard, April asking Janelle if she has any hair product for her to use.

Eric and Ivette whispering about something.

ERic saying to Beau...I can see why celebrities would want to hang out with you because they would have such a good time.
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Topic #1997589
callmejenn - "Ivette was carpet munching" as sung by Howie to "Kung Fu Fighting" NT 0 Replies #1997589 11:34PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997590
SassyPrncess - Eric on Janelle: She's startin to chunk up pretty good, NT 0 Replies #1997590 11:34PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1997593
Anonymous - Beau and Howie with some *adult content* chatter... 0 Replies #1997593 11:35PM 25/07/2005
Howie was singing about carpet munching to Ivette (to the tune of Kung Fu Fighting), and then he sung about Beau doing rim jobs... Beau replied that he takes them, he doesn't give them.
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