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Topic #1991730
lacycatherine - Rachel says she still feels HUMONGOUS even in these jeans. 0 Replies #1991730 8:55AM 25/07/2005
She says that she knows it will take a few days for her to feel better. Eric says that it's probably all of the salt she had.
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Topic #1991835
lacycatherine - Eric still working out. Rachel curling her hair. NT 0 Replies #1991835 9:16AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991869
lacycatherine - Maggie is up and in the kitchen NT 0 Replies #1991869 9:21AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991878
lacycatherine - Eric and Maggie talking in the exercise room. Then we get FISH. NT 0 Replies #1991878 9:22AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991880
Anonymous - maggie whispering to eric in WR and then we have fish! NT 0 Replies #1991880 9:22AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991891
SassyPrncess - Mags to Eric: You want to sit here and tell me it's just a game, GAME ON! (about Rachel) NT 1 Replies #1991891 9:24AM 25/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - If Maggie gets HoH: Right now, Ivette, Beau, April, Jenn are all safe NT #1991905 9:26AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991900
lacycatherine - lots of whispering 0 Replies #1991900 9:25AM 25/07/2005
Maggie say she ( I dont know who) is not going to bring her along with her. She things about putting up James and Kaysar if she gets HOH. Eric mentions Sarah and Janelle. Eric talking about what money will make you do. Thatís why he is there in that place. Maggie talking about everyone turning against her. Eric says she has nothing to lose. Eric says Maggie is the wild card.
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Topic #1991915
lacycatherine - Eric is second guessing saying 0 Replies #1991915 9:27AM 25/07/2005
he has thought well you should have done this or that. Maggie talks about who is safe and who she likes. She thinks that if one of the 4 get HOH she will be up on the block. She says with him gone they have bigger fish to fry. Eric says that the people upstairs donít know what James is about. Says that Janelle is smart. Maggie said she has said that since day one.

Eric saying that BB could throw us a curve ball this week.
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Topic #1991920
lacycatherine - Maggie says she wants to rent a minivan and take Dave and her dogs to see her grandparents if she leaves. NT 1 Replies #1991920 9:28AM 25/07/2005
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lacycatherine - Maggie thinks they may sequester Eric NT #1991921 9:28AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991926
lacycatherine - Maggie mentions a chance for him to come back. 0 Replies #1991926 9:29AM 25/07/2005
BB: Good Morning HG's the veto ceremony is in 2 hours.
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Topic #1991929
SassyPrncess - Eric on being sequestered immediately......... "I gave them my word" 1 Replies #1991929 9:29AM 25/07/2005
E: I signed that saying I would. I gave them my word.

(Note: So! It is possible that everyone is being sequestered!)
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TomGuy - Maggie last nite said to Eric that 'at least you will be going home'. #1991968 9:34AM 25/07/2005
Eric also mentioned that he'd soon be back at work.

James made mention that the final 7 (excluding the final 2) of the last 9 standing would be sequestered.

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Topic #1991934
SassyPrncess - BB: Good morning HG's. The veto ceremony will begin in 2 hours NT 0 Replies #1991934 9:31AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1991945
lacycatherine - They close they door to the exercise room 0 Replies #1991945 9:32AM 25/07/2005
but they still continue to whisper. Maggie says she never thought she would be in this situation where she would accept $500,000 even if she had to be a sh*tbag. Eric says he hasnít made a mistake and he would never give it back. Maggie tells Eric while he is in here that there are to be no more emotional outburst because it makes her emotional. Eric says that Maggie knew why he was upset.

Maggie says they still have 3 days to talk about what they are going to do.
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Topic #1991966
lacycatherine - Maggie saying that if James makes it to the end then she hopes that 0 Replies #1991966 9:34AM 25/07/2005
$500,000 will do something for him and that maybe he could have 1/10 what they have. Then she starts talking about her life with Dave.

Maggie is telling Eric how to be when he gets put up on the chair today.

Eric saying that someone told him that James was lashing out at everyone. Maggie says she may have just been saying that.
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Topic #1991987
JillinTx - Eric: The problem with James is he always thinks he's right. 0 Replies #1991987 9:37AM 25/07/2005
Maggie: So do we
Eric: No, I know when I'm wrong and I've admitted it several times.
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Topic #1991991
lacycatherine - Maggie doesnít think that Rachel is a bad person but 0 Replies #1991991 9:37AM 25/07/2005
she knows that she is playing this game. Eric agrees. Maggie wants to know why James is so torn up inside if this is what he wanted to happen. Eric said maybe he didnít think that we would react like this. Eric said that James thinks he is always right. Eric said he has admitted multiple times when he is wrong. Maggie said itís hard to do that. Eric said when James pulled what he pulled that he thought was absolutely right and that he was right to a degree .. but .. Eric says in James' mind he may be right but in Eric's he is not.

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Topic #1992014
SassyPrncess - Eric: There is nothing to learn when u win, but there is so much to learn when u lose. NT 2 Replies #1992014 9:40AM 25/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Eric: It's about time for the good guys to win. NT #1992023 9:41AM 25/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - Eric: There's a lot of loyalty towards me. People see me in you. NT #1992082 9:46AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1992148
SassyPrncess - Mags: I am going to tell Kaysar...... 0 Replies #1992148 9:53AM 25/07/2005
you have higher people than me to deal with. Don't worry about what I think right now. And leave it at that."
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Topic #1992159
lacycatherine - Maggie talking about James to Eric in the exercise room. 0 Replies #1992159 9:54AM 25/07/2005
Maggie telling Eric that James is putting doubt in Eric's mind about Ivette. Eric said that James is upset because he won't let him upset him .. won't even acknowledge that he is in the room.

M- He says that when we get out we will be friends. I don't think so. I don't surround myself with people like that.

Then they start talking about Michael
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Topic #1992166
SassyPrncess - Eric: I think I am going to come out of here looking like the biggest a-hole. I don't care. NT 0 Replies #1992166 9:54AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1992206
lacycatherine - Maggie - I wish that Dave was with me here to experience this. 1 Replies #1992206 9:58AM 25/07/2005
When I go home I am going to want to get married and to have kids.
Eric - well maybe he will want that too.

Maggie looks like she is about to cry.
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lacycatherine - Maggie - I don't want to have to turn into a woman Eric- you don't have to. Then they laugh. NT #1992211 9:59AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1992240
lacycatherine - Eric Ė I am so grateful for what I have. 0 Replies #1992240 10:03AM 25/07/2005
Being here has made me realize that.

Maggie talking about what an awesome life they have.

Eric Ė you canít question that kind of stuff. Then FISH!

Eric starts to tell Maggie the meaning of life.

M- Itís so nice to know there are people that love life as much as I do.
E- IF I do die I have already led a life that most people would want. Itís a beautiful place to be.
M- I donít want to die. I want to be here!
E- once againÖ thatís the beauty of this game.
M- yeah youíre right.
E- Look at Beau. Did you ever think that I could ever like someone like Beau?
M- He makes you love him.

They tell a story about Beau and how much they love him.

E- I would be proud to take him to the fire house. They would bust his balls and he would love it.
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Topic #1992257
lacycatherine - Eric saying that he and Ivette are cut from the same cloth and 0 Replies #1992257 10:07AM 25/07/2005
thatís why they are so close. Maggie said they are just alike.

M-It's going to be ok
E- We are going to be ok

E- I was a winner win I walked through that door. I told you that.
M - yeah. I thank you for that. I thank you for what you have done for me during this game.
E- we are in this together. We may not leave together but we are in this together. I may have played my cards but I dont regret it.

Eric then starts to talk about his family.
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Topic #1992259
buffalojill - Maggie and Eric agree that they have the tightest bond in the history of reality tv NT 0 Replies #1992259 10:07AM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1992279
buffalojill - Maggie tells Eric how much she loves Beau and how pure and unconditional her love is for him 0 Replies #1992279 10:11AM 25/07/2005
and except for his family, nobody has loved him like that
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