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valentine - Janelle Has Never Been to Coconut Grove 0 Replies #1994621 4:08PM 25/07/2005
Janelle: It's, like a college place.

Sarah went to Miami with a girlfriend one time and they ate at places like Applebees. She went to News Cafe and thought it was cool.

Janelle likes to eat lunch there on Sundays. You can see the waves, and hear the symphony in the background. She lives on Ocean Drive, and Ivette lives one block over, on Collins.

Sarah went to Fat Tuesdays in Coconut Grove. They talk about the Biltmore. Janelle has always wanted to go there, but Ivette goes there all the time.
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Disneyisme - A recap of feeds for today up until now. 0 Replies #1994623 4:08PM 25/07/2005

Rachel and Eric were first up this morning between 7 and 7:30. They were in the kitchen together talking. Rachel said that when she first met Howie, she had the biggest crush on him but that he was never serious and now he's not what she's looking for. Eric says he is much happier to be where he is in his life compared to where Howie is in his life. Eric says that when his kids are 18 and 19 he will be 45 and he thinks that is pretty good. Rachel said she wanted to have kids early but it didn’t work out like that, she says she is 33 and Howie is 35.

Eric talks about how April was an emotional wreck yesterday. Then he says “I use to think my purpose on earth was to serve people and do what I do, and that might be a small part of why I am here. I got a lot more out of this than money would have ever given me. This place makes you think about what you will do for money.” Rachel doesn’t have much to add to this and just sits there and nods.

Eric continues “It’s not that I don’t want to stay here but I am not going to grovel to do it. I think they are making a mistake by getting rid of me, really I do. I think they are making a huge mistake. Kaysar seems to think he is 3 steps ahead. They will never break the bond that Maggie and I have.” Eric starts talking about people selling their soul. Rachel says “I’m not.” Eric: “No I didn’t mean you; just don’t take it too serious. You are doing a really good job playing the game.” Talk changes to the possibility of a luxury competition today, they are not sure.

Rachel mentions several times this morning how bloated and huge she feels, especially after eating pizza and cake yesterday. She says how unhealthy it is to go from eating food to P B & J and the nutrients that are lacking without having milk or foods that contain vitamin D.

Maggie and Eric in the Gym

Maggie is up now and she and Eric are whispering in the gym. Maggie talking about Rachel says “she wants to tell me this is just a game? Well GAME ON then.” Maggie says she would put up James and Kaysar if she gets HOH, Eric says she should think about putting up Sarah and Janelle. Eric starts to talk about the things money will make you do. Maggie is talking about how everyone turned against her. Eric says “you have nothing to lose, you are the wild card.” Eric says “the people upstairs don’t know what James is about, and Janelle is smart!” Maggie said she has known that since day one. Eric: “BB could throw us a curve ball this week, you never know.”

Mag and Eric talk a little about being sequestered and Maggie thinks Eric would be one they would bring back so she thinks he may be sequestered if he goes this week. He says he has no choice that he signed the waiver saying he would go to sequester. Maggie says she never thought she would be in this situation where she would accept $500,000 even if she had to be a s*** bag. Maggie tells Eric, that while they remain in the house, there are to be no more emotional outbursts because it makes her too emotional. She says they still have 3 days to talk about what they are going to do. Maggie says that if James makes it to the end, she hopes $500K will do something for him, then “maybe he could have 1/10 of what we have.” Eric: “The problem with James is he always thinks he's right.” Maggie: “So do we.” Eric: “No, I know when I'm wrong and I've admitted it several times.” Maggie doesn’t think that Rachel is a bad person but she knows that she is playing the game. Eric agrees. Eric: “There is nothing to learn when you win, but there is so much to learn when you lose.”

Eric says that James is trying to put doubt in Eric's mind about Ivette, and that “James is mad that he can’t get under my skin. I don’t even acknowledge him when we are in the same room together.” Eric says that he and Ivette are cut from the same cloth, that’s why they are so close. Maggie agrees they are very similar to one another. Then Maggie says: “James says that when we get out of here, we will be friends. I don't think so; I don't surround myself with people like that.” Eric: “I think I am going to come out of here looking like the biggest a-hole. I don't care.” They agree that their bond is the tightest in Reality TV history (I am holding back my thoughts on this).

Eric says: “There is nothing that they can do to me, that’s what bothers them. They know they can’t touch me.” Maggie: “I want you to stay; I want you to stay bad.” Maggie says that Kaysar is watching James closely and that Kay knows she is not a bad person. Maggie tells Eric and he agrees that when he is put up today that he needs to show no emotion. Eric wants Maggie to have the same look, a blank stare. Maggie says “don’t freak out like Michael, NO stares at anyone.” Eric: “ok, no stares.”

Finally we move onto other HG’s and BB yelling “Kaysar, Howie I said it’s time to get up!!!”

Eric and April are talking and Eric tells April “no more tears, James is riling you up. You guys are due", April says “I can't wait to see everyone’s face if Maggie wins HOH.” April says Sarah asked her why Maggie won't look at her and April said she told Sarah “if it was your partner that was going home, you would feel the same way.” Eric says if he is going down, they are all going down too. He says “that’s why I had to bust it wide open (huh?); now everyone is forced to play for themselves.”

Eric: “Never swear on your life if you make a promise in the house.” April says she feels like she's playing on her own because she really doesn't know much about Jennifer and her family. Then April brings up seeing the tapes later, she wants to see how James manipulated Kaysar. April says she will become the "Godfather"; she'll keep her friends close and her enemies closer.

Just before 12:00 and the HG’s are on lockdown outside, James is inside in the DR, then we get FISH. Sure to be the POV meeting.

NOON – POV Cermony

James used the POV and Kaysar put Eric on the block! After the ceremony, I don’t know what Sarah was saying or was going to say to Eric, but he said to her “don’t even talk to me.” April was telling Eric not to worry that they will take care of Maggie. Eric comments about Kay putting him up and several times says “don’t piss in my ear and tell me it’s raining.”

Maggie said to Eric and Ivette, if it is meant to be then God will allow me to win HOH. Eric said “game on guys, game on.”

Eric has told all his little sheep to make sure they follow him to the door when he leaves, because he only has one minute to say goodbye and he wants that one minute to be used hugging the people that are most important to him (oh lord, he is crying again.) “I've learned so much about what I'm supposed to do on this earth, not even to be a fireman, that is part of my life, but I'm meant to raise my children, nothing in this world will take me away from that again.” Eric says he achieved what he wanted - he did not want to be the first person out - and he wasn’t the first or second.

Rachel and Howie are sitting in the LR and Rachel says she thinks that they need to make a move before they get to final 6. Howie says he thinks that's too dangerous. Rachel says she thinks that Janelle is more of a threat than Kaysar.

Now Kaysar, Sarah and Beau are in the LR with Howie, Rachel and Beau. They are talking about Americas Choice and the possibility they might get a movie. They talk about movies, and then Howie starts to do an impression of Buzz Lightyear. Sarah tells Howie to stand up to do it, and he is visibly ‘excited’, they are laughing so hard, then Rachel says: “Howie sit back down!” He says “No, it's my light saber!”

Janelle and April were in the bathroom and April was hugging Janelle, telling her she is sorry for anything she said or did, April said “I know you are all good people”, Janelle: “Thank you.” April mentions her honeymoon and Janelle asks her how long she has been married. April says “Nine months, but we have been together nine years. I left him a card for every week that I may be here, even though I don't know how many weeks I'll be here. For him to support me in this is big, he hates reality shows...” They both head out towards the by.

1:00 p.m.

April and Beau are outside at the table. April says “the deal is, as much as I thought I was giving it my all and playing, I wasn’t”, Beau says “Me neither.” April: “I let myself be weak, and count too much on other people to win HOH or competitions so I never really tried hard, I felt protected. Now it’s time to play the game.” Ivette comes out now, lights up and starts talking. She says she is not going to pretend to be a friend with someone she hasn’t been friends with so far in the house.” April on the other hand says “I will.” Ivette: “I will talk to Kaysar, but I know we would put each other up in a heartbeat.”

Ivette goes on to say “I would love for one of them to vote for Eric and screw up their plan.” Beau: “I think it will happen....” April: “No way, trust me; there is no way in hell that will happen.” Ivette: “Rachel might switch over.” April: No way, remember, Rachel came in here for Howie.” April says that when she went to the DR for the POV competition (I am gathering that she was the announcer), that she couldn’t believe it was a chess game (meaning the advantage goes to James), and as she was practicing in there, she kept saying “this is BS” and the DR were laughing at her.

Eric and Maggie are in the gym, Maggie says: “We put an offer on a condo and it was accepted, and I left that...” Eric: “Oh my god, I didn't know that. Why didn’t you tell me?” Maggie: “It would have just added more pressure.” After more talk Eric says “why not let them all vote with you, it's over anyway and it will confuse the hell out of the others.” Maggie: “No, I am done giving advice to people; let them vote how they want....” Maggie goes on to talk about the speeches saying they were BS, that nothing they could say would change her mind about them (James and Kay). Eric says if they try to talk to him at the party afterwards, he will just walk away. Eric wonders who they might fly out to meet him, Maggie then starts to get weepy..Eric tells her “don’t you start!” then he starts to get weepy too! Then Maggie shares with the world: “I think back about how much weed I use to smoke and I ask myself if I regret all the drugs I used and all the guys I slept with, and I say no, because it has made me the person I am today. I smoked weed everyday in high school, no wonder I can't remember it.”
Eric: Do I regret the sixteen years I didn't drink? No, because it made me who I am. When I eventually tried social drinking after that, it worked out OK....”

Sarah and James are in the GR. They are facing each other; Sarah wants to know why ‘they’ are so friendly with Rachel and not with her. James says he doesn’t know. Sarah says it’s because of her relationship with James. They both try to sleep.

Jennifer and Maggie in the gym

Jenn and Mag are in the gym talking about the after party. Jenn says "do you think the other seasons are thinking that we are rookies, like babies?" Maggie says "of course! Do you think the others that have won aren't telling me that I should suck it up and forget my morals?" Jenn: "I know my brother is laughing his a** off at us right now. That's a doctor for you." Maggie says "Oh, I know." Maggie says she will miss her b/f's 30th birthday. Then Jenn says "Eric is going to miss it too then." Maggie says "well one of us can call him." Jenn: "huh?" Maggie: "Well one of us will be out of the house by then and should be able to make phone calls right away." Then Jenn says, "That’s why I decided to bring my cell phone and let them hold it for me, so I could call right away." Jenn says to Mag "I hope you get HOH this week and get a picture of Dave. I'm dying to see what he looks like; I picture him to be this big buff, gorgeous, tall guy….then in uniform..." Maggie is like "Uhhh, no, but he's mine and I find him more attractive than any other man I've seen."

Jennifer saying she is curious about Americas Choice, she says "Oh right, they gotta fall in love with you first before they start giving you s***." Jenn says "I don't think they would do the shopping spree thing with these HG's because the stuff probably wouldn't be Dolce and Gabana or Gucci." Maggie says: "Give me a Target shopping spree, I don't give a f***." Jenn says: "If I hear one more label called out, I think I'm gonna slit my wrists. Oh well I guess I should be used to it living in Plano."

2:30 p.m.

Kaysar and Janelle were playing chess, Janelle is giggly and can't concentrate, and she gets up from chess, goes into HOH and jumps on Howie, telling him to wake up. He says he listening to some G & R. Now Jan, Kay and Howie are in HOH...Janelle is giving Howie a back rub. Howie to Janelle: "This is better than sex, I'm serious my whole body is sore.” LOL, Howie says "there are chicks that are slobs and give a good massage, but I don't want to bang them, then there are the good looking ones, that can't give a massage...but, you can do both! Oh god...." Kay: "See I said she is the total package."

Janelle says that Maggie is getting worse and worse. Kaysar said "her true colors are starting to show." Janelle: "she took a blanket off my bed last night. How petty!.." Howie says "someone told me that James said 'taking Eric out of the game is like cutting off a tail, taking Maggie out is like cutting off the head', because she is the stronger player." Kaysar says that April has no mental clarity at all. Then they joke about April being a mess in GR.

They all agree that April is emotionally dangerous. Howie says "if she does get a hold of some power, I'll just pack my s***." They are mocking that if April should win HOH, she will be like "every one of you upstairs for an hour!" Janelle is saying that April told her last week "Pick me for the veto, they underestimate us blondes. I may be short, but I am strong."

Just before 3:00 everyone heads outside on lockdown.

3:00 p.m.

Kaysar, James, Howie and Janelle talk quietly about what is going on in the house. They say that Eric is still trying every trick in the book to stay. Janelle says “He probably could have gone farther if he hadn't been so controlling.” They talk about April again and her emotions and how disastrous it would be if she got HOH. Kaysar says “with Eric gone, their group will have no objective; there will be no one to tell them what to do. Once Maggie's gone, Ivette is so dumb she won't know what to do.”

Once the lockdown is over, Kaysar directs a search for clues. So far all they found was that BB updated the memory wall for the veto ceremony results and they got their coasters back.

Soon after their search for clues, outside, Kaysar says to Rachel: “I'm concerned about the HOH competition” Rachel: “Make sure he (Howie) eats plenty of PB&J sandwiches that day, and gets some sleep.” Rachel asked Kay "So, what's the deal with Jenn and April?" Kay says “No deal April is too emotional, and Jenn…” Rachel says “she (Jenn) has tried to get on this show for three seasons, so she knows how to play.” Kaysar: “Make sure April does not get HOH.” Kaysar also mentions that Beau has calmed down a lot, “he’s being more real.” Rachel noticed that too.

In the kitchen area, James, Ivette, Janelle and Sarah are talking about the show. James says "do you realize what went down these last few days took forever for us to get through, but that BB can put it into an hour. What was blood, sweat and tears for us for so long will be minimized into like 44 minutes." Sarah says "well when we were watching it, it didn't seem like there was any drama at all..." James "Well maybe season 5 was boring. I felt like they could have made a whole episode of my emotions from being put on the block."

Still in the kitchen area, James asks Ivette about her g/f. She is talking about how cute she is. James asks her when they moved in together. Ivette says “After the first time she came to my house, she says "you know what they say "what do lesbians bring on the second date? A u-haul truck. But for gay guys they don't bring anything because there is never a second date."
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Topic #1994632
valentine - James Hangs the Hummingbird Feeder 0 Replies #1994632 4:10PM 25/07/2005
and the watch for birds begins.

Kaysar is still talking about the Michael Story with Beau and April. He was not the same in the house as he is outside. He usually tells jokes and makes people laugh, but here he just napped all day.

(Duh, Kaysar, he was treated like crap.)

Sarah starts humming in the kitchen like a bird.
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Topic #1994689
valentine - Arnold Told Michael to Shut Up 1 Replies #1994689 4:20PM 25/07/2005
on the night of the "incident". Apparently he kept saying the same things over and over and over.

April: He has an evil look.

Kaysar: Well....it's not so much evil, as piercing.

April agrees. Kaysar brings up the whole 'sexual predator' issue. April claims to have never said that phrase. She just told Cappy that Mike needs to keep his bite marks off her--she is a married woman.

Jennifer agrees and said she never said the things that were attributed to her. April now says she 'didn't want to make it a big deal'.

Ed Note: I must point out that April griped about Mike's groping and harassment 24/7 that week.

Kaysar is piecing together what happened that week.

Kaysar: Let's be honest. Was that the right way to deal with it?

April: No, it wasn't. I should have handled it on my own. I'm a strong person. As soon as Cappy exposed it, I had to stand up for her. (Jenn)
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valentine - Now They are Getting to the Nitty Gritty of the Allegations #1994720 4:25PM 25/07/2005
And Kaysar calmly makes his points about how Eric started badgering Michael and everyone else blindly followed him.

Kaysar would calm Mike down and then he would leave the gold room and Eric would loudly make damning accusations.

Kaysar talked to Eric about it and mentioned that Ivette and Beau were together. Eric didn't respond the way Kaysar thought he should at that information, so Kaysar suspected that he had a partner in the house. Then the next thing he knew, both Beau and Ivette were badmouthing him.

Beau, April, and Jennifer quietly listen and maybe it is all starting to sink in for them.

Ed Note: Damn, Kaysar is good at this.
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Topic #1994733
valentine - April: I'm Very Very Happy that Eric Exposed Everybody 1 Replies #1994733 4:28PM 25/07/2005
Kaysar: Why?

Kaysar tells them his analogy of the bully at the playground taking the basketball because he can't play anymore.

April feels that Eric's actions changed Kaysar's strategy.

Kaysar: No. No. That didn't have anything to do with my strategy. The only thing that changed is what you guys are going to do. I already knew you guys were pairs.
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valentine - April: The Only Difference Now is #1994749 4:30PM 25/07/2005
now I want to give, like, 200% during the HOH competitions.

April claims that she came in 'with her heart' thinking about things like friendship and James really opened up her eyes yesterday.

Kaysar: If you're here to make friends, you've done that now. You should leave now, because from here on out, you're going to tear apart what you've built. And that's the honest truth.
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Topic #1994758
valentine - Something Fluttered Outside Near the New Feeder 0 Replies #1994758 4:32PM 25/07/2005
and from inside the window:

Janelle: C'mon. C'mon--go to your thing. Oh, it's just a dragonfly.
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Topic #1994768
thatgirI - eric belches loudly beside Ivette, and she says: Bless you. NT 0 Replies #1994768 4:34PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994783
valentine - Ivette is Trying to Make Bread Pudding 3 Replies #1994783 4:36PM 25/07/2005
by mixing up some sort of potion. She is just starting the project now.

Eric has been cooking, using his stubby fingers as utinsels as he pokes at the bread in the pan and picks it up to turn it.

Ironically, he sits down to eat his toast with a knife and fork.

Ivette: What's the worst thing that can happen--it won't turn out?

James had 5 slices of pizza yesterday.
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valentine - Oh....And She Sneezes Several Times Over the Mixing Bowl #1994804 4:40PM 25/07/2005
Nice. She didn't even try to move away or cover her mouth

She is mixing powdered creamer with water to make the pudding liquid.

'Cappy' blesses her. She starts ripping up bread slices.

Now he tries to tell her that his eviction is a done deal and she should vote with the group. She refuses.

Ivette: I hope this sh*t works. Otherwise I screwed up a lot of bread for people.

Eric: What have you got to lose?
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valentine - Cappy Has to Step in With His Firehouse Skills #1994825 4:43PM 25/07/2005
and start pounding away at the pudding with the end of the wire whisk. (Yes, he is pounding with a wire whisk.)

Eric: Looks like slop.

Beau: I hope it doesn't kill us. Or give us diarrea.
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AlexaRae - ...and she just sneezed three times right on top of the bowl!! NT #1994789 4:38PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994822
Zazny - B looking at I/E's experimental pudding: I hope it doesn't kill us ...or give us diarrhea NT 0 Replies #1994822 4:43PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994879
valentine - April: #1 The Wrong Thing To Do Was To Come in Here 0 Replies #1994879 4:51PM 25/07/2005
and make alliances in the first hour. It's all based on looks and you don't really know anybody. I'm the first one to say that not everything he's done in here is right (Eric).

Kaysar says he is worried about her emotional stability and he isn't sure he can count on her to make certain decisions. April is surprising calm and rational during this discussion.
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Topic #1994898
valentine - Kaysar: After This Week, 0 Replies #1994898 4:54PM 25/07/2005
it's not going to be as emotional. Eric incites a lot of emotion around here--through his stories and all.
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Topic #1995025
Anonymous - Kay to April: I am not telling you what to do 1 Replies #1995025 5:13PM 25/07/2005
Because its not my right to.
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Anonymous - April to Kay: So the best thing for us to do is not to win for the next three weeks #1995043 5:16PM 25/07/2005
Because Kay is assuring she will be here for the next three weeks as Maggie, Beau, and Ivette are immediate targets.
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Topic #1995132
Vex - HGs now on inside lockdown... NT 0 Replies #1995132 5:28PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1995149
Vex - Just prior to the lockdown... 0 Replies #1995149 5:31PM 25/07/2005
Kaysar has pretty much convinced April that it's in her best interests to not win HOH for the next three weeks, that she's safe if [his group] wins. He goes on to explain that his explanation of the events and how things will play out makes much more sense than [the other side]. April seems to agree.
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Topic #1995150
valentine - The Bread Pudding is a Big Hit 1 Replies #1995150 5:31PM 25/07/2005
The HG love the way it looks and tastes. Maggie, Eric, Sarah, Rachel, are eating it in the bedroom. Now Kaysar gets a dish of it.

When it came out of the oven, Ivette was yelling that she and Cappy weren't going to share it with anyone. Rachel wants to make it again tonight.
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valentine - And Humble Ivette Fishes for Compliments #1995189 5:35PM 25/07/2005
Ivette: It's better than nothing, right???

and, to James: Is it okay James?

Howie loves it.
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Topic #1995163
valentine - Kaysar Briefed Janelle 0 Replies #1995163 5:33PM 25/07/2005
on the info he got out of April and Jenn about Michael.

Janelle: Michael got a raw deal.

Kaysar: I'm going to say, you're out of here cause you fuc*ed my friend.

(Basically, the girls told Kaysar that they didnt' want Eric to pursue the allegations, but he forced the issue to protect everyone. This is not 100% true, but it's close enough.)
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Topic #1995164
Vex - Jenn and April whispering in exercise room... 1 Replies #1995164 5:33PM 25/07/2005
Very hard to hear their whispering, but April's telling her to work James...that they are pretty much at an advantage because they have both sides. She tells Jenn that they can't win it the next few weeks...let them do so. Jenn agrees and says it's pretty much her plan to "let them f**k it up."
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Hypnotoad - April also says that if Maggie, Ivette, and Beau win then they will talk them out of putting kaysar up. NT #1995195 5:36PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1995234
RealitySwan - Kaysar explains to April why he is playing the game the way he is 0 Replies #1995234 5:42PM 25/07/2005
Kaysar - I play this game day by day, piece by piece, and you know what? If I go home tomorrow, I am satisfied because I did a great thing. I accomplished goals that I had. It's not the final goal, but you have to set the little goals to keep going, ya know? And that's what I'm doing. I don't know what's going to happen next week, but I'm trying to accomplish the little things, and that's how I'm going to go about it. Here's the thing... I'm having fun. This is fun to me. Some people might think, "Wait a minute. You've just disclosed... you just made people realize how smart you are, people just realized what your strategy was, how you came about this, why would you that?" You know what? Because I want to make things interesting. It's no fun for me if I am going to sit here and I'm gonna steamroll through everybody. It's not fun for me. I want people to have a chance. I want to see what you're made of. I want to see what that person's made of, what everyone else is made of. What's the point of the game then? I wan't to play with strategy to see what you're next move is. You should see when I play James and Janelle in chess. I say "Hey, you know what? That was a good move, but you should have done this instead." My purpose is not to cream everybody. I really find pleasure in seeing, "Oh that was a good move" ya know? It's intriguing. So it's like, that's the point. What would I get out of luring you in and then going to Ivette and Beau and saying, "Well guess what (April has been saying about you)?" I have all the backing I need right now. I don't need anymore. I really don't. My goal is done. I'm done. It's the 3rd week, yeah, but I'm done.
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Topic #1995313
Vex - BB: Kaysar please go to the DR. NT 0 Replies #1995313 5:55PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1995331
Anonymous - BB: Kaysar please go to the diary room... Kaysar: I will go in a minute BB: Kaysar, please go to the diary room. Rachel: haha NT 0 Replies #1995331 5:57PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1995340
Anonymous - BB: Kayser please go to the DR - K: *lazily* I'll be there in a while okay? 0 Replies #1995340 5:57PM 25/07/2005
BB: *REPEATS* Kayser please go to the DR

K: I was just joking! *walking to dr*
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Topic #1995346
SassyPrncess - Eric to Maggie/Iv: I'd like to see them get a taste of their own medicine. NT 1 Replies #1995346 5:59PM 25/07/2005
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SassyPrncess - He says this in front of Ivette & Beau who are reading from the Bible NT #1995356 6:00PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1995348
luvthemfish - Ivette Reading Bible to Beau NT 0 Replies #1995348 5:59PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1995451
TheAntiHamster - Ivette reading from the bible: "Wow, I didn't know that! That the woman was supposedly made from the rib of the man! Interesting..." NT 0 Replies #1995451 6:13PM 25/07/2005
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TheAntiHamster - Jan/Jen/H in workout room: Janie: "I hate when guys don't get that something doesn't work and keep trying it and don't get the idea." 0 Replies #1995456 6:14PM 25/07/2005
Jan: Like when they keep going for my nipple. It's like, hello!, I have breast implants, I don't feel that!
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