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Topic #1994351
Disneyisme - Kaysar is singing "Big Brother 6, how do you come up with so many tricks?" NT 2 Replies #1994351 2:59PM 25/07/2005
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CougarSpy - Kayar's next line was, "Howie wood, he always thinks he looks so good…" NT #1994394 3:09PM 25/07/2005
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Disneyisme - Gross, Kay says "If I slit my wrist peanut butter will come out." NT #1994355 3:00PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994357
Anonymous - Kayser: "I think if I slit my wrist, Peanut butter would come out." NT 0 Replies #1994357 3:00PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994367
Yaffa28 - Janelle just ran back in the house.. 0 Replies #1994367 3:02PM 25/07/2005
and then quickly back out on F2..Right after the door could be seen going back down.
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Topic #1994372
Sharky - It looks like an exterminator is in the BB house. Elderly gentleman being led around by young woman during lockdown. He's carrying a sprayer NT 0 Replies #1994372 3:02PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994377
Disneyisme - Howie is off talking to James & Kay. Howie says "they can point fingers, say you did 0 Replies #1994377 3:03PM 25/07/2005
this you did that, you hate me you hate him. I am doing what is to my advantage to stay in this game."
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Topic #1994380
valentine - When They Were Still in the HOH Room, Janelle Told Howie and Kaysar 0 Replies #1994380 3:04PM 25/07/2005
a story that involved "when I was in Russia".

They both asked "you were in Russia".

She said she went there "for school". She said the guys were not attractive, but the women were beautiful but they were all "slutty".

She said they did all kinds of kinky sexual stuff. Then she mentioned that she used to have a neighbor who was handicapped and bought a Russian mail order bride. The bride ended up divorcing him and taking all his money, and the guy got a new Russian bride.

Howie loves this information and announces that is his new goal: to buy a Russian mail order bride.

Janelle: They're all golddiggers. Like the one who stole my old boyfriend.

She also mentions a girl that she used to be friends with in college. This girl made up a story that a guy that Janelle dated raped her in the bathroom of a party. According to Janelle, she did that because she didn't want Janelle to be happy and date him.
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Topic #1994391
valentine - During the Outdoor Lockdown, Kaysar, James and Janelle 1 Replies #1994391 3:08PM 25/07/2005
talk softly to Howie about what is going on in the house. They say that Eric is still trying every trick in the book to stay.

Janelle: He probably could have gone farther if he hadn't been so controlling.

Apparently after the veto ceremony Sarah touched his arm and tried to say it was okay or something, and he brushed her off like "don't talk to me!"

A little while ago, Janelle said "after Eric is gone, it's all girls over there. Even Beau."
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valentine - Now They Discuss How Emotionally Unstable April Is #1994395 3:10PM 25/07/2005
and what a disaster it would be if she got HOH on Thursday.

Kaysar feels that with Eric gone, their group will have no objective--there will be no one to tell them what to do. Once Maggie's gone, Ivette is so dumb she won't know what to do.
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Topic #1994414
Ric_LaGuardia - Lockdown over NT 0 Replies #1994414 3:13PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994428
bennyb89 - Looking for clues on Coasters NT 1 Replies #1994428 3:15PM 25/07/2005
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bennyb89 - Lockdown: thinking that it was just to put James key back on wall and take out Erics NT #1994432 3:17PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994438
valentine - Kaysar Directs the Search for Clues 0 Replies #1994438 3:18PM 25/07/2005
but they don't see anything.

Then they noticed that BB updated the memory wall for the veto ceremony results.

Janelle polishes Michael's black and white picture.

Howie: Oh, I wish we could have sex.

Howie think's Janelle's picture looks evil.

Janelle: No, Howie, I look sweet!

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Topic #1994444
valentine - Kaysar, to Rachel: I'm Concerned about the HOH Contest 0 Replies #1994444 3:20PM 25/07/2005
Rachel: Make sure he (Howie) eats plenty of PBJ sandwiches that day. And gets some sleep.

Sarah, by the pool: That pizza was so good yesterday.

April, floating in the pool: It was even better heated up.

April talks about something that sucks.

Howie: I'll tell you what sucks--being in a House of Boobies and not being able to touch anything.
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Topic #1994449
bennyb89 - Jan on PB&J: Why would they want us to get fat on national tv? LOL NT 0 Replies #1994449 3:22PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994454
valentine - Janelle: Why Do They Want Us to Get Fat on National Television? 1 Replies #1994454 3:24PM 25/07/2005
They are discussing their PB&J diet, of course. Janelle mentions last week, when they had hot dogs three times each day.

Janelle: We didn't have yogurt, milk, or any dairy. That stuff makes a difference.

Rachel told Howie that he wouldn't be able to walk around shirtless for too much longer.
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valentine - Eric: Have You Heard Me Bitch About That At All This Week? #1994457 3:25PM 25/07/2005
Female HG: Not this week.

Eric: Nah--cause I've got my protein shakes. That's all I need, my protein shakes.
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Topic #1994461
valentine - Kaysar: I Left the Country Two Months Ago 0 Replies #1994461 3:26PM 25/07/2005
Kaysar: I went to Syria, Holland, Norway....

(He is talking softly to Jennifer and it's hard to hear--I think I missed a couple of countries.)

He went to Fort Lauderdale a year ago and thought it was really mellow. Rachel has never been to the Miami area.
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Topic #1994466
valentine - Rachel: Jennifer Tried to Get On This Show 1 Replies #1994466 3:29PM 25/07/2005
for three seasons, so she knows how to play.

Kaysar: Make sure April does not get HOH.

He thinks Beau has calmed down a lot. Rachel noticed that too.

Kaysar: He's being more real.

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Disneyisme - Just before this, Rachel posed the question to Kay "what's the deal with Jenn and April?" #1994471 3:31PM 25/07/2005
Kay says "no deal, April is too emotional."
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Topic #1994524
Disneyisme - Eric and Mag are out by the pool. Eric saying "let's just get this over with." Mag says 0 Replies #1994524 3:45PM 25/07/2005
"I'm sure that's how Mike felt too." Eric says "well I'm not gonna act like he did." Just they move on to other chit-chat. (Maggie is a different person today, she has no apparent anger.)
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Topic #1994530
Disneyisme - Kay, April, Beau and I think Rachel are sitting around the table outside, very general chit chat. NT 0 Replies #1994530 3:47PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994547
valentine - Kaysar Went to UC Irvine 0 Replies #1994547 3:50PM 25/07/2005
Kaysar: It's a good school.

Beau went to a small private college with about 5,000 students. He describes the atmosphere in a lecture hall.

Kaysar: That's the opposite from my school.

Beau's school primarily focused on graphic arts and fashion merchandising.
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Topic #1994556
valentine - April: I Can't Wait to Meet Up in New York and Party 0 Replies #1994556 3:53PM 25/07/2005
She has a friend that she would love to introduce to Beau--her friend always wanted to get into fashion.

It seems like they know the same people--April talked to someone once about sending a resume and Beau knows either the Company or the person she talked to.

Beau: They're very professional there.

Beau worked for the Knoll Studio national sales director. (That is very nice furniture.) The Director later got hired by Versace Home.
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Topic #1994557
Disneyisme - In the kitchen area, James, Ivette, Janelle and Sarah are talking about the show. 0 Replies #1994557 3:53PM 25/07/2005
James says "do you realize what went down these last few days took forever for us to get through, but that BB can put it into an hour. What was blood, sweat and tears for us for so long will be minimized into like 44 minutes." Sarah says "well when we were watching it, it didn't seem like there was any drama at all..." James "Well maybe season 5 was boring. I felt like they could have made a whole episode of my emotions from being put on the block."
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Topic #1994559
Tambo - James and Ivettte appear to be trying to make a hummingbird feeder out of a protein powder container and other stuff in the house NT 0 Replies #1994559 3:53PM 25/07/2005
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Topic #1994570
valentine - The Sound That Michael Always Makes Drives Kaysar Crazy 0 Replies #1994570 3:57PM 25/07/2005
April says it drove her nuts, too. Kaysar talks about the times he had to calm Michael down and stop trash talking. But it didn't seem to do much good.

Now he talks about the "incident" and how he shoved Mike and said "what the fu*k are you doing?" and that Mike just laughed.

April: I'm sure at one time or another we've all acted childish here, but......
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Topic #1994587
valentine - James "Has" to Go To School When He Leaves the House 0 Replies #1994587 4:01PM 25/07/2005
and it could be in Miami or Atlanta.

James: Let me put it this way, I hate FIU, but I hate Georgia State more.

Janelle asked Sarah if she would move to Miami. Sarah said, sure, if James does. Janelle acts really excited about this.

Sarah comments that they can stay for free at Ivette's house. Ivette makes a funny noise.

Janelle: Or you can go back and forth from her place to mine. It's just a block away.

Ivette starts talking about her girlfriend and what she wears to bed. She talks about how she and Maggie ride scooters around South Beach.

James: You know, when you said one time that you had a scooter, I thought right then that you might be a lesbian. Something just clicked.

Ivette isn't a big fan of this statement.
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Topic #1994599
Disneyisme - The ktichen crew are asking Ivette about her g/f. She is talking about how cute she is. James asks 0 Replies #1994599 4:03PM 25/07/2005
her when they moved in together. Ivette says "After the first time she came to my house," she says "you know what they say "what do lesbians bring on the second date? A u-haul truck. But for gay guys they don't bring anything because there is never a second date."
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Topic #1994600
valentine - Maggie's (Ivettes GF) College Professor is the Manager of the Black-Eyed Peas 0 Replies #1994600 4:04PM 25/07/2005
and gave Maggie some sort of job offer in California at some point.

Ivette: She did everything that I didn't. She was a raver....she did everything.

Now Ivette is conversing easily with James, Janelle and Sarah--telling them minute details about what she and her girlfriend do, what they wear, where they go to dinner, etc.

Irony of the Year: Ivette has a degree in Communications.
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