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SuzyHomemaker - Janie to Howie: "Do you think America likes Kaysar?"...speculating about AC. 0 Replies #2110152 11:21PM 07/08/2005
But before that she said that Eric probably came off bad during his last week on tv...since he was a bad sport at the end.
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ferretkiss - part of howie and jan conv. 0 Replies #2110153 11:21PM 07/08/2005
jan:do you know what im saying
how: those people are
jan: yeah. they make deals so often they are not to be trusted
how: they will put up james if they get hoh
jan: if jame win hoh iv and beau will be the first ones up to that room. it will divide the house too.
how: who does james have fighting for him now. he knows he fd himself, who the hell is going to fight for the guy. he killed himself in the house because of what he did. and as much as he wants to come out here and cry - did you see him crying last night - did you see that - he fd us.
jan: thats why i dont think its fair if eric comes back, and eric gets rid of james, and its you and jenny to the final two, they are all going to vote for jenny.
how: you are right, you are absolutely right.
how: if a couple goes in there they are splitting it, no matter what the law is, no matter waht they say.
jan: i know.
how: id like to see your or rachel win.
jan: me too.
how: maybe its michael. michael could win. people could get to know him.
jan: its not fair for eric to come back because we dont have enough people.
how: i know. people like the underdog. its all about hohs. if you want to take us out we continue to fight. look at the odds. we have a stronger team. dont count us out ever. they get more people, the pressure they take it easy out there and the better team loses. it happens in life, sports, everything.
jan: i dont think they portrayed eric that well either. because the last week he was up he was on the block he acted like a child. and he was farting and stuff, he did it in the kitchen.
how: thats gross, who wants to see that.

jan: do you think america likes kayser though.
how: yeah yeah i do.
jan: hello america, you know ive only been out of the big brother house a week, its refreshing (talking for kayser i think)

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Topic #2110184
ferretkiss - how and kay talk about "fight club" and talk about who will come back 0 Replies #2110184 11:28PM 07/08/2005
their room numbers, howie was by the window, jan was by the elevator. jan went out smoking the same place michael did.

jan asks what did you think the first time you saw jenny. howie says he was in the van with her. jan says she looked like a biatch (lol)

jan says michael was in the van with her, and he was so cute. she was biting her nails.


jan: so america knew about the sequester before we did.
jan: i think michael was really cute.
how:in the video? he winked at you too.
jan: kayser shaved his goatee.
how: really.
how says something about eric.
jan: god i cant stand him. he is so mean. might have well just growled.
jan mmimics eric: i can bring in the passion the intensity in the house.

jan says she hopes they bring back michael.
how teases about them being kissy kissy

sar is now out on the tshirt tarp, jan says who is there, its sarah, and sarah shows them her shirt.
jan says what does it say in the back.
sar reads it.

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Topic #2110200
ferretkiss - howie and jannie exericising outside 0 Replies #2110200 11:38PM 07/08/2005
how: so when you were hosting the other day they said have you done this before. are you serious.
jan: yea. you will find out when you get out of here.
how: i will find out when i get out of here.
jan: i dont want to talk about it in here, its stupid. i will get in trouble.
how: so you were a game show host. i knew there was something about you janie.
jan: huh
how: i knew there was something about you

jan: do you think america likes me.
how: they love you janie
jan: why
how: (Says a lot of nice things about her)
jan: then why did america not like holly last year.
how: mimics holly.
jan: you know how there is someone america doesnt like every year.
they talk about chiara, howie says she was a dirty slut, talking about getting banged all the time.
jan mentions they did not like tonya.

jan: who do you think they dont like this year, america.
how: talks about james, (Thinks people like him but what did he do, he is the reason kayser is gone, reason michael is gone.
how: he puts the fear of god in the house people like to see that.
jan: do you think they like ivette.
how: i think the gay community does.
jan: how about april
how: every person has a fan base.

jan talks about HGs that a lot of people didnt like (jase, scott, others)

how and jan have a song i have not heard yet, "im the busom buxom bombshell of big brother"

they are talking about someone they cant stand, maybe its jenny.
jan: yeah jenny gets on my nerves.
how says something about boobies
jan: she pisses me off because she tried to win the veto comp it was so selfish.
they talk about how she tried to win (She spread them all out, she put them in other peoples...)

camswithces to iv and rachel lying in the dark in bed together. rachel is basically on top of ivette, who is under the covers. whispering. iv might be crying.

[bedtime- actually way past]

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Topic #2110203
Mirage - H and Jan talk of former HG - Jan thinks Cowboy was stupid and H says "he didn't win anything. "($50,000) NT 0 Replies #2110203 11:39PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2110232
Mirage - Howie can't believe that Kasar never mentioned that coming back in the house would be a great birthday present. His birthday is Thursday. NT 0 Replies #2110232 11:45PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2110255
SuzyHomemaker - April and Jen are realizing that if Eric comes back...they are the dispensable ones...cuz M/I/E will be unbreakable. 0 Replies #2110255 11:50PM 07/08/2005
April really trashing Iv.
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Topic #2110259
ihateeric - April and Jen talk about Ivette 0 Replies #2110259 11:51PM 07/08/2005
April and Jen are worried people are afraid to challenge Ivette and it makes them more of a target. They say James and Eric have similar personalities and get along with her better. And since Maggie is loyal to Eric she might choose Ivette over them, but Jen says she thinks Ivette is getting on Maggie's nerves.
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