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Topic #2104764
valentine - Ivette: You Know What I Would Like to Do as An Experience? 0 Replies #2104764 11:37AM 07/08/2005
The Peace Corps. (but she pronounces the "p" in corps)

April: Oh heeeellll no.

Ivette: I can totally see Tush and me doing that.

April: Oh, now that would be fun, doing it with someone like that.

Rachel had a friend that did Earthwatch and studied killer lions. They lived in tents in Africa and then went to see gorillas in the Congo.

Rachel: Her adventure was unbelievable!

She claims you can find them online or in a magazine and get involved. Beau seems interested. Now they talk about how they want to go on safari.

April: I want monkeys climbing all over me.

Beau: Like, when there are rhinos and sh*t, that is some freaky sh*t!

Now April gets called to the DR.

Beau: Look, they're calling all of us!!!

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Topic #2104818
valentine - Catty Discussion About Janelle's Habits 0 Replies #2104818 11:46AM 07/08/2005
Howie is up now, but Janelle isn't.

Ivette: Oh, no, Janelle won't be up until tonight.

They all discuss how she sleeps all day.

Ivette: No, seriously, in life she gets up at 8:00 and goes to work. So here she'll do something light, like work out a little, then she will start eating and keep eating all night!

Rachel agrees.

Jenn: She thinks she will be okay as long as she gets 8 hours of sleep each night, but she needs to get it while everyone else is getting it. (??)

Rachel: No, she can sleep whenever she wants, but she needs to watch her eating habits. She doesn't understand how the body works.

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Topic #2104830
valentine - Maggie Says that Sarah and James 1 Replies #2104830 11:48AM 07/08/2005
told her everything they don't like about her.

Maggie: Sarah said she doesn't like me because she doesn't like my personality. So, thanks, this is me. Now I'm going inside to get more coffee and I'll be right back.

Jenn, joking: Beau, I'm glad you're here so I can tell you what I don't like about you.

Beau: Ay yi yi. Where's the chessboard at?

He starts whistling and we get FISH.
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valentine - Maggie Comes Back and Says #2104839 11:50AM 07/08/2005
the incident started when she went to get coffee the first time and said to Sarah and James: Not for nothing, but I've been on the block with my partner and I know it sucks.

James said some nice things, yadda yadda yadda, but Sarah started saying why she never liked Maggie from day one, starting back to the original veto.

Ed Note: I didn't see any of this with my own eyes, and I was sitting here. So maybe it was off camera?
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Topic #2104899
valentine - Hating on Sarah 0 Replies #2104899 11:58AM 07/08/2005
is in full swing on the patio.

Ivette: My favorite was when she asked me if I wanted a magarita and then said, oh no, I forgot you're on PB&J and you can't have any! I told her that's okay, baby, I don't drink.

Now they discuss how James was so upset with Janelle that she was so hungover and couldn't compete. He thought that Janelle would help him win the veto. (ha ha)

Now they keep saying that Janelle really worked hard at the food comp and she didn't need to.

April: She was on TV with stuff all over her. She told me that she really, really wanted us to win.

Ivette: I wouldn't look like that on TV, so I got to hand it to her.

Now Ivette talks about how drunk Janelle was while she was playing chess. She said what Janelle said about Howie being Columbus and discovering her.

Beau keeps saying that is hilarious and being very supportive of Janelle.

Ivette: She was like "oh howie!!" and "oh ivette"!

Beau: So cute.

Ivette: And then she said, Howie can I have my small make-up bag?

Beau: Hilarious.

April: You know, Howie was really mad because Janelle knew how to play that game. And she could have won.
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Topic #2104915
valentine - April: Ya'll, Rachel Does Not Like Janelle 0 Replies #2104915 12:00PM 07/08/2005
and if you think she does, you're nuts.

They talk about how Rachel dragged the hungover Janelle into the bathroom and read her the riot act about talking too much and being drunk.

Ivette: She came out and gave Howie a look and was like "Howie, I hope I didn't get you in trouble!"

Maggie, kind of laughing: I know exactly what look that is.

They say that they know Rachel only cares about herself and Howie, not Janelle.
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Topic #2104946
valentine - Now Howie Comes Out and Kills the Chatter 0 Replies #2104946 12:04PM 07/08/2005
among the catty girly patio group.

Ed Note: On the day of Kaysar's eviction, right before the live show I watched James and Howie sit on a bed and say that after tonight, they were the last two guys in the house. Howie said he didn't realize it, but yeah, it was true. They kind of made the rock with each other when they stood up. But they forgot about Beau!!!! He may win if they don't start paying more attention to him.

Now Maggie starts telling her whole Sarah-James drama, AGAIN, to Howie.
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Topic #2104978
valentine - Jenn Jumps in the Conversation 0 Replies #2104978 12:11PM 07/08/2005
Jenn said in the BR, Sarah told her: Look, I know I'm going, so I'm going to give you a warning. After they get rid of me, you're next!

Jenn: I just tried to play it off and said, well, it depends on who wins HOH and who gets the veto! And then Sarah said to me, well, if my boyfriend is in the house, he will win the veto!

They all snicker.

Ed Note: Jenn should get James drunk after Thursday and flirt her ass off with him. Just to spite Scarah.

Now they hate on James.

April: No way. I will not vote for that mofo.

Ivette: He keeps saying that he's going to win HOH. That is....what's that called? Reverse psychology? That's what he says about veto, and it happens.

Ed Note: Reverse psychology? What a brainiac.
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Topic #2104995
valentine - Maggie: All We Have to Do is To Start Working Together 0 Replies #2104995 12:14PM 07/08/2005
and that's it. Nine fuc*ing brains!

April: As much as he says that he wants to put up Maggie, I think he would put up you, Howie, because he said that you guys are the strongest players.

They think that if Eric comes back, James is going up.

Beau: Even if Michael comes back, he's going up.
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Topic #2105020
valentine - Beau Says that During the HOH Comp Practice 0 Replies #2105020 12:18PM 07/08/2005
Julie said to him: You have now been eliminated by James!

They say that BB probably didn't mean to do that, because it made them all kind of take a moment and realize what was at stake.

Beau: I was like, no I wasn't.

Maggie says they haven't had a bathing suit competition in a long time.

April: Ya'll, we need to like, all be on the same page.

They include Howie in on this conversation and he is participating from time to time.

Ivette brings up Diane winning the endurance comp by holding the button for 9 hours. Now Maggie brings up how Cowboy helped her tie up her hair in the other endurance comp, and he lost it.

Ivette says no one should get off until James gets off. (the HOH competition, that is!)
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Topic #2105034
John_DK_ - Sarah & James in GR playing chess. NT 0 Replies #2105034 12:20PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2105042
valentine - Sarah and James are Playing Chess 1 Replies #2105042 12:22PM 07/08/2005
in the Gold room, sprawled on their bed.

There are FISH sporadically on Camera 1, for no apparent reason.

The patio group discusses the pinata competition.

James covers himself with the brown fur blanket, but he wraps it around himself fur side in.

Ed Note: It looks better on Janelle.

Sarah is deep in concentration and is hunched over with her face close to the board.
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valentine - James: Sarah, Once Again You're Doing the Janelle Syndrome #2105060 12:26PM 07/08/2005
and he talks about how she is moving her chess pieces defensively, rather than offensively.

(I'm not a chess player, so I hope I'm getting that right.)

Sarah makes a move and takes a piece off the board.

Ed Note: Laying in the GR bed all day is more like the Janelle Syndrome.

James gives Sarah guidance on her rook.
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Topic #2105078
valentine - The Patio Group Talks About Someone Rubbing on James' Leg 0 Replies #2105078 12:30PM 07/08/2005
before the James-Sarah alliance was made public.

April: The way that Sarah describes it, she sat right there and watched her rub up on him.

Howie: But if that's true, why didn't James react? I guess he didn't want to blow it up...

Beau: Maybe they had some sort of deal that they could make out with someone or whatever.

Now they discuss how Sarah gets drunk and emotional, and how James has to calm her down.

Ivette: Yeah, she was drunk. Her lips were all purple and stuff.

April: Kaysar told me that whenever he had a conversation with us, Sarah would come right out and ask him what they talked about.

Howie: James feels very responsible for bringing her into this house. When she's gone he's going to have to take action.....

Now they talk about James' lone vote for Kaysar to stay.
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Topic #2105138
valentine - Howie Starts to Blab 0 Replies #2105138 12:37PM 07/08/2005
and now the whole patio group knows that Janelle started to believe James' story last night.

He tells them that he saved the day by convincing Janelle that James was indeed a liar.

While this was going on, the group made lots of noises.

April: Oh no!

Ivette: What???

They are so interested in this that Howie starts to tell it again.

Ivette: He keeps telling me how he saved me when Kaysar was HOH!

Howie: Everybody here is on his list, it just depends on the order!

Ed Note: I haven't heard Howie mention boobies yet today. It's a miracle.
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Topic #2105172
valentine - Ivette: Kaysar and I Have Always Collided! 0 Replies #2105172 12:42PM 07/08/2005
but we talked about it. And Janelle and I have always collided! But there is a bigger threat in this house!!

She is very passionate about this and is getting loud.

Ivette: It just hasn't been my time yet!
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Topic #2105188
valentine - Janelle is Up and 0 Replies #2105188 12:46PM 07/08/2005
trudges to the gold room in her Ugg boots. She pours a handful of pills out of 4 ginourmous white plastic bottles.

( I assume those are vitamins.)

I din't hear any conversation between her and James and Sarah, but that doesn't mean it didn't happen. But if so, there wasn't much of it.

The Sunday crew are still showing two cameras on empty rooms, from high above and far away. I think that this happens when someone is in the DR, giving the weekend camera crew too many things to worry about at one time.
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Topic #2105202
valentine - Janelle Has Changed Into Shorts and a Camisole Top 0 Replies #2105202 12:49PM 07/08/2005
and grabs her mic and leaves the GR.

James is now laying on his back, covered up to his neck. Sarah has left the GR and is not on camera at the moment.

The patio crew discusses James' many lies about his profession, job, age, and other areas. They are upset that after the couples story came out, he still kept telling lies.
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Topic #2105223
valentine - Howie Says the HOH Competition 0 Replies #2105223 12:51PM 07/08/2005
will happen minutes after the evicted HG comes back into the house. He doesn't think it will be anything they have to practice, since the evictee won't have a chance to practice with them.

Ivette: Good call Howie!! Good call!!

This makes them believe that the comp will be endurance-related.

They say that they can't just bombard the evictee with the info about James the minute he comes in, but they think they will know within a very short while.
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Topic #2105237
valentine - April: I Wish We Could Call a Meeting in the Living Room 0 Replies #2105237 12:54PM 07/08/2005
and put James and Sarah in those chairs right there, and clear up a few things.

Ivette is getting really fast and loud as she talks about James and the havoc he has called.

Still two cameras on EMPTY ROOMS!!!

Ed Note: What the hell?
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Topic #2105260
valentine - Janelle Comes Outside 0 Replies #2105260 12:58PM 07/08/2005
Howie: Janie, you're so cute with your beauty rest! I was just telling everybody how cute you are!

Ivette: What are you doing up? It's not time for you to get up!

Janelle: I know, I got up a little early.

Ivette: It's time for you to go back to bed until 8:00!

The tone is very affectionate towards Janelle from the entire patio group, it seems.

Howie mentions boobies for the first time today, by complimenting Janelle's. Of course.
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Topic #2105268
valentine - April: This is What We've Been Talking About-- 0 Replies #2105268 12:59PM 07/08/2005
in sequester, we still get $750 a week! So why don't we........


Ed Note: I think she was saying that they didn't get paid when they were sequestered before they went in the house.
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Topic #2105299
valentine - Howie Snaps Back Into His Nasty Self 0 Replies #2105299 1:06PM 07/08/2005
by talking about Jenn in her bikini--he stared at her while she did laundry in her bright pink bikini.

Howie: Oh, I hate Dan. What I would do to you...

Jenn: I don't think Dan's going to be around much longer.......


Everyone except Rachel leaves the table when Howie starts talking about his boner. Rachel starts the game talking immediately. She wants to know what James said about her--she thinks that no matter what he says, he is coming after her.

They discuss the competition and what they think it will be. Janelle gets called to the DR.

She is laying out in the sun with absolutely no camera coverage, so this proves my theory about the Sunday skeleton camera crew.
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Topic #2105305
valentine - DR Slip Up 1 Replies #2105305 1:08PM 07/08/2005
Janelle got called to the DR a second time, in a different recording.

Beau: Oh. That was weird!

April: I think she walked back there--she just didn't go in yet.

We hear the door open and BB says: Hi Janelle!!

Janelle, cheerily: Hi!

And they shut off the sound.
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valentine - She's Back Already. #2105314 1:11PM 07/08/2005
and came out to the backyard with a towel around her waist.

Rachel: You're back!

Janelle: Yeah.

She had some problems getting down on her towel, it seemed. Now Rachel tells James that she bets he has a huge fan base out there. He's sitting by the pool, too. Sarah has on her American flag bikini and is quietly laying back, propped up by her arms.
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Topic #2105324
valentine - Maggie is Sweating Over the Stove 1 Replies #2105324 1:13PM 07/08/2005
and appears to be making ghetto french toast. April and Beau are busy in the kitchen as well.

Jenn is laying on a pool float telling James that she thinks her brother will be a big fan of James. He will think Janelle is hot, but will admire James for his game play.

James: I'm gonna write a book when I get out of here.
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PSister - The book James said he was going to write is #2105383 1:22PM 07/08/2005
'How to win the Veto in 10 days." Trying to be funny, but I didn't hear any remarks from anyone after that.
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Topic #2105337
valentine - Maggie: See, I'm Not Really Getting That People Will Recognize Me. 0 Replies #2105337 1:14PM 07/08/2005
Beau: Of course they will! Can you imagine people being, like, really wasted and coming into the ER?

Ed Note: I have to go now--it's been fun covering the feeds today.
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Topic #2105442
Zazny - Janelle asks if the other HG's would have left sequester in first week 0 Replies #2105442 1:31PM 07/08/2005
James, Janelle, Rachel, Jen, Sarah, and Howie is around

They predict Ashlea gave up her stipend because of their contract (they can leave but they must give up the stipend). They say why leave because you can either be paid to have a vacation or go home and don't. Janelle says but it'd be hard to be alone with no phone and no t.v.

They initially all say yes, they'd stay. James said it would be better than playing the game and being stuck with PB&J and stuff.

James says Kaysar's probably across the street in a dressing room clawing at the walls while everybody else is in a tropical location.

James finally agrees it would be hard.

James earlier said he doesn't think anybody who goes through this would come back again (i.e. all-stars), but he says he doesn't watch reality t.v., so he didn't know about Survivor. Jen says the Real World people come back all the time for the Challenges, but they say it's not the same because nobody backstabs.
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