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Topic #2103240
Caribou - Howie and Janelle reviewing the game so far. Competitions on which weeks, who won, etc. NT 0 Replies #2103240 2:34AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103247
Anonymous - Jan & Howie definitely miss Kaysar. Howie: "I miss thinking for myself." NT 0 Replies #2103247 2:36AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103252
CruiseCritic - Janie doing nails and Howie flossing in HoH room - theymiss Kaysar and 0 Replies #2103252 2:36AM 07/08/2005
wish he was there..Howie says he wouldnt have to THINK if Kay was still there.
Howie saying its a great house, great women, great food but soo much stress
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Topic #2103267
CruiseCritic - Howie had said "it'll be five weeks tomorrow" that they have been in the house 0 Replies #2103267 2:39AM 07/08/2005
now Janie asked him if he said something to Rachel the first week about putting Ashlea up.
Howie said at that point it WAS guys vs girls
He says he may have said something
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Topic #2103276
Caribou - Sarah/James asleep in GR for a while now. NT 0 Replies #2103276 2:40AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103277
CruiseCritic - Howie says he was just happy it wasnt him going up the first week 0 Replies #2103277 2:40AM 07/08/2005
Janie says her goal was to stay safe the first two weeks...

Howie on bed with flosser in his hand and Janie still working on her nails
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Topic #2103286
CruiseCritic - Howie asks "Did eric really promise them final four?" 0 Replies #2103286 2:42AM 07/08/2005
Janie saying yes that eric promised all them the final four.
Janie saying he also made another alliance with Beau and them.
Talking about Kaysar going up the first week and Janie and Michael were up the second week. Now saying it is important to remember stuff like this
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Topic #2103297
CruiseCritic - Howie saying "rachel puts the da*n thing at the 70s - what? do you want to melt in this house?" NT 0 Replies #2103297 2:44AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103304
CruiseCritic - Howie just asked janie if he should lock the HoH door - she says yes 0 Replies #2103304 2:45AM 07/08/2005
and asks what time it is. He tells her it is quarter to three.
Lights are out and they are getting in bed.
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Topic #2103318
CruiseCritic - HoH bed with Howie and Janie - Howie asked if he thinks Beau will 0 Replies #2103318 2:49AM 07/08/2005
win the whole BB6 and janie says no. Janie wants a good competitor to win. Howie says it could be me or you - we will see.
Janie says she hopes its me or you. she says she would be pi**ed off if April wins it - not that she doesnt like her.
Howie says the game isnt even a third over. Howie says she has to win HoH and Janie says no she doesnt. Howie asks if you can win final 2 without HoH at all? She says YES - look at Coqboy from last year. he never won HoH
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Topic #2103327
CruiseCritic - Did he ever win a Veto Cowboy? Janie says no, he never won anything 0 Replies #2103327 2:51AM 07/08/2005
and now talking about Nikomis and Cowboy. Janie said someone like Nikomis should have won..she was smart.
Saying cowboy turned on his sister..she would have won it BC all her friends were on the jury.

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Topic #2103332
CruiseCritic - Howie now asked if Jase was the best player in BB5 and Janie said he was very 0 Replies #2103332 2:54AM 07/08/2005
athletic and still brings up Nicomis BC she thinks she was the best player, she never lied. Howie asks if she had purple hair. Janie says yes. Did she shave it? she cut it.
more talk abotu Jase and Janie said she didnt think he was cute...Howie asks was that Hollys BF..Janie says yes. Calling her the Blonde bombshell of BB5.
Janie asked Howie if she thought Holly was cute. he says yes.

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Topic #2103333
CruiseCritic - janie says "this bed is so much more comfortable" - Howie "its awesome" and Silence now NT 0 Replies #2103333 2:55AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103338
CruiseCritic - Howie asks Janie if she has been watching for a few years and she says 0 Replies #2103338 2:58AM 07/08/2005
no. But she did watch last year. Howies buddy sent him a link on the show and thought it was awesome. Janie bought yr 3 and 4 of BB to watch on DVD - she really never watched a lot of episodes. Now asking what BB4 was - now saying it was called "The X factor" Janie saying it was really the worst of all BBs.
Silence again. Janie says season 2 was good. Amy was cool. she was really funny says Janie. Now talking about Gerry and Marcellus.
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Topic #2103340
CruiseCritic - Howies saying that this year is really the best looking cast. Janie agrees NT 0 Replies #2103340 2:59AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103342
CruiseCritic - Janie doesnt think James is that cute and that Eric is not hot.. she thinks that 0 Replies #2103342 3:00AM 07/08/2005
beau is a really cute gay guy. Howie asks if she thinks Kay is cute and she said yes. then he asks if Michael is hot and of course she said oh yeah and Howie says he was hot. Janie agrees
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Topic #2103345
CruiseCritic - Howie now asked if she saw season one or two and she says no 0 Replies #2103345 3:02AM 07/08/2005
but a friend of hers was on season 2. silence again...they are tired but it looks like Howie is pondering another question.
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Topic #2103352
CruiseCritic - All quiet in the HoH room now for 5 minutes - seems like all HGs are asleep now...... NT 0 Replies #2103352 3:07AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103568
citanul - All HGs still asleep. Very restless sleepers on F3. NT 0 Replies #2103568 6:59AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103619
CruiseCritic - Looks like everyone is still asleep - movement still on F3..cannot tell who it is NT 0 Replies #2103619 7:38AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103738
citanul - Rachel up and on treadmill. NT 0 Replies #2103738 8:24AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103799
Anonymous - Rachel just finished on the treadmill and is now washing her pitts. NT 0 Replies #2103799 8:40AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103867
Angelfire - Rachel has been very busy, gathering towels, putting them in the wash, 0 Replies #2103867 9:01AM 07/08/2005
cleaning the kitchen, then making herself breakfast. While all other hg sleeping.
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Topic #2103873
Angelfire - Rachie now outside eating her breakfast!! NT 0 Replies #2103873 9:04AM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2103915
Angelfire - Rachie finished eating and now working on removing the pool vac. NT 0 Replies #2103915 9:15AM 07/08/2005
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