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Topic #2107143
Goddess200xxx - Howie asks J/S what name will be on their shirts and James says no one is going to like my shirt. NT 0 Replies #2107143 4:55PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107170
carly - Howie goes in to GR where James and Sarah are in bed. He starts talking about deception 0 Replies #2107170 4:58PM 07/08/2005
and how he doesn't know who to trust, and how they'll know when they get out and see the tapes what the real truth was..
Sarah interrupts and says "Do we really have to go through all this again?"
Silence, then Howie says "I have a circular driveway at home."
Sarah is pissed. Howie jumps up and leaves.
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Topic #2107172
BHnoah - Ivette: Do you think we should write Cappy or Eric? April:Eric 0 Replies #2107172 4:59PM 07/08/2005
Maggie: But people watch the show, yeah Eric
Beau: I think Eric-- some people are idiots (hmm talking about your team, NO US)

amazing that Ivette can't even decide Cappy vs. Eric on her own (always needs someone else to make her decisions for her)

and my god-- of course she is making the fire fighter symbol
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Topic #2107175
Sunflake - Howie with James and Sarah in the Gold Room 0 Replies #2107175 4:59PM 07/08/2005
Sarah: We're done saying anything
Sarah: We're done fighting
James: I poured my heart out
Howie: No matter how mad you are, I'm more mad
Howie; until we see the tapes, the real truth will be there, maybe I was decieved
Sarah: are we going to go through this again, we know what you think, we know what we think, why go through it
Howie: I have a circular driveway
Sarah (inaudible)
James: this isn't a good time
Howie: then I'll go.

Howie leaves. Sarah doesn't think they did anything wrong. Howie doesn't care, it's all about the money.
James: they made a dumb decision they have to live with
Sarah: apparently Howie doesn't know how to play chess, because you don't sacrifice your own pieces
James: You don't sacrifice your own farking queen. I can't believe we got manipulated

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Topic #2107235
Sunflake - Gold Room Sarah and James (little bit more) 0 Replies #2107235 5:05PM 07/08/2005
James doesn't understand why Howie came in there.
Sarah said, "he's like April repeating himself over and over and over, he's like a farking record."

Quiet. They're laying in bed in each other's arms.

Sarah: if you get HOH put up Maggie and Rachel, say "Maggie has the votes to stay, Too bad Rachel, you don't have the votes you need to stay. I wonder why?"
James: That's good.
Long silence.
Inaudible mumblings about HOH and who to put up. Mostly by Sarah. Pushes Maggie and Rachel to go up if he gets HOH.
Long silence.
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Topic #2107331
Sunflake - More Backyard Painting Fun with Howielicious Goodness 0 Replies #2107331 5:14PM 07/08/2005
Howie singing in Backyard, whadup Kaysar.
April looking at Ivettes painting (the fire shield from Eric's shirts).
Howie being silly.
Jenn says she thinks everyone knows who they'd vote for without tee shirts, but it was fun to do today. Howie is playing with her hair. "oh boy, Jenn, Jenn".
Talk about shirts possibly shrinking and whether they should wash and dry them.
Howie: Janie is the Beautiful Blonde Buxom Bombshell of BB6
Maggie is happy to find a black marker. They discuss ideas. She whispers an idea to April, who says, 'that's cute'.
I hear the words, "integrity, trust" from Maggie. April says "very cute"
April needs to get flip flops.
Howie standing around, Beau, Janie, rachel, Ivette painting their shirts.
Maggies about to get started on hers, looking for paintbrushes.
Howie says, "Janie is the Beautiful Blonde Buxom Bombshell of BB6", then does a "Beau Beas" verse.
Maggie still searching for paintbrushes.
Howie doing push ups on the "grass". Says, "I'm outta shape man".
April returns and perches herself on the pink lounger, watching.
Jenn painting now too.
Quiet as everyone is busy painting.

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Topic #2107363
Sunflake - Maggie asks how to spell "feisty", they all weigh in with different 0 Replies #2107363 5:16PM 07/08/2005
spellings, someone says, "I said that",
Howie quips, "we'll see the tapes"
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Topic #2107420
bbaddict2005 - Maggie's shirt: America Loves a Fiesty Fireman NT 0 Replies #2107420 5:20PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107509
Kat27 - Janie making another shirt: "I Want Michael Back" NT 0 Replies #2107509 5:26PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107548
Disneyisme - Howie is going over the fact that all their efforts in getting Jame out have back fired. 1 Replies #2107548 5:29PM 07/08/2005
Howie is sure James is looking to win HOH next week and re-align the house. April says "there is no way he can last another 6 or 7 weeks in the house." Howie; "Well, I know, but I don't want to be a casualty along the way." Howie says "this show will be great to watch on DVD, and it's not even half over."
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Disneyisme - Maggie says there is no way other seasons have had this much shi**y-ness in the house. NT #2107564 5:30PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107565
Sunflake - Yet More Backyard Shirt Painting Fun: Discuss James & Rachel calls out Maggie 0 Replies #2107565 5:30PM 07/08/2005
So apparently Beau, Ivette, Jennifer, Maggie and April will have Eric on their shirts.
Janelle made a Kaysar one.
I haven't seen Howies, Rachels, James or Sarahs.

Ivette warned them that the paint goes through the shirt, she told Maggie this, who just found out the hard way.

Maggies shirt: America loves a fiesty fireman.

April says Jenn will paint hers. Howie seems to be "in deep Jedi thought" over his tee. Just sitting there staring at it.

Beau doesn't know what he's going to write. He's going to design it first then wash it then paint it. It was too big for him. He's not that big. Apparently he's cut and tied it?

Beau asks Howie what are you putting? Howie says, "America....uh..." Someone jokes, just Vote James out. Howie makes a remark about how many people are gunning for James to go. Wishes for a Star Wars event to beat James. Rachel says he had his chance to use the force, but he didn't. Howie says he did, but no one else did. Thinks HOH will be physical endurance, lists reasons why he thinks so. Then they rehash the "who would check the boyfriend's email" question. Then complain about Julie not finishing the chess question for Janelle. Howie says, he'd protest it, Rachel says, "but you won".
Howie says, good night sleep on Wednesday, good nutrition, even you PBJers. April says how it won't be fair that the person coming in will be well fed and rested.
Howie says that's good. For Eric, Michael, Kayser to come in and win it would be good for America, the game and me. Cus if James wins it he's gonna want to back door me. He can't take on the whole house. LEt's not worry about it. Let's not talk about it.
Beau and April agree.
Howie: everyone's had a shot at taking him out and it backfires. Maggie tried, Kaysar tried, I tried.
April; thank God we put up him and Sarah this time.
Rachel: (inaudible) Maggie...
Maggie: huh?
Rachel: It's somehting that Maggie could have done last week.
Maggie: but Kaysar could have
Howie said something but I missed it (sorry).

Ivette breaks this up asking about her shirt.
Howie starts his silly Howie stuff again.

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Topic #2107597
Disneyisme - April says to Janelle "if Ashlea had stayed in the game who would you vote back in?" 1 Replies #2107597 5:33PM 07/08/2005
Janelle says "Kaysar"..she giggles, and explains that Ashlea wasn't having any fun in the house in the first place. She says "besides you don't know if she was asked to be sequestered anyway." April says "Julie said that Ashlea chose not to go."
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Kat27 - She said Michael first, then Kaysar. NT #2107771 5:47PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107631
Disneyisme - Howie is talking in the background saying that he will write on his shirt the order he wants to see them voted back in. 0 Replies #2107631 5:36PM 07/08/2005
They know that the text message goes number 1 for Mike, 2 for Eric and 3 for Kaysar. He says "first I will say Michael, beacause he likes Janie and I do too and she likes that...." He trails off.
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Topic #2107669
Disneyisme - The camera man started at Janelles toes and moved slowly up her leg (she is sitting with legs out stretched painting her shirt.) NT 0 Replies #2107669 5:39PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107672
electric - Janelle: "How do you spell vote?" NT 0 Replies #2107672 5:40PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107766
Disneyisme - Howie sits down and is just starting on his shirt. He thinks he will write "It's up to you America, but 1 Replies #2107766 5:47PM 07/08/2005
here is what I want...." He is drinking a cherry coke, he says "cherry coke is so beautiful, sometimes it's more beautiful than boobies."
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Disneyisme - His next idea is "lock the door America we don't need any more help." or "No vacancy America" NT #2107783 5:49PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107815
Disneyisme - LOL, Howie is sitting there thinking hard about his shirt, he says "I got it! Ashlea had a great rack so send her back!" Everyone laughed. NT 0 Replies #2107815 5:52PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107841
kevinf42 - Beau jokes with maggie and says "you spelt it wrong, it's spelt f-e-i-s-t-y, just kidding"..but that IS the correct spelling, mag is wrong. NT 0 Replies #2107841 5:54PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107842
bbaddict2005 - Howie: Ashlea had a great rack, America bring her back NT 0 Replies #2107842 5:55PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107850
Disneyisme - Howie: "Michael didn't have a chance so send him back for some more romance!" NT 0 Replies #2107850 5:55PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2107886
Disneyisme - Howie asks them all "you think Cappy will talk to me if he comes back?" Ivette and Beau say 'of course.' 0 Replies #2107886 6:00PM 07/08/2005
Howie tells Maggie to make sure she tells Eric that Howie saved her this week because James wanted her out. Ivette says that the people watching the show will probably decide who comes back between Mike and Kaysar in order to f*** with James.
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Topic #2107928
Disneyisme - Howie is saying "I don't get it, they cut off people's heads on TV and show people puking their 1 Replies #2107928 6:06PM 07/08/2005
guts out, but you show half a boobie and world war 3 breaks out. They send men off to war at 18, but tell them they can't drink until they are 21. Get Real America!!"
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Anonymous - howie #2107991 6:13PM 07/08/2005
howie also said.
" A 16 year old can kill you crossing the street in a crosswalk, but I can't date them. I don't get it..."
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Topic #2107962
Disneyisme - April says "you can tell Jen and Ivette were teachers." (by the looks of their shirts.) Maggie says 0 Replies #2107962 6:09PM 07/08/2005
"are you really a teacher Jen?" She's says, yes she can teach grades 1 through 8 and art classes...."
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Topic #2108008
Disneyisme - Ivette says "the internet people are watching, so they know who we want (to come back)." NT 0 Replies #2108008 6:15PM 07/08/2005
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Topic #2108044
Disneyisme - Beau washed his shirt and took it out of the washer and exclaimed 0 Replies #2108044 6:20PM 07/08/2005
"oh f***! My shirt is pink! Now I'm going to look uber-gay." April says "I told you not to wash it."
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