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Topic #2198289
memyselfandi - Ivette, after egging on her team last night, now isn't sure responding to Howie is best 0 Replies #2198289 1:21PM 16/08/2005
Ivette is actually being the voice of reason amazingly. Beau has said he can't wait to say something to Janelle about her extensions. Then Ivette says she doesn't know. Beau admits Janelle has said nothing to him yet today and decides maybe he'll save the insult for later.

Ivette says she isn't sure whether it's best to feed into the other side. They keep coming at April.
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Topic #2198322
memyselfandi - Rachel comes out to BY table and sits in lounge chair by them 0 Replies #2198322 1:26PM 16/08/2005
April sits speechless (for once) because the complaining about Howie stops.

They start talking about L.A. clubs that they would go to instead of wrap party.

April concerned whether Beau can get them into the clubs.

April discussing how she'll be spending her $3,000 and how the money will be given to her.

Maggie talks about buying clothes at the GAP, Beau says he isn't into the GAP, then Maggie says OK Old Navy... Beau and April say Beau would never buy clothes at OLD Navy...


Then we come back and there's Beau puke talk and then FISH and then more puke talk.
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Topic #2198331
Caribou - BB told Jen that a lockdown in yard will be happening soon, for about 15 mins. They're all worried. Rachel came outside 0 Replies #2198331 1:26PM 16/08/2005
and is laying on a lounger right beside them all but not talking.

April asks Beau where to go for the wrap party, because they're all not going to the BB6 wrap party - instead having their own. Beau suggests Spider Room. April says Matt's brother might soon be working there (hint hint to all BB fans). April all excited because Johnny Depp is part owner there, according to Beau. Beau also says they'll go to Catana (sp?) for dinner first.

Rachel laying there on lounger hearing this but not saying anything.

Howie is out of DR. Here he comes. He's singing "BUSTO was her name-O....B-U-S-T-O" really loudly. And FISH
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Topic #2198366
Zazny - Outside Lockdown announced NT 0 Replies #2198366 1:28PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198375
Zazny - H: "There was a blonde who had no face and Busto was her name-o" NT 0 Replies #2198375 1:29PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198383
Caribou - Howie and Janelle in BR singing "there was a blonde who had no face and Busto was her name-O!" Crapettes outside in BY at table, including James 0 Replies #2198383 1:30PM 16/08/2005
Rachel on lounger still beside the table. No one talking to her but James does a bit. Then FISH again
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Topic #2198387
Zazny - Howie was singing it outside and FISH NT 0 Replies #2198387 1:30PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198395
Caribou - FISH keeps happening, possibly because Howie singing Busto to a known tune NT 0 Replies #2198395 1:30PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198401
Zazny - H: If for some reason God shines on you and you get HOH next week, I'll be waiting at sequester for you the following week. There was a ....FISH NT 0 Replies #2198401 1:31PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198410
Zazny - H: Damn, BB that was the best song of the year! I was going to bust on her ugly dog! NT 0 Replies #2198410 1:31PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198422
SassyPrncess - Howie to Ap: Say it to my face! You DON'T HAVE THE GUTS! NT 0 Replies #2198422 1:32PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198423
DraftKing - BB must have told Howie to stop singing 0 Replies #2198423 1:32PM 16/08/2005
Howie: "Damn BB, that was the best song of the year." He's calling her out loud, and she's trying her best to ignore him. He's telling April that he wants her DOR.
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Topic #2198437
Zazny - Lots of Fish H: Talk to me to my face and not behind my back like you always do! FISH NT 0 Replies #2198437 1:33PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198454
SassyPrncess - Howie: You're gonna hear my voice going through that empty head of yours, Busto! NT 0 Replies #2198454 1:34PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198460
DraftKing - Howie: You can look ugly, Busto, but you can't hide! NT 0 Replies #2198460 1:34PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198484
Zazny - H: I'll get your DOR... just a matter of time, Busto. You'll hear my voice echoing in that empty head of yours. 0 Replies #2198484 1:35PM 16/08/2005
H: You can look ugly, but you can't hide! Busto, you're very rude, SOB. Like you call James an SOB everyday.
J: I understand, it's ok
I: We all talk personal in this game
H: I don't understand why you left your job/husband ...to come into a house with ME!?! In a matter of time, you'll come falling down. You can't look in my eyes
A: You're not worth the time.
H: It's only a matter of time, Busto.

Howie walks away

A: [I'm not going to participate with this on national tv]

H: I dunno who's gonna leave first, but it'll probably be you since you're a terrible competitor. I'll be waiting for you
M: [that's a threat]
H: I swear to god on my pepperoni, on my husband. I hope your world is great because you swore on a lot of things. I want a Pepperoni pizza where can I get some pepperoni!?!? WOOOO!

H: It's not against the rules to live with an annoying player

H: Nobody in America wants to see a pathetic game player a busted blonde like you, Busto. They want to see me! The star of the show, Busto!

A: People who say those things can't be so secure.
I: You didn't come here by choice. You came for Jennifer
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Topic #2198492
DraftKing - More from Howie to April 0 Replies #2198492 1:36PM 16/08/2005
Howie: "You better let those tears out Busto, or you'll let them all out at once, just like you let go in the pressure cooker."
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Topic #2198510
SassyPrncess - H: I want a Pepperoni Pizza, where can I get Pepperoni for my pizza? NT 0 Replies #2198510 1:37PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198513
glitter - LOL at Howie busting busto Ape NT 0 Replies #2198513 1:38PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198524
DraftKing - H: "Nobody wants to see a pathetic, busted blonde like you on television, Busto!" NT 0 Replies #2198524 1:38PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198564
DraftKing - Howie is letting April have it; everyone is stuck outside in lockdown NT 0 Replies #2198564 1:41PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198579
SassyPrncess - H: What was your plan when you wanted to evict Ivette? Huh? What alliance were you going to join? NT 0 Replies #2198579 1:42PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2198592
Zazny - So what was your plan, Busto? 0 Replies #2198592 1:42PM 16/08/2005
A: What was your plan, Busto, when you were gonna evict Ivette. Who were you gonna join with. Busto, what was your plan? I give you all the credit. You're playing the greatest game. Nobody's gonna waste a vote on you

B: James is [best player], he wins all the vetos.

H: After James

A: That's a compliment

James and Ivette try to defuse this by discussing past competitions with Friendship

Howie makes fun that Ap is without smokes

H: You evict Kaysar and he had the patooka thing for you!

H: You should train for HOH, I don't want you to twist a nail. You're hanging in there Busto, I'll see you in a little bit
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Topic #2198606
Caribou - Janie and Kaysar on hammock laying down and swinging. Janie watching and laughing at Howie. Kaysar not looking or doing anything. 0 Replies #2198606 1:44PM 16/08/2005
Bit earlier, April leaned over to say to Rachel on lounger that if Rach is in the house without Howie that she would never do this to Rachel.

Now they chit chatting with Rachel about the spelling food comp. The whole table keeping April off topic of Howie and distracting her. Howie working out with weights across the yard, occasionally yelling things at April.
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Topic #2198610
SassyPrncess - Iv: We all never agreed on Kaysar spinning the wheel (in spelling bee food comp) NT 0 Replies #2198610 1:44PM 16/08/2005
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