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Topic #2201223
valentine - Oh Boy. Arnold Is Having Trouble Controlling This Bunch 0 Replies #2201223 6:12PM 16/08/2005
Maggie and April continue to scour the BB Rule Book, while Beau occasionally throws in his trademark squeal or cackle.

They discuss the threat of physical violence which could result in a penalty nom.

April brings up the Animal Rights groups who will supposedly be inscensed by Howie's comments about putting Pepperoni on his pizza.

April: They're going to look into that! I mean, people could be watchin....

Beau interrupts: They're not going to air this. No one is going to watch it.

April: But animal cruelty.....

Maggie: One of us could take a fish out of that tank and throw it on the floor and they wouldn't do anything to us.

April: But yeah, what about the fish in the tank? They're the ones who told us not to talk about the fish in the tank! Because they wanted it to seem like the fish were healthy......

We got a FISH on that on, all right.
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Topic #2201301
valentine - Rachel Gets the Cold Shoulder 1 Replies #2201301 6:19PM 16/08/2005
at the kitchen counter from Jenn, Ivette and April. Those three were cruching chips and salsa like crazy and Rachel started droning on and on and on about BB giving them more salsa.

She said something about how it wasn't a form of torture by not giving them salsa.....on and on and on.

The 3 HOH girls basically ignored her and carried on their own conversation, right there in front of her.

Jenn: I don't know. Want a grilled cheese?

Rachel: I'm going to have a burger. It was really good last night.


And they went back to their own conversation.
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memyselfandi - This was right after Ivette came up to HOH complaining about Rachel #2201378 6:27PM 16/08/2005
Ivette came up to HOH mad about the "wench" laying out the sleeping bag on the center table to dry. She thinks that table is dirty so they shouldn't leave it there.
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Topic #2201345
heyace37 - Apr looking for healthy fish 0 Replies #2201345 6:24PM 16/08/2005
After dropping that the producers have asked the HG to not speak of the fish due to some being potentially unhealthy, April and Rachael are now looking at the fish, ostensibly checking out their health...
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Topic #2201405
heyace37 - April going on again about how she isn't bother by attacks 0 Replies #2201405 6:29PM 16/08/2005
While doing dishes, April tells Maggie that she isn't bothered by attacks. (For the millionth time - the lady doth protest too much.)
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Topic #2201727
memyselfandi - Maggie and Jen telling Beau to go to AA in so many words 1 Replies #2201727 7:06PM 16/08/2005
They've apparently gone to AA before to support friends. Beau is asking questions.
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valentine - Maggie: Addicts Just Move From One Thing to Another. #2202353 7:57PM 16/08/2005
Beau: What?

Maggie: Addicts....they leave one thing and get addicted to something else. It's their personality. They quit alcohol and get addicted to cigarettes...

Beau: Oh, really?

And he moved his head around like he was voguing. No eye contact on that one.
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Topic #2201768
fgjadfg - HOH crew in kitchen, Ivette maing dinner for everyone in house... 0 Replies #2201768 7:08PM 16/08/2005
Howie took a shower, walked to gr, passing kitchen on the way with his head down and not saying a word. Put something in Gr, where Jan and Kayczar are sleeping, and walked back thru to living room where there must have been something on the moniter because he said " it says Beau, pick up your AA card in 30 minutes" ( what a jokester that howie is, maybe he should tell janie that same joke ). then he went back to bathroom.
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Topic #2201780
memyselfandi - Now April is complaining because Rachel IS NOT saying mean things to her 0 Replies #2201780 7:09PM 16/08/2005
April is complaining to Ivette in the kitchen about Rachel being out there during the cold shoulder time. April says Rachel thinks she can avoid eviction if she's nice to her, but April says that won't work.

In another feed we get an EXTREME closeup of Howie plucking LOTS of nosehairs.
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Topic #2201832
Ada - beau: i need my mom to send me all my cell phones with my chargers lmao NT 0 Replies #2201832 7:15PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2201840
memyselfandi - Rachel is laying on LR couch while nerd herd makes dinner 0 Replies #2201840 7:15PM 16/08/2005
She looks sad, maybe she heard April saying bad things about her.

Howie comes out and cheers her up with talking about what he'd like to do with her and suggests they play coasters.

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Topic #2201848
Ada - james enters NT 0 Replies #2201848 7:16PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2201856
memyselfandi - Howie somehow has even more nosehairs to pluck... he just spent 5 min doing it and is now back in bathroom NT 0 Replies #2201856 7:16PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2201862
hoarsewhisperer - Howie saying to Rachel when he found her on the couch 0 Replies #2201862 7:17PM 16/08/2005
I'd like to cover you in chocolate and clean it all off
Rach: that's be sticky
How: that's ok, i'd get it all
Rachel crosses her eyes lol

did i hear April say the others could cook their own dinner???
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Topic #2201864
Ada - james eating cold samon and april goin ewwwww NT 0 Replies #2201864 7:17PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2201901
memyselfandi - April and Beau are talking about sequester house 0 Replies #2201901 7:22PM 16/08/2005
Ivette tells them to stop they're not allowed, that was one of the things they talked to them about the other day. April wants that one phone call she imagines is waiting for her in the sequester house. Jen says yeah but it's just for an emergency. April doesn't believe that. Ivette tells them to stop talking about it. April doesn't. She starts mouthing the rest of their sequester house conversation to Beau.

James is just kind of lingering in kitchen.
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Topic #2201905
Ada - beau: oh yummy yummy. delich lich yum NT 0 Replies #2201905 7:22PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2201908
notchbaby - I think Howie said I love you to Rachel in the bathroom NT 0 Replies #2201908 7:22PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202003
amIsane - Ape tries to bring How stuff up again 0 Replies #2202003 7:32PM 16/08/2005
Ape starts whispering to Iv abt. How stuff. Iv basically ignores and talks over Ape abt. dinner stuff. Ape starts again w/ Beau, but Beau just kinda blows her off.
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Topic #2202039
memyselfandi - Ivette asking Rachel if she would like to eat some of her rice and onion/hamburger food, also offers Howie NT 0 Replies #2202039 7:36PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202078
memyselfandi - Jen looks at Dan picture she has been wearing around and says "Hi Poopy" 0 Replies #2202078 7:39PM 16/08/2005
She then kisses it and makes a weird farting noise. There's a weird dynamic because Ivette offered some of the friendshipplusJames' food to Rachel and Howie and they accepted. April says nothing to this, shockingly.

But Rachel is sitting all the way on the other side of the table not really talking to them much. Howie is having a long conversation with Beau and Ivette.
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Topic #2202138
memyselfandi - Hurricane Howie is no more 0 Replies #2202138 7:42PM 16/08/2005
He is being totally civil with the other side during the meal, still hasn't said anything friendly to April and is instead just ignoring her, and he is refilling all the ice trays for the house because he says a drunk Beau last night only filled them half full.
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Topic #2202168
hoarsewhisperer - Howie in the kitchen. April at table being very quiet... 0 Replies #2202168 7:44PM 16/08/2005
Jen has a picture of her boyfriend at the table with her.
Everyone being amicable. Howie now filling ice cube trays. Earlier Rachel said Kaysar and Janelle were "still sleeping" and would be up until 5a.m. [again]. Howie has just sat down at the table to eat. No fireworks yet.
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Topic #2202248
memyselfandi - Maggie is telling Beau puking stories at the dinner table 0 Replies #2202248 7:50PM 16/08/2005
Rachel is not amused. Jen and Maggie think it's hilarious. Ivette tells them to not tell puking stories but they continue a little longer.

Then Ivette is saying giving the HGs alcohol will be a "breach of contract" and she told the DR not to give her alcohol. She says they told her it was a good idea. April (I think) asks "What's a breach of contract?"

April is NOW COMPLAINING because Ivette said she is a picky eater and of course denying vehemently.
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Topic #2202267
hoarsewhisperer - Camera keeps zooming in on Aprils picture on the wall just behind where Howie is sitting eating NT 0 Replies #2202267 7:52PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202273
memyselfandi - F3 keeps going back and forth with closeups on the April picture monitor and Howie eating at table alone NT 0 Replies #2202273 7:52PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202317
hoarsewhisperer - Jen and Maggie in HOH now, Jen says the Diary Room people must have said something to Howie. NT 0 Replies #2202317 7:55PM 16/08/2005
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