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Topic #2199153
memyselfandi - Rachel confesses had she won HOH this week she'd have kept James 1 Replies #2199153 2:30PM 16/08/2005
She is now eating ice cream with Janelle going over her James plan. She initially didn't want to tell Janelle but Janelle wouldn't stop.

She tells Howie to go away when he comes over. Rachel is saying that she'll just tell James that the only he can win with the jury is if the final two is James and one of the S4.

She also goes on a rant about how Howie has been making dumb decisions and doing dumb things throughout the game which pisses her off because she is only here to help him.
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Sunflake - She finishes her minirant on Howie by saying. I keep cleaning up after him and then he goes and digs himself a deeper hole..... #2199175 2:33PM 16/08/2005
She's very frustrated at Howie. His comments to April were working Rachel's nerves in the backyard.
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Topic #2199206
Zazny - Jan worries, but Rachel says James has no choice 0 Replies #2199206 2:35PM 16/08/2005
Jan offers Kaysar some pizza and he doesn't like the veggies on it.

J: What if....
R: It doesn't matter Janelle! The votes are in! It doesn't matter what they say or do. You have to make the best decision with the information you have. If Eric was coming, I wanted James in this house. And dumbass over there doesn't break his word like he should have and screwed us all.
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Topic #2199312
Zazny - Jan: If any of them win the money, I'm not watching the show again. And I'm a huge fan! 0 Replies #2199312 2:42PM 16/08/2005
How agrees and says just this year at first.

How says Apr is such a tough competitor, he needs to prepare. If they are going to head to head... Rach says go workout (as to shut him up)

R: James, you working out? You big beefcake? Looking hot
James: You been drinking?
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Topic #2199372
PawPrint74 - Rachel finally gets her chance to talk to James - Transcript 0 Replies #2199372 2:53PM 16/08/2005
HOWIE: This isn't a one-time thing. I'm going to work them over the next few days.
RACHEL: He's not stupid. He knows the only way he has a shot at winning is if he's sitting with one of us [talking about James].
JANELLE: Do you think he knows that?
RACHEL: He knows it. He's going to see the big picture. We have nothing to lose to tell him what we're going to tell him.
JANELLE: Do you want me to talk to him?
RACHEL: No, I want to talk to him. He's coming back outside to eat, and I plan on talking to him by myself. I've been planning on doing this. I just haven't had the right moment.
Maggie please go to the diary room.
RACHEL: He was saying yesterday that it's kind of hard when you have no allies. I was listening to what he was saying.
JANELLE: Kaysar still believes we should backdoor him?
RACHEL: Are you freaking crazy? The only way he can win is if he's at the final with one of us.
HOWIE: Good job, Rachel.
RACHEL: Go away. I'm mad at you.
HOWIE: You're very smart, Ray-Ray.
RACHEL: Shut your mouth. I am so sick of him. He's p*ssing me off. He's made bad decisions this whole game. He digs the hole 10 times deeper. Whatever. What will end up happening is he'll go before me.
JANELLE: James doesn't think he can win against you.
RACHEL: He's not worried about that right now. He can't win against them for sure. James know that. He knows their bond is too strong. They'll never vote against their own. If he thinks that, he's looney. He's not looney, so...
He's here to win, and at that point, if he says okay, or even if he doesn't say okay, and don't worry about who's talking to who, especially when it comes to James, because he knows he can't win if he's sitting next to one of them. It's not something we have to worry about any more. The votes are in. We're not just halfway done. The votes are in. That's all there is to it.
JANELLE: I'll be right back. Want some of this?
KAYSAR: It's got meat.
JANELLE: Sorry, Kaysar. Kaysar, you're so cute.
RACHEL: You're as picky with your food as Howie, aren't you?
KAYSAR: No, I'm really not that picky.
JANELLE: This food sucks.
RACHEL: Did you have that in the oven?
(boring - switching feeds)
(in kitchen now.)
IVETTE: Howie said we tried to poison him. Remember that, James?
JAMES: Yes. Sarah and I were up late. The meat was in the refrigerator and I was looking at it.
APRIL: Remember how they went back and said we're going to look at the tapes.
(switching back to outside because James is going)
RACHEL: Howie, Shut up. I can't control him.
JAMES: Kaysar, what's it like being up in the day?
KAYSAR: It's kind of weird. I like my vampire schedule better.
JANELLE: I like the night because there's no one around.
JAMES: Did you take night classes in school?
JAMES: So far I've been able to take Tuesday-Thursday only classes. For six years I've gotten away with that so far.
KAYSAR: The problem is -- I don't know how your college was -- but --
JAMES: My first two courses were elective courses. (pausing until Rachel decides to confront James about her plan)
HOWIE: I have to start getting ready for the HOH. I need to hoist that key for the second time in three weeks. It's going to be tough. April is a tough player.
JAMES: I told you guys it's those kind of players that make it to the end.
HOWIE: I'm telling you guys --
RACHEL: Go work out, Howie.
HOWIE: Thanks, Rachel.
(Kaysar leaves...maybe Rachel will do it now.
RACHEL: So look, James. I don't know what you plan on doing, but the facts are facts. You're mad at us and I understand that. The facts are facts...the votes are in. The only chance you have of winning this game is if you are against one of us.
JAMES: I didn't think about that.
RACHEL: You can tell them I talked to you already. I don't care. It's done. We got your back, and I hope you have ours. Because quite frankly, I know you want to win this game.
JAMES: It's something I need to think about.
RACHEL: You do.
JAMES: Kaysar has been trying to get rid of me for a long time.
RACHEL: No, not now. The votes are in. They will never vote against one of their own. Period. End of story.
JAMES: So seven people are going to the sequester, right?
RACHEL: Seven people. If you are sitting up against one of them in the end, you've got no chance. None.
(Kaysar comes back.)
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Topic #2199380
Outcast - Ape said she is going to go into Howies bag and see what 0 Replies #2199380 2:54PM 16/08/2005
medications he takes. I: she can't get in trouble for it, Jan takes her stuff.
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Topic #2199445
carly - Jan to Kaysar "You're so cute Kaysar" - Kay "Thank you Janey. If only you had fallen for me inst of Michael" she says 0 Replies #2199445 3:01PM 16/08/2005
"I know, I fell too quick. I'm such a bad girl".
Kay says "That's ok. There's other buxom blondes out there for me."
Jan says "Are you sure? I'm one of a kind."
both laughing.
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Topic #2199518
Nikki254 - Jan to Rach: It should have been f*cking maggie last week not Sarah. They f*cked us so bad NT 0 Replies #2199518 3:13PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199538
Nikki254 - Jan: I'm glad me and Howie have our own beds. He doesn't fart on me anymore! NT 0 Replies #2199538 3:16PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199608
Nikki254 - F1&F2 K and Jan playing chess F3: empty kitchen F4: empty LR NT 0 Replies #2199608 3:25PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199609
Outcast - Jan to Kay while playing chess in the GR: What the hell are you looking at? 0 Replies #2199609 3:26PM 16/08/2005
(He was reading the Netflicks sign she has around her neck.)
K: I was staring at your chest (laughing)
J: Thats sweet
K: I love it
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Topic #2199613
Outcast - K: the best part about leaving here is that I don't have to talk to them. NT 0 Replies #2199613 3:26PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199618
Outcast - K to Jan: Stop going after my queen you freekin jerk. *laughing NT 0 Replies #2199618 3:28PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199635
Outcast - Jan to Kay: Doesn't Michael look cute in his picture? K: Yeah J: I think so too. NT 0 Replies #2199635 3:30PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199646
Outcast - J: Hi K: Hi (with a smile) (Real low) NT 0 Replies #2199646 3:31PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2199725
memyselfandi - You can hear the nerd herd talking in the background on the quad cam but they're not on camera 0 Replies #2199725 3:42PM 16/08/2005
I heard Maggie saying something about Howie being physically strong but she is.... And I heard Janelle's name.

Ivette/Maggie/April can all be heard saying something but what is being said can't make it out.

F1/F2 has Kay/Jan played chess on gold room bed, Rachel looking at them play chess on other bed

F3/F4 is kitchen/living room
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Topic #2200017
dizzy - jen and mag in HoH---jen said jan is one of those type of girls who 0 Replies #2200017 4:16PM 16/08/2005
thinks girls are always jealous of her and that's why she doesn't have any friends.
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Topic #2200024
dizzy - now mag telling beau everything he told jan last night---he asked because he doesn't remember. NT 0 Replies #2200024 4:17PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2200035
citanul - A few minutes ago: Kay and Jan playing chess in GR, play-fighting. 0 Replies #2200035 4:19PM 16/08/2005
Kay tackles Janie, lying on top of her. Both are laughing and having fun. He tickles her and jokingly tells her that she has to learn that she can't win everything. In return she tells him he sucks at chess. Lots of play-shoving, teasing and smacking with pillows. The moment is filled with chemistry.
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Topic #2200038
dizzy - mag to beau: I don't know how you guys got away with everything yesterday.... 0 Replies #2200038 4:19PM 16/08/2005
i think because you were laughing and smiling, they thought you were joking. mag says she was confused about whether they were serious or not.
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Topic #2200046
dizzy - beau: this is the most dramafied season. mag, this will be their last season.... 0 Replies #2200046 4:20PM 16/08/2005
they picked the worst people they could find to come into this house. [ed.note: does that include her?]
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Topic #2200054
dizzy - jen: the wink doesn't work anymore, becasue kaysar busted me for crying on tv. NT 0 Replies #2200054 4:21PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2200059
dizzy - jen talking about being able to cry on cue and how she's a good little actress. NT 0 Replies #2200059 4:22PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2200061
Sunflake - Jenn bragging in the HOH how she can cry on cue. She got her practice being the little sister. NT 1 Replies #2200061 4:22PM 16/08/2005
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Sunflake - Beau asked Maggie which "drunken episode" made for better tv? Maggie says BB will show both. NT #2200199 4:36PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2200169
Sunflake - Beau can't believe April has been in the DR for an hour. Jen & Maggie head downstairs to work out. NT 1 Replies #2200169 4:33PM 16/08/2005
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valentine - Earlier, April Said #2200232 4:39PM 16/08/2005
that she would refuse to answer any DR questions unless Arnold or Allison were there to talk to her.

Who knows, maybe she really meant it this time.
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Topic #2200216
Sunflake - Not much going on. Jenn on stairclimber, Maggie bandanging up her ankle. Ivette standing in the kitchen. 1 Replies #2200216 4:37PM 16/08/2005
In the GR Janelle and Kaysar are eating something.

Pretty quiet all around.
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valentine - Maggie is Going to Try Out #2200238 4:40PM 16/08/2005
her new birthday K-Mart socks in the gym.

Maggie: I don't know how much I have in me, but I'll give it a try.
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