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Topic #2202358
hoarsewhisperer - Camera close up of Maggie picking pimples on her face NT 0 Replies #2202358 7:58PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202378
memyselfandi - Maggie and Jen are done with dinner, head up to HOH 0 Replies #2202378 7:59PM 16/08/2005
Maggie is laying out Ivette and Beau's bed on the floor and spraying the comforters with OUST. She laughs because she took up all the comforters to the HOH room so S4 doesn't have one now.

Jen: I think the DR must have told Howie something. I don't think it was Kaysar.

Maggie agrees it wasn't Kaysar.

Jen: They probably told him one more time we hear something you're getting a PN.

Maggie says maybe then maybe not we'll never know. She shares she's breaking out and asks Jen if you think it's because of stress, then shares she has a period. She says the camera poeple must get tired of this sh!t -people picking at their faces in front of them.

Jen randomly starts barking (I'm not kidding) as she lays on HOH bed and Maggie picks at her face in HOH bathroom mirror

Then she says Maggie can't bring her dog with her if she visits Jen in Texas because her mom hates animals. Maggie says "That's horrible!" Jen says "She's scared of them."

Now they are sharing animal stories. Jen is afraid of rabbits, says one scared her. Maggie is saying they don't attack. Jen "But this one did."

(Ed note: please BB have HOH contest involve rabbits!!!)

Jen's boyfriend won't ride horses because of Christopher Reeve's accident.

Maggie: Boy, you've got a lot of issues around you.
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Topic #2202457
hoarsewhisperer - Howie being chummy with Beau. Beau must have said Howie needed a shave..... 1 Replies #2202457 8:05PM 16/08/2005
Howie said, "I know but my place must have been closed, or staff called in sick". Think he is referring to the distance the HG's have experienced after last nights events. Howie even touching Beau.
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hoarsewhisperer - Howie keeps staring at Beau, Beau keeps saying, "What"? This has been going on for a few minutes. NT #2202528 8:10PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202486
memyselfandi - F1/F2 Jen is up in HOH bedroom alone now, could be crying or just resting eyes? 0 Replies #2202486 8:07PM 16/08/2005
She has headphones on and her picture of Dan laid out on a pillow in front of her face. She could be going to sleep also, or just looking down at the picture.

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Topic #2202549
Mel - 20 minutes later, camera still zooming in on April's pic. Weird. 0 Replies #2202549 8:12PM 16/08/2005
Rather odd... looks like the camera man might be trying to tell the viewers his thoughts on who should go. :P
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Topic #2202588
memyselfandi - Howie is messing with Beau now 1 Replies #2202588 8:15PM 16/08/2005
Rachel is on other side of table. Howie is sitting next to Beau and just kind of looking at him and staring a lot. Beau's body language almost seems like he could have a crush on Howie, and definitely shows he is uncomfortable around him. Howie is saying nothing and just staring in silence, every once in a while laughing and saying "Beau-Beau." Beau says, "What?" Howie says "Nothing."

Ivette is in kitchen cleaning up off camera it seems like.

Howie whispers to Beau he wants to bang Ray-Ray. Beau says I thought you already had. Both Howie and Rachel (is across the round table from them) say NO!

There's lots of awkward pauses between Howie and Beau with just jangling of ice cubes in Howie's glass yet none of them leave the table.

Now Howie finally gets up wondering where something is.
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memyselfandi - Note: this is just regular Howie not Hurricane Howie NT #2202607 8:16PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202683
hoarsewhisperer - Ivette asking Maggie and Jen "Why is Howie being so nice" 0 Replies #2202683 8:23PM 16/08/2005
They're speculating that BB talked with him. Say's he got called in right after the lockdown.
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Topic #2202690
memyselfandi - Maggie joins Jen on HOH bed and they're talking about boyfriends 0 Replies #2202690 8:24PM 16/08/2005
Jen uses a baby voice to ask Maggie if she thinks their boyfriends would like each other. Maggie says everyone likes her boyfriend and Jen's bf looks likable from his picture.

Jen or Maggie goes into some rant about biting their bf's ears and lip and they both talk about how they want to bite their boyfriends. Maggie likes pinching too. Maggie likes to bite during sex.

Jen's boyfriend has an ex-gf who bit during sex so he doesn't like it.

*feed timed out*
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Topic #2202748
hoarsewhisperer - April talking with Rachel in kitchen 0 Replies #2202748 8:29PM 16/08/2005
April- I just can't wait to get into sequester house and sleep, relax... thinks it'll be alot different when the money isn't an issue. She has one dream right now, to see her husband and her dog. "But I guess I would never know all this if i hadn't done it [the show].

Talking about Kaysar and how April has never said anything bad about Kaysar. She's rehashing the name calling last night, and how Howie called her the C word. She'll never, EVER forgive him for that.

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Topic #2202766
hoarsewhisperer - April "I can't get slander on anyone in here because I signed up for this" NT 0 Replies #2202766 8:31PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202771
bama_chevygal - April lying to Rachel saying that she never brought up Kaysars name 0 Replies #2202771 8:31PM 16/08/2005
that she loves Kaysar. Jen ultimately made the decision, but it wasn't her and Jennifer who wanted Kaysar on the block.
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Topic #2202778
memyselfandi - April now complaining to RACHEL about how miserable she feels 0 Replies #2202778 8:31PM 16/08/2005
April cannot wait to get to sequester house and how people will be acting differently when their isn't money on the line.

A: I think sequester house will be a lot of fun! I really do.

April really wants to be alone there the first week.

A: I guess I would never know all this if I hadn't done it. There's a reason. There's a reason all of us are here.

Rachel says yeah.

April once again claims that Howie didn't get to her, she's just upset that America is going to see this.

She says that she's only said wonderful things about him in the DR and talking about him acting "demonic" and asking if Rachel had ever seen him act like that.

Rachel says no.

April says she'll never forgive Howie. I'll never forgive him. Never.

Once again April is saying she loves Kaysar. April says it would have been a benefit for April and Jennifer to keep Kaysar there. Going on and on about how she loves Kaysar to death and has told him that.

April is sort of having a conversation with herself at this point with Rachel just grunting and interjecting one or two words every other tangent.

April once again says she can handle it so he can keep doing it.

April says she'll forgive Janelle even though she called her a whore because Janelle didn't attack her husband or her dog.

Now April is complaining about BB giving them alcohol.
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Topic #2202821
hoarsewhisperer - "April questioning why "they" would give us alcohol last night. 0 Replies #2202821 8:35PM 16/08/2005
Rachel said she just had fun..she had a couple and was dancing. Discussing the challenges and the last HOH competition. April says she just is not up for the physical ones.

Discussing who has gained weight, Maggie the only one who has lost it.
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Topic #2202825
memyselfandi - Beau and James playing chess outside 1 Replies #2202825 8:35PM 16/08/2005
James tells Beau, "You know Rachel got Howie to calm down, right?"

Beau says how do you know. (I didn't hear James response)

Now Howie comes out and joins them in BY for some chitchat and is exercising off camera.
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Dingy_Diva - Howie not the full strenght storm, but clouds are brewing...? #2202890 8:41PM 16/08/2005
During this time Howie got in a few quiet jabs as well.

Howie talks nasty about how the girls like it. I won't go into details you can imagine though.
During this talk of ..um..finger...Howie names off each of the girls, Howie says " and Sarah, oh sorry james".
It was crude, james stayed quiet, didn't take the bait.

Howie talked about a Janie doll and how it was doing better then the Bo doll. He keeps saying she's killing you Bo. 4 to nothing.
(can't recall now but it was about their fight. Bo got the ref.)

Howie keeps coming out to the table and making *tongue in cheek* jabs at Bo.

After Howie went inside for a second. James said "You know Rach told him to calm down."

Later Howie has come back out and wanders around taking about bugs and lizards and such, and walks back away.

James wispers

"Fing loser" to Bo
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Topic #2202871
memyselfandi - April is just talking nonstop.. now she's discussing all the females weight 0 Replies #2202871 8:38PM 16/08/2005
Basically says that just everyone there has been losing weight or gained and then lost it all back and then of course she mentions Janelle gaining quite a bit of weight, but then she says "Oh I think she's leveled off now."

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Topic #2202877
Fetch - Howie shares the principles of spider aero-dynamics to Beau and James. NT 0 Replies #2202877 8:39PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202883
memyselfandi - April says she is going to bed for the night. It's 8:38 BB time. NT 0 Replies #2202883 8:40PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2202981
hoarsewhisperer - April is telling the the friendship people the entire Rachel exchange that 0 Replies #2202981 8:48PM 16/08/2005
took place downstairs, only with her portraying herself as being a lot more assertive. She goes on and on. Ivette says Rach is guility by association; and "I want the f'ing wench" out of here."
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Topic #2203003
bringkaysarback - Jen - Vote should be 5-2 (to evict Kaysar) if everyone is telling the truth. 0 Replies #2203003 8:50PM 16/08/2005
LOL From the horses mouth.
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Topic #2203051
memyselfandi - April now dissing Rachel sharing their conversation to Jen/Maggie/Ivette in HOH room 0 Replies #2203051 8:55PM 16/08/2005
Again saying she would never go on BB again. Again: a line was crossed. Personal attack on my family. I'm not here for the money. I would love to go to sequester house next week.

Ivette interjects and seems to be trying to shut up April.

April says it's okay if Howie wants to ruin his life.

Jen and Maggie don't even seem to be pretending to listen. But Ivette is mainly out of hatred for Rachel though it seems, interjecting negatively about her.

April is talking about Rachel possibly losing her job because she only has a 90-day leave of absence.

Ivette says GOOD. I hope she loses her job. Ivette thinks Rachel is guilty by association with Howie.

April actually speechless.

Ivette says she really wants that "wench" Rachel to leave.

April meekly says, "I hope."

April now COMPLETELY MAKING UP things that Rachel said about how BB was a great experience for her, the experience of a lifetime now to make her look bad now that she realizes that Maggie, Jen, Ivette hate Rachel.

April saying now that BB is all Rachel has in her life and the others making fun of her for saying that.

Maggie says, "Did she really say that?"

Jen is laughing and giddy talking about "when I was lying to Kaysar and telling him I just want to win HOH once before I leave"

Maggie says this is a hard week because this is the last week where HGs can go home.

April asks if the plan is still to get rid of Kaysar. Maggie and Jen say they think so. Ivette is out of the room now.

A now brings the subject back to Howie and how she doesn't think he got in trouble.

Jen doesn't understand why Kaysar would ask his group to evict them.

A talking about what a "vacation" sequester house will be. The others are skeptical about what a vacation this would be.

Then she says that she can't believe she even talked to Rachel for ten minutes and had a civil conversation. April says she was trying to be the bigger person, but it's so hard.

APRIL LIES saying Rachel said she was going to go to bed now, when it was APRIL that said that. Ivette makes some comment about something Rachel can lick. Maggie says oh you used to go to bed at this time.

Jen and Maggie are cozy together on HOH bed while April is sitting in chair thinking.
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Topic #2203118
memyselfandi - Maggie and April speculating double eviction so 2 people can be at sequester together NT 0 Replies #2203118 9:00PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2203239
memyselfandi - James and Ivette playing chess 4 Replies #2203239 9:09PM 16/08/2005
James says something about how much Ivette's team annoys him and how he's realized why her team misses him so much.

(more, but my feed timed out)
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Suzan - During this game, James also asked Ivette if it was still on to evict Kaysar and Ivette said yes NT #2203617 9:50PM 16/08/2005
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jmfan - James they (H&R) annoy him and that he know nows why Iv's team hates him (J). NT #2203589 9:46PM 16/08/2005
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howies_undies - This isn't how I heard it. I heard James saying that Howie is annoying him. NT #2203269 9:12PM 16/08/2005
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memyselfandi - OK... James said Howie was annoying, then commented about figuring out why Ivette's team needed him NT #2203317 9:15PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2203413
littleefan - BB got on to james and ivette 0 Replies #2203413 9:24PM 16/08/2005
BB "james and ivette PlEASE stop singing" Ivette yells its not me it was little miss hoh....Jen was the one singing. Ivette said she demands an apology..BB said " Ivette thank you"....
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Topic #2203445
voy_your - Rachel in LR trying to eavsdrop on J/A NT 0 Replies #2203445 9:26PM 16/08/2005
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Topic #2203469
Suzan - Go Rachel! - She's curled up on the sofa. Jen and April are eating at the bar in the kitchen and do not 0 Replies #2203469 9:29PM 16/08/2005
realize she is there. J/A discussing the house.

A:One minute your like I'm so excited to go home, and then the next it's like will it ever happen
No matter how miserable we are I don't think our families would want us to go home without giving it our all.

Nothing yet that really game talk, but Rachel is listening intently.

Jen left the room (?) April sitting at the bar
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