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Topic #2270762
memyselfandi - The FOE Janellousy session continues... NT 0 Replies #2270762 12:57AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2270772
knifey_spooney - Janelle talking about home in Minnesota 0 Replies #2270772 12:58AM 23/08/2005
Janelle is talking about going into real estate when she gets back. She likes working at the Mansion, but she doesn't want to be a cocktail waitress forever. She really misses Minnesota, says its really pretty in the fall. .. her parents live on a lake, and they have a fish house, she likes to go out there to ice fish, but she screws everything up.

Tells a story aobut how she tried to spear the first little fish she saw, and she speared the decoy minnow!

Her brother was so mad beucase it was the only minnow he brought
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Topic #2270780
knifey_spooney - The S3 talking about Janelle winning HOH 0 Replies #2270780 1:00AM 23/08/2005
They laugh and laugh about the "Give me the f*&king key bitch!"

Howie keeps saying thats so awesome. He says guaranteed that was the funniest episode in BB history.

They giggle about the nerd herd being called a nerd herd. Janelle says "look guys, its a nerd herd!"
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Topic #2270783
MonsterDubs - camera flashes back and forth between racheals and howies face a bunch of times while howie massages her and janelle tells a story about being back 0 Replies #2270783 1:01AM 23/08/2005
home. she wants to get married and have kids- says the model/ acting life is not good for the soul. janelle and racheal point out they are both polish catholic and look alike.
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Topic #2270784
BBFanSinceSeason1 - Janie said she would be embarrased if a date asked her to pay the bill for dinner.... 0 Replies #2270784 1:02AM 23/08/2005
"if he's trying to...." trails off. Howie jumps in "bone you?" Janie: "yeah." I think my Janie says stuff for the shock value.
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Topic #2270785
JenJen - Rachel's bent over near the chessboard, Howie is upright and behind her... 0 Replies #2270785 1:02AM 23/08/2005
... stroking her shoulders, slowly.

I swear, it looks like porn. Or at least Cinemax.
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Topic #2270797
memyselfandi - Ivette debates asking Janelle to eat some of her apple crisp, thinks that will make she and Howie mad NT 0 Replies #2270797 1:06AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2270798
knifey_spooney - The sheep keep bashing and bashing the S3 for making apple crisp.. They want to go steal it and eat it 0 Replies #2270798 1:07AM 23/08/2005
Ivette says of course the only thing that bitch makes makes you gain like 50 f*cking pouunds!!

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Topic #2270802
knifey_spooney - Maggie: Janelle is such a c*nt, and we let her get away with it. 0 Replies #2270802 1:12AM 23/08/2005
Ivette saying that Kaysar should have taken her advice and put up Janelle.

April says that Janelle says mean stuff about Jennifer, like that her apple crisp wasn't very good. (Actually April says that Janelle said it f-ing sucked)

Maggie says she doesn't understand why Howie and Janelle came to her and asked what Maggie and Jennifer talks about. Maggie says that she told them she would be stupid to tell them that.

April says that Janelle would have asked in a stupid way, that she is so "dingy"
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Topic #2270811
memyselfandi - April now wondering aloud who Janelle will hang out with when Rachel leaves "ya know, girl-wise" NT 0 Replies #2270811 1:17AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2270812
knifey_spooney - The sheep talk about BB All-Stars 0 Replies #2270812 1:19AM 23/08/2005
April says OMG y'all .. dont' give them my number! Not even for $1 million guaranteed at the end.

She asks if they would do it again.. Ivette and Beau would, April and Maggie wouldn't.

They say James would, Janelle, Rachel, Howie, Kaysar, Michael would all in a flash.

Beau says that Michael wouldn't. April says soemthing about James epiphany about the game after she left. Beau says he is still playing dirty. April says the whole other side plays dirty.

They say that there will be no apple crisp in the morning.

April wonders what girl Janelle will hang out with when Rachel is gone? They say no one. They joke about Maggie and Janelle hanging out.

They say that Rachel kissed Janelles ass since something that Beau said to her in the bathroom.

They mock Rachel for hanging with Janelle, and having her curl her hair and do her makeup.
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Topic #2270824
applecrisp - How and Janey in BY discussing how many pucks used in veto competition 0 Replies #2270824 1:22AM 23/08/2005
in case it's a future tie-break question.
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Topic #2270846
knifey_spooney - Now Howie and Janelle trying to estimate the # of little balls in the gumball machine.... NT 0 Replies #2270846 1:32AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2270898
memyselfandi - About a half hour ago Howie came into GR and reported to James 0 Replies #2270898 2:01AM 23/08/2005
a truthful account of everything the nerd herd was saying in the HOH room when he was hanging out with them earlier. James was in bed and seemed to be half asleep so who knows how much he was paying attention.

Howie was saying Ivette was still really really pissed over the nerd herd comments.

He was telling James that Maggie was asking him all about what his plans for James were and Howie told James he sort of deflected away from the question by saying he can't put April or James up, they'll make it to the end because James will always win the veto and take himself off and April is a waste of an eviction week. James asked what they said to that, Howie said they just kind of laughed, but they were trying to pump him for info.

Then Howie tells James that Ivette was asking him the truth about the week where it was Sarah vs. Ivette on the block. Ivette was saying it doesn't matter now she just wanted to know the truth while he was up there and before Howie could really give her an answer April tells Ivette that it's all in the past, why keep bringing it up. Howie said April was just running her mouth and cutting her throat with all the talking and Ivette was pissed but not saying anything.

Then Howie went back out to hang out with Janelle and let James sleep.
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Topic #2270910
knifey_spooney - Now James, Janelle and Howie in the GR 0 Replies #2270910 2:23AM 23/08/2005
James said he just wanted to hit the sheep (something about keys)

Janelle doesn't like Maggie, she's shady. James thinks that Maggie is security for casinos ..

They laugh because the sheep took the nerd herd business hard. James says its because it's true. Janelle says thats why they call it reality TV.

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Topic #2270911
memyselfandi - Howie/Janelle/James in gold room awake talking 0 Replies #2270911 2:27AM 23/08/2005
Rehashing Howie's talk with them in the HOH room and other stuff in the game. They're discussing April instigating a lot and James is saying he originally intended to go after the Sovereigns until talking with April in the hammock and realizing how much she had a hand in Sarah leaving. James is saying he can't stand to look at April. He is again telling them they need to get out Maggie, this time because he can get Ivette to turn on April.

James is telling Howie not to get too excited in the competitions and not take himself out by buzzing in too early.
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Topic #2270912
knifey_spooney - They think that Maggie is really dumb, but James says she is cunning-dumb 1 Replies #2270912 2:28AM 23/08/2005
They agree that Maggie doesn't do well on competitions, but that could be an act. James says if Maggie is gone, he could easily turn Ivette against April.

They talk about how Jennifer ruined it for April and her winning the $ 1 million by evicting Kaysar.

James, Howie and Janelle giddy about seeing the "gimme the f*cking key bitch " video. James says that you can say bitch on TV. They laugh.

James says he looks like ass when he wakes up. Janelle says he looks like "woody" <?>

James says last halloween he dressed up like a nerd. Howie says like April? Janelle says no, like Maggie, she's the biggest nerd.

James describes his outfit.

They talk about the gross food competiton. James says they are due for another one, Howie says hopefully I will be gone by then
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Rhea - Woody from Toy Story...... NT #2271066 5:39AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2270913
knifey_spooney - James re: the nerd herd: They have never had more power, or felt so cool before in their pathetic lives NT 0 Replies #2270913 2:29AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2270914
knifey_spooney - James making fun of Eric, says he promised him final 4 0 Replies #2270914 2:31AM 23/08/2005
Howie laughed and said Eric promised him final 4 too, he promised it to Beau and Ivette, and everyone but Janey, because he hated her.

James says that April told him he was skrawny and Maggie said he looks like sh*t. James jokes aobut kicking Maggie in the balls.

Howie laughs and asks if Janey thinks Maggie is hot? Janelle says god no, have you seen her picture on the wall? I've never seen anyone so constipated in my life.
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Topic #2270917
knifey_spooney - James tells Howie what to say to Jennifer if he gets voted out this week 0 Replies #2270917 2:36AM 23/08/2005
James tell Howie to say that his whole family was flown in, and that Dan wasn't there when she got voted out because he doesn't give a f*ck about her. He laughs and says that she probably wrote those things on the back of the photo herself. Says she is so pathetic, and makes fun of the things on the back of the photos.
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Topic #2270967
billw84 - 3:26am all hamsters asleep NT 2 Replies #2270967 3:26AM 23/08/2005
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MyKingKaysar - James Howie & Janelle still awake & talking in GR.. NT #2270980 3:36AM 23/08/2005
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John_DK_ - All sleeps now. NT #2271006 4:11AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2271333
pooh5983 - Rachel is getting restless and as for everyone else the are still sleeping NT 0 Replies #2271333 7:33AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2271608
pooh5983 - stilling sleep 1 Replies #2271608 8:30AM 23/08/2005
Howie is feed 1
Rachel is feed 2
HOH people Feed 3&4
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John_DK_ - Jan sleeping in same bed as Howie. NT #2271618 8:31AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2271787
virdee - rey sleeping like a log NT 0 Replies #2271787 9:08AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2271821
straightdave - Rachel awake in bed ,looked like she had alarm set because she picked up clock then put it back down. NT 2 Replies #2271821 9:18AM 23/08/2005
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straightdave - she's getting out of bed now, putting on slippers& making a lot of noise NT #2271826 9:21AM 23/08/2005
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straightdave - Nope, was tennis shoes. Up to SR for batteries then to WC NT #2271835 9:24AM 23/08/2005
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