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virdee - rey rey is up NT 0 Replies #2271857 9:33AM 23/08/2005
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Toni - Rachel working out in gym on treadmill. James up and going to the potty. NT 1 Replies #2271864 9:35AM 23/08/2005
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John_DK_ - J back in bed. NT #2271911 9:45AM 23/08/2005
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straightdave - James out of bed. Rachel on tredmill for regular morning workout NT 0 Replies #2271865 9:35AM 23/08/2005
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Toni - James out of the bathroom and going back to sleep. NT 0 Replies #2271909 9:45AM 23/08/2005
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kevinf42 - Rachel eating while waiting outside for howie, goes in to see where he is, he's still in the bathroom. NT 1 Replies #2272091 10:18AM 23/08/2005
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kevinf42 - Howie joins Rachel, talk about next week. #2272176 10:29AM 23/08/2005
howie joins rachel outside..
she tells him at this point he needs to stop talking and that he's pushing too much.

howie says that it's a personal decision that the FOE are coming after them because they're partners. howie says they're playing for personal reasons and they are dumb. rachel say's they're not dumb.

rachel says no matter who leaves, they put up maggie and ivette. tell james to win the veto, but not to use it because they're getting rid of maggie, when they're really going to get rid of ivette. james, beau will vote out maggie. and april will vote out ivette, and so will janelle and Howie/Rach... if there's a tie.. the HOH will break it, and send ivette home

saying there are a lot of reasons to vote either of them out.

rachel says that if they vote out howie, janelle or her would get HOH next week... "thats for sure"

some fish... howie leaves and goes into the GR
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skywalkerone - Rach and Howie arguing over who is going 0 Replies #2272148 10:26AM 23/08/2005
rach saying give it up Howie im going they would be stupid not to keep you H yeah but they are f stupid.....airplane......R i think you have already said to much to them they know janie is who they should be worried about.
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Topic #2272157
Hypnotoad - Rachel proposes idea to get rid of Ivette next week. 0 Replies #2272157 10:27AM 23/08/2005
Rachel told howie to Put up Maggie and Ivette, dont tell James you are going after ivette so incase he wins the veto he will keep it the same, April will vote out Ivette, howie/janelle will vote out ivette, HOH will break the tie
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Topic #2272233
JenniLee - FISH NT 0 Replies #2272233 10:35AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272241
Toni - Rachel having usual morning convo with herself. FISH. Feeds back and looks like Ivette getting up. NT 0 Replies #2272241 10:36AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272250
cags - Ivette up, went to downstairs bathroom NT 0 Replies #2272250 10:37AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272424
Sunflake - Ivette making breakfast in the kitchen, Rachel walking around, brushing teeth, doing laundry, not a word spoken by either. NT 1 Replies #2272424 10:51AM 23/08/2005
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Sunflake - Rachel sitting outside in a lounder, half shade, half sun, Ivette still making breakfast. NT #2272454 10:54AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272499
Sunflake - Not much going on, Rachel talking to herlself in the lounger, Ivette eating her breakfast at the island. NT 0 Replies #2272499 11:01AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272561
Sunflake - James is up now, talking to Ivette in the kitchen, not much really. Ivette doing her dishes. NT 1 Replies #2272561 11:11AM 23/08/2005
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Sunflake - James just went outside to sit at the table. NT #2272571 11:11AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272579
Sunflake - FISH (could be the wake up from BB) NT 0 Replies #2272579 11:13AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272612
Zazny - James/Ivette - I is still upset about Rachel and the laughing about nerds 0 Replies #2272612 11:17AM 23/08/2005
I: Yesterday I was livid. Let's not attack people just because it's a game. The chances of you getting to the end is slim, do you understand what I'm saying. For her to behave the way she's behaving just because she's losing. Janelle has a bitch from the get go. Maggie ask Who are you to start laughing at me? To call me a nerd? Especially when you're not ballsy to tell me to my face. I want her to tell me to my face cuz I'll tell you what I think of her.

Jam: Don't let it get to you. She is not the worst offender.

I: Janelle brought pics of her ***** dogs. Rachel is 33 years old. She's acting like she's 18. We liked her so it's not like we had a problem. She created a problem with her.

I: Just the nerve of her to do a lot of the things she's done.

I: And Howie tounging Beau to stay in this game. How far are they going to do this game or no game?
J: That's what I told Howie... [feed freeze for me]
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Topic #2272638
Zazny - I: This week is THE last week to backdoor 0 Replies #2272638 11:20AM 23/08/2005
J: Not even next week. It's done now.
I: No next week there is 7. Next week is the last week.
J: So you'll pop me out next week
I: No Janelle. Or someone.

I: Is it luck? She acts dumb and she's amazing?
J: She is not a genius. She's smart. And she's cunning. She has an evil sense of knowing how to get ***** done. She's a good player. She's a very good player. The thing I like about Janelle -- she is probably one of the favorites out there -- she came in as the buxom blonde bimbo bitch, she's told everybody what she thinks about them since day one...and that veto competition...that's phenomenal! She's like the one you love to hate. She's a character that they love.
I: [I told Beau that it's not luck -- she had strategy in that Veto comp.] She watches those shows. She knows strategy. I don't watch any of that [ed: see her Myspace account for the truth]. I watch MTV and Forensic Files. I don't watch Reality TV so she knows how to do things. A lot of these games are played over and over.
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Topic #2272644
babyd - james telling Iv that Jan is the person you love to hate. Telling Iv that Jan 0 Replies #2272644 11:21AM 23/08/2005
is smart "not book smart street smart".
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Topic #2272657
Sunflake - Ivette heads outside to the table with James. James asks if she's ok today, she said she was livid yesterday (more) 0 Replies #2272657 11:22AM 23/08/2005
She goes on to say it's a game and they shouldn't attack people. She sounds really pizzed already. Goes on about Janelle being a biatch from the get go.
James asks why she lets it get to her.
Ivette says "who are you to call me a nerd? She won't tell me to my face, I wish she would, I'd tell her off"
James, "she's not the worst offender, I don't want to see it (Ivette being upset) hurt you"
Ivette "she brought pics of her dog for HOH? and Rachel created the problem with her.
James says everyone is acting immature and goofing around.
Ivette says there's nothing else to do here but goof around. Rachel has nerve to do the things she's done.
James - she'll be gone Thursday, everyone knows how it's going to go - the vote, you won't change your minds, these people are willing to do anything
Ivette - next week is the last week to backdoor somebody
They discuss the numbers and James agrees
James says, you'll put me up next week?
Ivette - no, backdoor Janelle, is it luck? is she amazing?
James - she's not a genius, she's smart and cunning, she has an evil sense of knowing how to get shiate done, she's a very good player, the thing I like about Janelle, she's prolly a favorite out there, she came in as a bimbo biatch and told everyone what she felt, you love to hate her. People outside the game don't take it like we do, so she's probably popular.
Ivette talks about what Beau said about the competition, and that Janelle has been watching the show for a long time and knows strategy. Ivette watches The Nanny and discovery channel.
James mentions the pinatas were like the piggy banks and Ivette was the only one who thought with their head, thank god, or he wouldn't be here.

Ivette seems to be less angry than when she sat down.
They're just talking about the games and competitions, mostly about the Pinata comp.

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Topic #2272671
PawPrint74 - August 22 - 11:02 a.m. BBT - Maggie, Ivette, April & Beau - TRANSCRIPT 0 Replies #2272671 11:23AM 23/08/2005
NOTE TO READER FROM TRANSCRIPTIONIST: Please note that my transcripts are USUALLY from the previous day's conversations. Sometimes you'll get A morning conversation transcript that same evening, but it's usually going to be the previous day's conversations. You'll also notice that I generally post the transcripts in the morning when a lot of the houseguests are still sleeping. I figure it gives the fans of BB something to read out there while nothing is going on in the house. I am a court reporter so I am working during the day, but I record the feeds and come home and transcribe some of the conversations so you, the readers, have a very in-depth and real feel for what's going on in the house. I certify that my transcripts are true and correct to the best of my professional ability. I am a certified machine shorthand writing, so these transcripts are verbatim.
August 22, 2005 - 11:02 a.m. to 11:06 a.m.
APRIL: He goes, "I'm just thinking." And I'm like -- I was like, "You think too much." He goes, "It's healthy and it's good." And I said, "But that's what stressed your f*cking *ss out. And he goes, "Well, every part of a story is true, so I'm just putting a lot of people's stories together." And I'm like, "Shut the f*ck up."
(Janelle comes in and asks Beau if she can use the HOH bathroom. Howie has been in the downstairs bathroom for quite sometime.)
APRIL: Howie said, "Do not go in there."
JANELLE: I'm not. Oh, God, no.
(Janelle goes upstairs to use the HOH bathroom. Camera follows her upstairs to the HOH where Maggie and Ivette are.)
(Boring - Stopped writing.)
August 22, 2005 - 11:08 a.m. to 11:13 a.m.
IVETTE: Where is Beau? Did he say he wasn't going to come out?
MAGGIE: No, but he was like, "I can't get warm with my robe on."
IVETTE: Okay. Let me see. Let me close the door, then, just in case. [Ivette walks to sliding glass door to close it so no one listens to them. She spots James coming towards the door.]
APRIL: He went upstairs.
IVETTE: Hey. We'll be outside.
MAGGIE: Was that Beau?
IVETTE: No. It was James. I no longer do chess.
APRIL: Bullsh*t.
MAGGIE: Do you no longer enjoy it?
BEAU: Nope.
IVETTE: I do enjoy it. I just get p*ssed that I can't -- I don't have the skill to think a couple steps ahead, and when I do think a couple steps ahead, f*cking James ruins it.
MAGGIE: It's really, like, nice to know that someone from -- your friend is HOH. It makes the week, like, so much easier. You know what I mean? I feel like --
APRIL: It's like no worries?
MAGGIE: Yeah. There's no -- I'm not sitting here, like, "What if he's backdooring me?" Like, do you know what I mean? It's just a great feeling.
I cut my gums, you guys.
APRIL: Your brush was -- did you get -- use a new toothbrush or something?
MAGGIE: No. I -- I did something, like, eating or something, and then I hit it again with my toothbrush last night. Gums take forever to heal. They say they heal faster because they're highly vascular, like, a huge amount of blood flow goes through the gums.
APRIL: Um-hmm.
MAGGIE: But it feels like they take forever to heal.
APRIL: You need to just put a little bit of hydroperoxide (phonetic, meant hydrogen peroxide) on it. It feels so great. It heals it so quick.
MAGGIE: (Disgusted look on her face.)
APRIL: Don't swish it around in your mouth, but just get a little dab and --
IVETTE: I did. That's when -- how I heal my mouth.
APRIL: Yeah.
APRIL: It doesn't hurt. Do you hear that?
MAGGIE: Chainsaw?
APRIL: Never mind. You're not hearing it. There's voices. (Writer's Note: I have a friend who can refer you to a great doctor for this, April.)
MAGGIE: Are they in your head?
APRIL: They're not doing it anymore. It was like -- oh, that -- that's Howie, I think.
MAGGIE: Has he gotten negative yet?
MAGGIE: Has he gotten negative yet?
APRIL: I know James was out folding the towels and I asked him if -- I was like -- what did I ask him? Oh, I go, "So are you using the POV?" He was like, "No. Beau doesn't want me to." He was like, "I had to win it; otherwise, I would have been up on the block." And I was like, "I don't know. We never thought that far." And he said, "I think that far."
MAGGIE: He wouldn't have been, though.
APRIL: If Janelle would have won it --
IVETTE: Yeah. Telling him that -- yeah --
APRIL: He said if Janelle would have won it. Because I was like, "Wow. Janelle did really well." And he goes, "Yeah, thank God she didn't win it because then I would have gone up on the block."
MAGGIE: Oh, because he thought he would have been a pawn?
APRIL: And was wanting me to answer "Yes, you would have been," but I said, "I don't know." I mean, it doesn't matter because he knows he would be, but...
APRIL: And then I had asked him, I was like, "Yeah," I was like, "So do they know who's leaving?" I just said that. And he goes, "Well, both of them know" -- he said, "Both of them know, even if you told one they're safe, it doesn't matter until the votes come in because you'll never know for sure until the votes come in." He never asks me questions about the games or talks to me about the game, so...
MAGGIE: Well, that was about the game.
APRIL: I'm the one who brought it up. He didn't.
APRIL: He was folding towels, and I don't know how -- I don't know how it came up. Um, he said -- oh, he was mean this morning. He was at the sink, and I came down and I said, "Good morning." He said "Good morning" (in a grumpy or rude way). I'm like, "Did you just get out of bed?" He said, "Uh, no." I was like, "You sounded so mean and grumpy." He goes, "Oh, I'm just thinking." I said, "You think too damn much." I was like, "That's what stresses your *ss out. He goes, "Well, you got to" -- he was like, "Some people's stories -- there are eight houseguests, and everyone has a different story" -- or "everyone has a story."
MAGGIE: Not me.
APRIL: Everyone -- you know what I'm saying? He listens to what everyone says.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: And says that every -- everything everyone says is not true but bits and pieces are true.
MAGGIE: Right.
APRIL: So that's what he was doing was putting together bits and pieces of stories.
MAGGIE: That's why I say, the more you tell him, he can decipher (not sure she said "decipher") --
APRIL: I don't tell him sh*t.
MAGGIE: -- anything he wants from it.
APRIL: Yeah.
(Feeds cut out. Off the record from 11:14 to 11:15. Back on the record at 11:15 a.m. Continued conversation between Maggie, April & Ivette outside at the table.)
MAGGIE: We can't relate to him as much because we have the security blanket of four people. His security blanket is probably unknown. Does that make sense? Like, he wants to trust, like, you and Beau, and he probably thinks he can trust you guys, but it's not concrete like ours is. And that's got to me hard. And I don't know what he's got on --
APRIL: Plus, he --
MAGGIE: -- the other side.
APRIL: -- does think three steps ahead. He's already, I'm sure, thinking on how -- he hasn't -- he -- or no one -- not he. No one has successfully broken up this group yet, and I'm sure that's an objective of people. And so they're thinking -- I'm sure people are thinking of "What can I tell to Maggie that would possibly get her thinking twice? What could I tell to Ivette? What could I tell to April? What could I tell to Beau?"
MAGGIE: Right. Right.
APRIL: And so --
MAGGIE: Well, we've made it through all those -- like, how many storms now?
APRIL: A lot.
APRIL: Halfway through. We've already made it halfway through.
(Beau joins in the outside table conversation.)
MAGGIE: We're halfway through. Do you want to sit here [Beau]?
BEAU: Oh, I'm tired.
BEAU: I have lint all over my hands from my -- my pocket.
MAGGIE: I love that robe.
BEAU: It's very comfortable.
MAGGIE: It's a pretty color too.
APRIL: Um-hmm, sage.
BEAU: Yeah, I like it.
MAGGIE: Awh, sage. I couldn't think of the word.
BEAU: Yeah. It's got, like, pale sage. That's sage (pointing), the color of the wall.
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: No. That's green.
BEAU: It's sage. Green is leaves.
APRIL: Yeah.
MAGGIE: We have green and brown in our house.
APRIL: Dark green are the leaves.
BEAU: Hunter?
APRIL: Hunter. Yeah.
(Beau and April laugh. For some reason they think the word "hunter" is very funny.)
MAGGIE: I have a bedroom -- a guest bedroom --
APRIL: You're a dork [Beau].
IVETTE: Forest, (talking about green colors still).
MAGGIE: -- that you guys will stay in that's blue and gray.
BEAU: Cute.
MAGGIE: Like, checker almost. It's neat.
APRIL: I have a palm tree room. That's one of our guestrooms.
BEAU: Oh, you have a Florida room? Lord.
APRIL: Well, it used to be my --
BEAU: Do you have like pastels?
APRIL: No, no. It's pretty. It's like sage.
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: It's not ghetto. I mean, I -- Matt and I used to have it as one of our rooms, and we just -- why go out and buy all these new bedspreads when we -- they're -- I mean, they're nice.
IVETTE: Um-hmm.
BEAU: Uh-huh.
APRIL: And then I have a -- we call it the palm tree room and the purple room, because the other room -- which Beau would love because he likes purpose.
BEAU: Um-hmm.
APRIL: I got --
(Ivette sneezes.)
BEAU: Bless you.
MAGGIE: Bless you.
(Ivette sneezes.)
BEAU: Bless you.
MAGGIE: Bless you.
APRIL: I'm trying to think -- bless you.
(Ivette sneezes.)
BEAU: Bless you.
MAGGIE: Bless you.
IVETTE: Thank you.
APRIL: I'm trying to think of where I got my comforter from. Anyway, it's like -- it's not velvet, because that sounds so ghetto.
BEAU: Velour?
APRIL: Yeah. The bedspread is. It's really pretty.
MAGGIE: I have a really pretty dark forest, like, velv- -- I don't know if it's velvet or velour -- I think it's velvet -- bedspread from an antique store in San Francisco.
BEAU: Cute.
MAGGIE: It is. Davida --
BEAU: I mean, there are some velvets that are nice.
MAGGIE: -- bought it for me when we still lived in Sebastopol.
APRIL: Yeah, because I don't know if it's velv- -- I can't think of what that bedspread is.
(Stopped writing because conversation is boring and probably boring to the readers. Maggie starts talking about when they pulled up their carpet at their house, they found a very explicit spray-painted drawing under the carpet.)
(End of transcription.)
---------More to come later today---------

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cags - James and Ivette on porch 0 Replies #2272674 11:24AM 23/08/2005
I : Janelle is just a bitch fromt he get go, she sits here and talks trash
Who is she to laugh at me and call me a nerd
J: Its jsut like high school, why do you let it get you
I: Why can't she say it to my face, I'll say to her face
J: Ape is up there 31, acting like a kid
I: What else do you have to do but goof around here
I: Yah, I was going off yesterday just the nerve of her to do alot of the things she's done
J: Well after Thur you don't have to worry about
I: And Howie sticking his tongue in Beaus mouth
J: These people are willing to do anything and thats why they have to go home
I: Next week is the last week to backdoor somebody
J: So you guys are going to pop me out next week
I No, Howie or Janelle
J: I think shes a badass
I: Is it luck
J: Shes a good player shes a very good player, I think she good be one of the favorites for america, shes the buxom blonde from the start, people talk ***** about her, and shes still here, the way she performed in that veto comp she phenominal
I: She went out there looked at the pool, and figured it out, that not luck
I: SHes been watching since season two she knows I watch the discovery channel
J: With the pinatas your the only person who thought with their head Ivette ***** up trying to get me out
I: Everything happens for a reason
Talking about pinata veto comp
I: Howie doesn't play arounfd with me to much
J: I feel sometimes bad for howie outside of here, he got everything he asked for out this at 34 he should be at a different level.
I: What if the next is questions, JAnelle can take us all.
Talking about pool comp

They talk fast so some stuff is left out nothing important though
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Topic #2272714
Sunflake - James went inside - said he'd be back - Ivette sitting alone outside for the past few minutes. Very quiet. NT 0 Replies #2272714 11:28AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272744
Sunflake - Ivette just went into the bathroom where James is picking things on/off his chest and face. She uses the WC. NT 0 Replies #2272744 11:31AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272747
King_Kaysars_Queen - James popping pimples on his chest .. gross NT 0 Replies #2272747 11:31AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272762
King_Kaysars_Queen - James and Ivette back on porch NT 0 Replies #2272762 11:33AM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2272770
Sunflake - James heads back to the Gold Room where everyone is still sleeping. Rachel was sitting on the bed in the subway room. 0 Replies #2272770 11:34AM 23/08/2005
He goes to the kitchen and looks through the fridge, then heads out back again to the backyard table. Ivette comes back out again,
James says he needs some kind of activity.
They talk more about the comps and the show.
Really quiet morning overall.
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