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Topic #2274089
jjj - janie is wearing sunglasses NT 0 Replies #2274089 3:13PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274096
memyselfandi - Beau watching Rachel/Janelle look at memory wall through spycam 0 Replies #2274096 3:14PM 23/08/2005
They're discussing the order. Jan points at Ivette as their first target, she's getting too much power in this game. Jan says Maggie sucks royally. She isn't powerful anymore. April will be kept til the end.

Then Rachel says to not point. Beau could be watching them upstairs. Then we see he is and has the spycam on. first he's on the bed watching with headphones on. Then he moves to door to put his ear up to it so he can know what they're saying.

They say the order goes Ivette, then Maggie... some disagreement whether Beau or James should go first. April will be the last to go of the F's.

Rachel says to put up Ivette and Maggie next week, tell James to lose the veto. James can vote out Maggie and so will Beau but April and Howie can vote out Ivette and Janelle can be the tiebreaker.

Rachel is telling Janelle that she can beat James in the end. She is capable. But janelle is saying next week will be tricky. James will want things his way. he'll want Maggie out but Janelle doesn't want things James' way because while it's safe for him, it isn't safe for her.

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Topic #2274103
nmbeach - Janelle & Rachel were looking at picture wall discussing what order they should take each 0 Replies #2274103 3:15PM 23/08/2005
houseguest out & Beau had the HOH door cracked listening to them while watching them on the spy screen. Not sure how much he could hear, but they were talking about taking Ivette out next week.
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Topic #2274125
memyselfandi - Rachel/Jan still plotting in kitchen 0 Replies #2274125 3:20PM 23/08/2005
R says to make James still think they're trying to get out Maggie, but just win the veto so that things can be kept the same and they can vote out Ivette. If Beau wins the veto he'll take Ivette off and they'll put up April and people will vote out Maggie. If Ivette wins the veto saving herself they'll put up Beau and vote him out.
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Topic #2274156
jjj - fishie NT 0 Replies #2274156 3:23PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274253
InTheCave - Rach to Jan around 3:15PM BBT 0 Replies #2274253 3:38PM 23/08/2005
R & Jan at the counter while Rach is baking, (ed: and both looking extraordinarily hot: very natural with little make up) discussing how they should have talked to James the week of J/S nomination. They messed up.
They discuss who's going home R or H. R tells Jan to vote her (R) out.
Jan to R : "April says she's voting you out, but who knows, they make group decisions."
Rach says that she thinks Rach & Jan would stand a better chance of making it to the end, but she wants Howie to stay. (ed: such a loyal girl, gotta love her)

Janie goes to BY to check on laundry. Camera still on Rach at counter. You can see Howie & Janie through the patio door and see that they're doing their "oh boy" routine which is still funny even though you can't hear it.

BB: Howie to the DR.
Jan comes back in to Rach.

R & Jan by the memory wall. R reminds Jan of Howie's crack yesterday when Jan was looking at the memory wall: "There goes Janelle... looking for her next kill".
R & Jan discuss the order they should remove the non-S3 players.
Rach: "Who's next..."
Jan indicates Iv (I think... she actually put her hand near Michael's picture (next to Iv's, but I think pointed with her finger to Iv)
Jan says not to point to the pictures because they figure Beau is watching from the HOH room.
Rach: "I, M, B, J, A" Get James out when you get down to the final 4. Keep April for the final 3. James will try to do the same of course.
Jan: "He'll take me out before Howie, he thinks he can beat Howie."

Cam 4 changes to Beau watching them on the SpyScreen and going to the door to try to listen to their convo. Thankfully, it didn't look like he could hear much during any key parts of the conversation.
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Topic #2274284
ferretkiss - details in the afternoon......... 0 Replies #2274284 3:42PM 23/08/2005
rach in kitchen baking cookies. janie alking around house in black tank top. beau upstairs in hoh spying on rach/jan with his spy screen. now beau starting up shower in hoh bathroom..

james comes in to ask rahel the time. its 3:20. james yells this information back to the outside.

jam: something smells good.
rach: cookies you want one
jam: hell yeah.

cams flip to backyard.

iv: european furniture, there was nothing we could not have. her idea of being splendid with me was taking me to the mall and saying ivette, im in a good mood today buy whatever you want. (iv talking about her ex-girlfriend who had a lot of money)

they all stand up.
ape: i just want the four weeks to fast forward. and as much as we all know our husbands and boyfriends will be out there waiting for us, you are still like, what if, what if. i think too much.

iv has gone inside, and mag.
mag: ah that stew smells awesome.
(beau is making stew but he is not there cooking it, it must be simmering)

james at sink with water running.
ape eating rachels cookies, says which ones are better. rach says eat whatever ones you want. ape says: yum.

ape: these frigging cookies rock. ah they are so good.
rach sitting watching.

iv: did youput a lot of butter in this?
rach might have said one stick.
iv offers ape a bite of whatever she is eating. ape says to but a little of it on her cookie.

iv says she wants cookie dough ice cream. rach says its only for hoh. iv says well we know ivettes not getting hoh, they can save on cookie dough with me.

iv: janelle, you make an awesome apple crisp. (that is what iv was eating, and she put on aprils cookie).

ape: nap?
mag: yep.
ape: or lay down?
mag: then im goign to wake up and work out.
ape: illwork out with you whenever we get up.
mag: ok.

(water running again).
ape is up by hoh door, which beau has locked. ape cannot get in to hoh room because beau has locked the door. they talk bout how long he has been upstairs, etc. apparently they cannot nap in another place.

mag: lets play cards.
iv:i want something to eat first.
mag:are there enough triscuits for me too
(yes there are, and they talk about asking for more triscuits.)
mag: you want pasta sauce and chees for that right?
mag: i dont need that many can we share a plate?
(apparently the snack will be pasta sauce and cheese on triscuits).
james there getting triscuits also.
box is empty.
mag: and thatll be it for the triscuits.

mag now putting the saue on the triscuits,which are laid out on a plate.
mag: im only going to have like 8.
iv: i dont want that many.
mag: ill have this row, you can have the rest.

now the pasta sauce has been handed over to james, who is seemingly making the same thing.
mag: see one slice of cheese for me covers all those.
mag: i had to do it longer than 45 seconds. (apparently the snack will be nuked before serving.)

iv: youre using this cheese, right.
jam: no im not using the pepperjack.
mag: do you want to play cards outside.
jam now putting the cheese on his triscuits with sauce, actually it looks like small rolls of lunchmeat on each one, not cheese.

maggie to rachel outside: want a triscuit?
mag: have you ever tried the veggie cheese.
rach: i saw what the veggie stuff did to howies digestive system.
rach: what does it taste like?
mag: cheese.

(rach outside at table playing solitaire, iv and maggie about to play a game together.)

mag about the triscuit snack: theyre not really good enough to serve at a party are they?
iv: maybe a barbecue.
rach: yeah it depends on who your clientele are.

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Topic #2274318
memyselfandi - Ivette and Maggie are playing rummy at BY table, Rachel is playing solitaire nearby/brief cutaway to gym 0 Replies #2274318 3:48PM 23/08/2005
Mostly just chit-chat happening. Rachel is eating some of their triscuit snacks and not saying a whole lot.

Ivette is invited Rachel to play them when she's done with solitaire, but Rachel says she doesn't know how to play. Ivette says something about oh... if you can handle playing with the nerds.

(cutaway to gym and James comes in to talk to Janelle)

Janelle asked James something and he said "no, wishful thinking" (I think Janelle was asking him if the F4 were voting out Howie instead of Rachel and leaving the better player in the game) He leaves. She goes back to the treadmill.

(cutaway to BY table again)

Maggie/Ivette teaching Rachel to play rummy.
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Topic #2274377
memyselfandi - Beau has left HOH and is checking on stew in kitchen/Howie joins rummy table in BY with R/I/M NT 0 Replies #2274377 3:59PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274395
memyselfandi - Maggie is p!ssed at Beau for locking other sheeps out of HOH room NT 1 Replies #2274395 4:04PM 23/08/2005
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memyselfandi - I don't have any direct quotes. She just made a gasping angry face when... #2274499 4:26PM 23/08/2005
Beau told Ivette and Maggie (with Rachel sitting right there) that he locked the door because he was showering and because he hadn't had time to use the HOH room by himself at all.

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Topic #2274416
Mrguytvblog - Ivette just stated to maggie in BY that she can't wait to go to vegas after this and take vegas by storm. NT 0 Replies #2274416 4:09PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274435
sparkletts - Beau explains to Ivette that he had the room locked because he was eavesdropping and didn't want it to open and hit him NT 0 Replies #2274435 4:14PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274446
sparkletts - Ivette goes off cams to find Maggie, Rachel joins Beau at BY table NT 0 Replies #2274446 4:15PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274454
memyselfandi - BB: Beau, please go to the diary room. NT 0 Replies #2274454 4:17PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274468
sparkletts - cams 1&2 Howie & Jan working out talking about how stupid Maggie looked/looks NT 1 Replies #2274468 4:18PM 23/08/2005
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dianasto51 - jan said maggie's fat face , fuc*ing retard NT #2274485 4:23PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274475
sparkletts - cam3 Ivette alone in kitchen 4empty living room NT 0 Replies #2274475 4:20PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274495
sparkletts - Jan:jogging on treadmill Howie stairclimbing NT 0 Replies #2274495 4:26PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274509
Suzan - Ivette and Rachel alone outside at the table playing cards, no talk except about their cards NT 0 Replies #2274509 4:28PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274512
memyselfandi - Rachel and Ivette ALONE playing gin rummy in BY, no aging grey wench comments 0 Replies #2274512 4:29PM 23/08/2005
Ivette is sort of talking to herself about the card game "Decisions, decisions, decisions" and saying things are coming back to bite her in the @ss. Rachel is laughing.

Ivette is saying she needs to eat all the grapes before April gets to them because she gets really gassy at night.
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Topic #2274529
Suzan - One feed kitchen table, one feed LR, 2 feeds Ivette teaching Rachel a new card game (looks like a solitaire race) NT 0 Replies #2274529 4:38PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274583
memyselfandi - F1/F2 Beau is with Ivette/Rachel at BY Table F3/F4 has Howie/Janelle in stalls showering next to each other talking to April NT 0 Replies #2274583 4:51PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274654
Iris - Maggie questioning April i HoH room about her talking to Janelle 0 Replies #2274654 5:15PM 23/08/2005
April says it was mainly talking about Janelle having a nightmare about her dogs drowning in a hurricane. Tells Maggies all about Janelle's dream, etc. Maggie says they can play any game they want... but seems upset that April is spending so much time with Janelle.

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Topic #2274691
applecrisp - April and Mag admit to each other in HOH that Rachel doesn't annoy them 0 Replies #2274691 5:22PM 23/08/2005

April: (talks about how she didn't agree with Ivette griping about Rach's cookies) "And Ivette's out there playing cards with her now. I love Ivette, but I do not feel like a good person around her." (earlier said that Ivette makes her "feel this small")
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Topic #2274700
Iris - Mag and April talking about Jenn, Iv, Rachel, Jan and James in HoH bed (long) 0 Replies #2274700 5:24PM 23/08/2005
Maggie: I don't even know who deserves to make it to end anymore. I had a really good opinion about it in the beginning, but now I don't know.

April talks about how her and Jen took one for the team (paraphrasing) because they evicted Kaysar. Says Rachel told her that they all thought April & Jenn would make it to the end.

Maggie says Jenn would have won if Jan hadn't gotten HoH last week and evicted her.

April said they would have voted for Jenn to go, changed a huge opinion of Jenn by evicting Kaysar.

Mag: Jenn came in here playing the game.

April: They didn't see her playing it.

Mag: They didn't see that side of her?

Mag: Jenn told me from the second we started talking that she was here to play the game. I truly truly liked her. She always told me to play the game. Then I started saying play the game. When I lost Eric I said play the game.

April: She always said she never thought she would make it to the end.

Mag: Oh, I did. I thought she played an excellent game, I really do. It doesn't matter how good you are in the game, it doesn't matter.

April: The better you are, the worse off you are.

Magg: Howie is right when he says that. We are voting out Rach bevcuase she's better in the game than he is. Rachel doesn't really bother me..

April: She doesn't bother me either.

Talks about how Rachel bothers Iv but theydon't see why. See a huge difference in behavior between Rach and Jan, but Iv sees them the same. They don't understand how Iv can be playing cards with them.

April: I don't like Janelle. I generally love Iv, I really really do, but I don't feel like a good person around her. She makes me feel like ***** about myself when I'm around her. You can make a mistake and I can make a mistake but she'll pick me out. It's a lose/lose situation for me with her.

Mag: You guys are all I've got, I really mean what I say about the Frienship.

April: Out of this house, Iv and I will be wonderful friends, I truly believe that, I truly truly do. I can't live with her though.

Talking about how Jan told April earlier that if Rach is evicted Jan/Howie will be partners and if How is evicted Rach/Jan would be partners. April asked Jan about James and she didn't act like he was part of that group and when they asked Howie about James he said James was a wildcard so they are guessing that the S3 look at James the same as they do.

They are now talking about figuring out Ivette.
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Topic #2274716
Iris - Mag and April discussing Iv being mad at April for talking to Rach/Jan and Howie 0 Replies #2274716 5:29PM 23/08/2005
April can't understand why Iv is mad that she is talking to the other side. April defends herself that if she has to be in the house with them for any period of time, she needs to try and get along with them or she will get depressed and she doesn't want to be depressed. April says it makes her mad that Iv talks to them and then gets mad when she talks to them.

April: You can tell me what Iv tells you or you can tell me you can't talk about it. I know she vents to you.

Maggie: Not so much anymore.

April says that yesterday she wanted to take a nap in HoH, but Iv followed her up there and was grilling her and April didn't want to talk to her because it just makes Iv mad and then Iv runs to James with what was said. Maggie told her she couldn't control how other people play the game, and reminds her it is a game and they all play it differently.

Maggie: James will never be able to say 'Maggie said this...' because no one will believe him.

They both talk about how James never talks to them like he does to everyone else. They agree James has no loyalty to either one of them...then FISH.
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