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Topic #2277079
memyselfandi - Maggie: I have to say something to Ivette tonight. I have to. It's not her. It's his ability to manipulate that I worry about NT 0 Replies #2277079 9:15PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277111
abbybb - Rach joins How & Jan stretching and says, "Two more days....I'm not sure what they're going to do." NT 0 Replies #2277111 9:18PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277133
abbybb - Rach warning Jan not to give Jam so much info. Jan says she won't. She doesn't know if Jam is on her side NT 0 Replies #2277133 9:21PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277153
abbybb - Rach comments on how BB knows everything. Knows she was up at 9 today. She says, "Evict me. So I can get out from under these cameras" NT 0 Replies #2277153 9:22PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277163
memyselfandi - Beau is saying that Ivette is the one who will be hurt the most in the game. 1 Replies #2277163 9:23PM 23/08/2005
Maggie: He's more dangerous than Janelle is. But Ivette wants Janelle out next.

Beau: If we get HOH next week we need to backdoor him.

Maggie is saying that Ivette doesn't want that. She wants to backdoor Janelle.

Beau is saying that Janelle's luck will run out sometime. She is all luck.
Maggie is saying we always know where Janelle is coming from. The only who talks to her is April and that's about her dogs.

Beau says Ivette would be in shambles if she found out he had dicked her over again like when she found out Sarah was his partner.

maggie: He's never going to let her know that he's hurting her. Because if he lets her know she won't vote for him in the end.

Maggie: He's going to win this game, isn't he?

Beau: Not if I have anything to do with it.

Maggie: He is going to have her convinced that he is going to keep her in the game a couple weeks.

Beau wants to threaten her alliance with friendship to get her to see the light about James. Maggie says we can't do that. She still might not get it.
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memyselfandi - Maggie is p!ssed that Beau knew the truth about James using Ivette before her too NT #2277183 9:24PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277198
abbybb - How saying that if he's gone this week being so quiet and nice so they won't evict him and then they do evict him.. 3 Replies #2277198 9:25PM 23/08/2005
he's going to humiliate them on national T.V.

They supposedly told him not to go around doing the "Oh Janey." thing and he says if he's listened to them and they still evict him he's gonna blow as he walks out the door.
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Billy - Ivette told him today that if he doesn't stop doing it, she's going to vote to evict him this week. He has to promise not to do it tomorrow only. NT #2277248 9:30PM 23/08/2005
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abbybb - now he says he's going to destroy them by attacking their boys Cappy on his way out... NT #2277224 9:28PM 23/08/2005
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abbybb - Jan tells him to attack Mag and Iv b/c Apr is already a mess NT #2277203 9:26PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277201
memyselfandi - Beau says James should have been backdoored this week. Maggie agrees NT 0 Replies #2277201 9:25PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277261
SassyPrncess - H to R: Don't tell me how to play my game. NT 0 Replies #2277261 9:31PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277266
Billy - Maggie has officially announced what is known, that James is using the Friendship to knock off Soveriegn team. NT 1 Replies #2277266 9:31PM 23/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Maggie: He's (James ) is going to win this thing. He's going to win this thing. NT #2277339 9:38PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277360
memyselfandi - Ivette parades into HOH room shouting she has beaten James at chess twice NT 0 Replies #2277360 9:40PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277384
applecrisp - Ivette bounds into HOH to be met with silence 0 Replies #2277384 9:42PM 23/08/2005
"Why is everyone so quiet?" The only response she gets is from April ("I just got out of the shower")
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Topic #2277391
SassyPrncess - M to I: I don't want him penetrating you at all. (LOL) NT 1 Replies #2277391 9:43PM 23/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Iv: I barely tell him anything that we are doing.....I don't really tell him "much". NT #2277400 9:43PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277420
SassyPrncess - Ivette is extremely defensive & snippy as Mag/Beau confront her about James. NT 1 Replies #2277420 9:45PM 23/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Iv: I really don't see how he is using me. In reality, I have been using him. He got the veto for us. NT #2277429 9:46PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277432
abbybb - Mag pointing up that everyone else who annoys Iv she avoids 0 Replies #2277432 9:46PM 23/08/2005
Iv says, "Apr annoys me and I don't avoid her. Were you there listening when they were trying to get me out?"

Maggie says, "People do things that make us doubt one another. I don't doubt you but I doubt him. When I see someone using someone I care about, I am upset" (paraphrased)

Iv doesn't think she's being used. Maggie rehashes the HT convo
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Topic #2277441
memyselfandi - Maggie: I'm glad you beat him, I just hope you beat him in this f'ing game. - friendship fracturing in HOH room 0 Replies #2277441 9:47PM 23/08/2005
Maggie is upset because she thinks James is hurting her. Unlike Cappy, James doesn't give an f about you.

Ivette is saying she doesn't mind if the group has to put up James, it's that he can pick off all of the other friendship members.

Ivette: If he f's me over, he's been playing dirty with the get-go.

Maggie: But everyone else you have a problem with, you avoid.

Ivette is saying that's not true. She hangs out with April even though she has a problem with her.

Maggie is telling Ivette she can trust April.

Ivette: I don't know that.

Maggie tells Ivette that James is using her. Ivette doesn't see how James is using her, she sees herself as using him.
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Topic #2277446
memyselfandi - Ivette is turning around confrontation about her and James into complaining about April NT 0 Replies #2277446 9:47PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277449
SassyPrncess - Iv aggressively: What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? 1 Replies #2277449 9:48PM 23/08/2005
Maggie says she doesn't have any solutions.

M: My problems are James & Janelle because they know, because we opened up our fat mouths...
I: We didn't. Who did...? Who did? (open their mouths)
M: I know, I know. (that it is April with the big mouth)
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SassyPrncess - Iv: He's told me repeatedly he "won't f*ck over you and Beau". NT #2277462 9:49PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277451
abbybb - Iv says she's not going to be hurt when he leaves. 0 Replies #2277451 9:48PM 23/08/2005
She enjoys playing chess with him and talking sh*t with him but she is only loyal to them. She says she f**ked him over to protect them.

Iv now saying Apr is their problem. She's sabotaging them by talking to everyone.
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Topic #2277461
memyselfandi - Ivette says James has told her he'll never F over her and Beau. NT 1 Replies #2277461 9:49PM 23/08/2005
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SassyPrncess - Iv: I'm expecting April to f*ck me over. I've been telling you for 2 days. NT #2277469 9:50PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277478
abbybb - Iv saying that James told her he'd never f**k over her and Beau.. 0 Replies #2277478 9:50PM 23/08/2005
saying if she leaves she's not going to leave being a hypocrite.

Mag says that she can't be angry that Jam would screw her over. She only cares about Beau and Mag. She even expects Apr to screw her over.

Iv going on about how Apr is ruining the game for them all while she is only able to get information for them.
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Topic #2277486
Suzan - Ivette: I'm using James, but I'm not using him using him, youknowwhatImean NT 1 Replies #2277486 9:51PM 23/08/2005
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dataloss - Iv: Because "that would be wrong." NT #2277722 10:12PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277488
SassyPrncess - Note: Beau is basically silent while Maggie & Ivette go back & forth. NT 0 Replies #2277488 9:51PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277510
abbybb - Magg telling him that it annoyed her that the minute they got out of the HT, Iv went to the GR to get them. 0 Replies #2277510 9:53PM 23/08/2005
Iv saying that she asked them to play chess too but they didn't want to.

Iv saying all Jam doing is bashing them when they're talking. Mag saying that of course he'll tell her that.

Iv maintains that Apr is untrustworthy...
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Topic #2277511
Billy - Beau saying that James try's to get info from him on the sly when they are playing games, he'll stop joking then try to ask what he's thinking. NT 0 Replies #2277511 9:53PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2277522
abbybb - Beau is being smart and saying that James took his hand off in the Pressure cooker b/c it made Iv believe in him..NT 0 Replies #2277522 9:54PM 23/08/2005
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