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Topic #2274726
memyselfandi - Maggie doesn't understand why other side got out Jennifer/why Ivette hates Rachel/Ivette makes April feel like crap 0 Replies #2274726 5:30PM 23/08/2005
Maggie thinks Jennifer would have stayed had anyone but Janelle got HOH, April doesn't think so. Maggie says Jennifer has been playing the game from day one. April is saying the other side didn't see it that way. Even Rachel wanted her gone.

Maggie and April both think Rachel is mature, doesn't bother them, don't understand why Ivette is so mad about her. April is mad because Ivette is giving her crap for laying out with Janelle but then she is out playing cards with Rachel after saying she hates her so much.

April: I genuinely like Ivette, but I do not feel like a good person around her. She makes me feel like sh!t about himself.

April venting about Ivette's big speeches about honesty but was keeping secret about her being a lesbian and how she calls out every fault that April has but doesn't do it to anyone else.

April: I'm trying to figure out her (Ivette's) way of playing this game. Beau's way of playing the game is by being nice to everyone. Maggie is clearcut about how she feels since Eric left, just kind of keeps her thoughts for herself.

April is saying her way of playing the game is just getting by and talking to the other side and being civil because she needs to not be depressed and unhappy all the time.

April is pumping Maggie for info about what Ivette tells her and what she says about Ivette being with James, and now is venting about Ivette following her around. Maggie says Ivette doesn't tell her as much as she used to. Maggie no longer gives her sh!t for talking to James because it's part of the game and doesn't do any good.
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Topic #2274798
memyselfandi - We had fish and when we came back April was hanging out with Rachel/Jan in BY... mostly chitchat NT 0 Replies #2274798 5:41PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2274845
memyselfandi - April leaves Rachel/Janelle still don't know if Rachel will be voted out 0 Replies #2274845 5:47PM 23/08/2005
Rachel doesn't think it matters what Janelle says to them and deals can't really help.

R/J still think other side might not see Janelle and Rachel as close as Howie and Janelle or Howie and Rachel. (Ed: Upstairs Maggie said something about the same idea and April told her that no matter who leaves, they will immediately partner up with Janelle)

Rachel is saying she thinks it's up in the air and the other side won't tell us until the votes come out. Janelle wants to ask James what he thinks. Rachel says don't give him any info.
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Topic #2274965
joannie - Rachel in BY lounger. Janie is cleaning the GR. 0 Replies #2274965 6:06PM 23/08/2005
Nerds + Howie looking at the FISH.
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Topic #2274973
joannie - James is in the shower. NT 0 Replies #2274973 6:08PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2275008
joannie - April stubs her foot on a chair. A: "It hurts like a mofo!" 0 Replies #2275008 6:13PM 23/08/2005
Ivette rubs her foot. Howie makes her an ice bag. April: "Wow! Who are you??"
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Topic #2275047
puck71 - Beau giving James Dr. Spock hairdo NT 0 Replies #2275047 6:18PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2275120
puck71 - Beau/Jam/How/Rach/Apr in bathroom 0 Replies #2275120 6:25PM 23/08/2005
April gathers towels to wash while Beau does James's hair...

Jam: If you really want something to do, you can clean the gold room
Apr: There's some stench in there, I don't know. It scares me when I smell it.
Jam: Do I have thin hair? Someone said I have thin hair.
Beau: Thin hair, yeah. Not thinning hair. It's not thick like Howie's.
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Topic #2275309
puck71 - All HG's eating dinner that Ivette made, talking about random stuff 1 Replies #2275309 6:46PM 23/08/2005
(Recent conversation has been about guys and how much money they make, specifically about Beau and Ivette)
Beau: Family money is good, it never runs out
How: Janie's really good at spending other people's money
Jan: Don't make me come over there and hit you Howie (playful)
How: I was all set to do Survivor (ed: I think he said "do" not sure if he was accepted or just applied, he didn't really make it clear)
Jan: Would any of you do Survivor?
(Maggie and April say no, can't really tell if anyone else answers)
How: I've done 3 reality shows this year: Blind Date, Eliminidate, Big Brother
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Suzan - It's Beau's Stew and Maggies Veggies - They told Ivette earlier it was her day off and she wasn't allowed to help NT #2275731 7:24PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2275357
Zazny - Beau reveals to the group he was on MTV's Made NT 1 Replies #2275357 6:51PM 23/08/2005
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Zazny - Jan: I was on "Street Smarts".... I was sooo drunk. It was party week. I got all the questions wrong NT #2275362 6:51PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2275451
Zazny - House discussing reality shows -- currently MTV True Life: I Want A Famous Face NT 0 Replies #2275451 7:02PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2275479
Zazny - Jan: Michael's way cuter than Jase 0 Replies #2275479 7:06PM 23/08/2005
Jan: From last season. Did you like Holly, Ivette?
I: I hated Holly!
H: Weeeeeeeeeeellll!
I (Holly impression): Weeeeeeeeeeellll! I have a manniquin at home and she's missing me!

They discuss more BB5. They discuss Lori's taking the money (April wouldn't take it). Ivette explains how the rest of the house told her to take it and then evicted her because of it.
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Topic #2275546
memyselfandi - Very very loud American Idol talk with Beau, Ivette, April and Maggie trying to talk over each other NT 0 Replies #2275546 7:12PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2275947
memyselfandi - Weird tidbits from dinner talk 0 Replies #2275947 7:35PM 23/08/2005
April wants to know why James thinks so much, if he keeps a journal. He says he did for a while until a girlfriend, who gave him the journal, read it without having his permission. Now she's an ex.

April wants to know if Sarah ever tells him to stop thinking so much. He says no, she doesn't have a problem with it, even though we live together we have our own time alone at home.

Janelle has irregular periods.

April loves Lifetime movies with battered wives.

Howie says movies always gave him false hope about women who don't want to kiss him, like you watch shows like Dynasty where a woman might slap you but then you go to kiss her and she kisses you back.

Ivette has learned most of her life lessons from Maury Povich and Oprah and after-school specials. She knows if you're ever trapped in a trunk you poke the back lights out because then somebody will have to stop and see what's wrong with it.

April had men and women grope her on the street all the time during the summer she was living in New York, because rush hour was so crazy.

Ivette tells them it's good to stop at a gas station if you're being pulled over by an unmarked cop car just to make sure it's a cop. She is retelling the Elizabeth Smart story.
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Topic #2276122
memyselfandi - F1/F2 has had closeups of Howie putting his arm around 0 Replies #2276122 7:49PM 23/08/2005
Rachel for the last few minutes as they sit at the table. He was putting his hand around her lower back and sort of rubbing her butt or scratching her lower back.
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Topic #2276131
memyselfandi - James tells story of friend/guy he knew whose mom and step-dad conspired to kill their father 0 Replies #2276131 7:50PM 23/08/2005
April launches into another true crime story and we get FISH
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Topic #2276309
Kayfan - James to Janie: You and I could make it to the finals together. 1 Replies #2276309 8:07PM 23/08/2005
Janie: Howie can't win HOH.

James: If you and I stick together, we could make the final 2. If you choose Howie over me, I don't know. They're scared of you, and they still can't get rid of you.

James: Next week put up Maggie and April; tell Ivette & Beau that if either of them uses veto, their partner goes home.

(just bits and pieces)
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Kayfan - Janie: we have to win HOH or we're f-d. James: no, it has to be Maggie and Ivette nominated. #2276332 8:09PM 23/08/2005
James: If you and I can't beat them...
Janie: then we suck. (LOL!)

James changed his mind based on splitting the group apart.

(ed: I am loving this!!!)
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Topic #2276364
Kayfan - Janie and James revisiting veto comps, which were mental and which were physical. NT 0 Replies #2276364 8:12PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276374
Kayfan - James: If Howie goes, I'll be really pissed. Janie: Me too... but Rachel's really smart. Do you think they would get rid of Howie to piss us off? NT 0 Replies #2276374 8:14PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276382
memyselfandi - James/Janelle in gold room talking about america's choice/strategy 0 Replies #2276382 8:14PM 23/08/2005
Janelle asks James if he was asked who he would want a phone call from. He says yes.

James asks who she thinks might win an America's choice. Janelle doesn't think Ivette/April/Beau would win it based on what Kaysar said. James says how awful it would be if Maggie won it. Janelle doesn't think Maggie would win it but doesn't say who she thinks will win.

Then game talk...

Janelle is saying she knows that James is better at the game than Howie.

James: If you choose Howie over me I can't do anything about that. I'm done. I understand that. But I don't think your chances are as good.

Janelle agrees.

James is saying you're a better competitor than Howie or Rachel this week, but for my safety it has to happen.

JAMES: They're scared of you.

Janelle: They've been scared of me for a while.

James: I know and they still can't get rid of you.

Janelle says Maggie and Ivette should go on the block. Then James tries to spin on her Maggie-April. Then he comes back and says no Maggie and Ivette on the block is the best.

Janelle says then Beau would play for Ivette, Maggie would play for April and James could play for her in the power of veto. And then they would just leave it.

James is saying when he came in he wanted to bring a journal so he could record things. Janelle is saying that would be so easy to remember what people said and competitions but people could find it and expose what is happening.

Janelle is worried about Howie leaving, James trying to reassure her. He says he will be pissed off if Howie leaves because they will have lied to him too.
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Topic #2276386
Kayfan - Janie: Rachel essentially does Howie's thinking... James: and his dishes and everything else. NT 0 Replies #2276386 8:15PM 23/08/2005
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Topic #2276393
Karenell - Janelle and James in Gold Room making plans to be final 2. James trying hard to tell Janelle that the only chance she has is with him, that Howie will 0 Replies #2276393 8:16PM 23/08/2005
not get her to the final 2. James wants Maggie and Ivette up and out back to back. They keep reiterating how they NEED to get HOH back-to-back.

Plan is to put Maggie up vs. Ivette, Maggie will ask April to play veto, Ivette will ask Beau and Janey and/or James will ask the other. They feel there is no way the four of the others could beat the two of them.

Talk moves on to boredom and how there really is nothing to do but think.

For the next two weeks, people will be competing in vetoes.
James: mm-hmm. yeah. They're getting harder
Jan: for the next 2 weeks, they'll be mental
James: They're all mental. Ropes course, mental, High and Dry, mental, Chess--

They go through the veto comps recounting the ones that were more mental than physical. James thinks the ones he didn't compete in were the easiest.

Jan: Ivette thinks I win things by luck.

James: If Howie goes, I'll be really pissed.
Janelle: Rachel's the stronger player though. She could easily win HOH, she's really smart.
She's also really physical...except for in water.
James: Howie did beat her two days ago?:
Jan: Yeah, he beat her, she's not good in water. She has contacts and had knee surgery.
James: She handed him his HOH, though.
Janelle: She essentially does all of his thinking
James; and cooking and cleaning...

Janelle: I don't really trust April.

More talk about not doing anything. Janelle walked/ran 6 miles.

Tomorrow's Wednesday. Goodbye messages and stuff.

FISH (Praise God. I'm heading to bed...hopefully someone else can pick up...)

'night all!
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Topic #2276537
Kaynelle - Ive, Mag, and Apr in HT complaining that Jan got a $200 flat iron 0 Replies #2276537 8:29PM 23/08/2005
and they won't give Maggie a $5 box of hair dye.

They are now discussing how Janelle said, "I never lied in this house" in front of all of America and how they all laughed.

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Topic #2276549
abbybb - Apr telling them that Jan won't take game with her... 0 Replies #2276549 8:30PM 23/08/2005
ed. note...can you blame her?????
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Topic #2276583
abbybb - Mag says that if they get HoH, they put up one of their own and then one of S3 and then try to backdoor James 0 Replies #2276583 8:33PM 23/08/2005
Apr and Iv not really buying into that theory
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