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Howie is now in gym working out on elliptical. 'Token Howie fart. Howie: Sorry BB.' - -repeat as needed- - (LOL Veruta!) NT - CanCon
4:55AM 06/09/2005
Howie said it must be the McD's (his 'windiness'). NT - CanCon
4:59AM 06/09/2005

Howie is done with the workout and munching on an orange. NT - Kahhli
5:19AM 06/09/2005

Howie walked around BR for a minute, and then decides to take a shower. NT - nmbeach
5:30AM 06/09/2005

His faithful light sabre in hand ( he has carried that with him everywhere tonight), Howie heads to bed in the GR. NT - Kahhli
5:47AM 06/09/2005

All HG's are sleeping NT - Kahhli
5:51AM 06/09/2005

Looks like Howie can't sleep - he's up again. NT - augie
6:23AM 06/09/2005

Forging for food, he finds ice cream. NT - augie
6:24AM 06/09/2005

everyone looks to be still sleeping NT - pooh5983
7:44AM 06/09/2005

Ivette seems to be sleeping on the floor of HOH room not in the bed. She is HOH right - pooh5983
7:54AM 06/09/2005

nothing really has change still sleeping NT - pooh5983
9:14AM 06/09/2005

All Houseguests still asleep. - pr3tty1np1nk
10:13AM 06/09/2005

11:00 BBTime ...still sleeping NT - VanWinkle
11:00AM 06/09/2005

Ivette is awake, leaving HOH room NT - Madelyn
11:12AM 06/09/2005

Ivette feeding the fish NT - Madelyn
11:19AM 06/09/2005

Looks like an inside lock-down - VanWinkle
11:27AM 06/09/2005

Ivette is now doing dishes. NT - Panda4
11:27AM 06/09/2005

There was just a close up of Ivette's butt NT - Snarky
11:33AM 06/09/2005

Fish.. wake up call NT - Snarky
11:34AM 06/09/2005

Yeah...fish! NT - VanWinkle
11:34AM 06/09/2005

still fish...BB must tell them about their day NT - Madelyn
11:40AM 06/09/2005

They're baaaack....looks like the inside lockdown is over. NT - VanWinkle
11:58AM 06/09/2005

Looks like they're getting ready for outside lockdown. NT - VanWinkle
12:00PM 06/09/2005

April's friend Marie told her to please never mention her name on air. [ed: whoops.] NT - moonunit
12:15PM 06/09/2005

They're talking about their friends and family members, naming everyone and saying where they live etc. (Janelle elsewhere) NT - moonunit
12:15PM 06/09/2005

Feed 1 is Janelle near pool in suit tanning. Feeds 2/3/4 show Howie/April/Ivette/Maggie talking about best friends. NT - Panda4
12:16PM 06/09/2005

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