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Ivette: James is more human than janelle NT - bbaddict2005
6:18PM 06/09/2005

Maggie, Ivette & April complaining about "Whatup Kaysar" chant NT - scoobydoo
6:18PM 06/09/2005

Maggie says she didn't really have a problem with Rachel - scoobydoo
6:20PM 06/09/2005

Now making fun of "what up kaysar? " - bbaddict2005
6:20PM 06/09/2005

Maggie: I didn't like that she always came around while we were trying to talk. I found that offensive NT - bbaddict2005
6:21PM 06/09/2005

April laughing saying Janelle needs to shave her crotch NT - scoobydoo
6:21PM 06/09/2005

Complaining because Janelle asked April to move off her towel while laying out NT - bbaddict2005
6:22PM 06/09/2005

April: Did you see how much she (Janelle) needs to shave her f'ing crotch NT - bbaddict2005
6:22PM 06/09/2005

For some reason, nothing else to discuss except Janie's shaving habits - more bashing NT - bbaddict2005
6:23PM 06/09/2005

Howie's outside now - trash talking has stopped NT - bbaddict2005
6:25PM 06/09/2005

Janie lying down in the GR NT - bbaddict2005
6:25PM 06/09/2005

Ivette going in to BR, April going to feed fish, Maggie going to watch her, Howie working out NT - bbaddict2005
6:26PM 06/09/2005

Ivette playing with Howie's light saber. Howie telling her the force is with her NT - bbaddict2005
6:26PM 06/09/2005

April and Maggie were telling Ivette earlier about when they were laying in the sun and Janelle ... - Taffy
6:40PM 06/09/2005

Howie in Back Yard with Ivette, saying Beau Beau, good news and bad news, she won hoh but almost blew up BY NT - bbfaninaz
6:46PM 06/09/2005

Howie in gym room exercising, then in BY playing with his Lifesaber... - Taffy
6:52PM 06/09/2005
*Lightsaber NT - Gorf
6:53PM 06/09/2005

Howie says America hates him for sending Bo Bo home NT - heyace37
6:57PM 06/09/2005

M-I-A in hot tub analyzing S2's not strategizing/following --- chitchat - memyselfandi
7:08PM 06/09/2005

The three NHs take a break from bashing in the backyard to practice questions NT - Sluggo
7:09PM 06/09/2005

A/M/I in hot tub saying that Janelle and Howie do not have a lot of fun footage like they do. That they (J/H)prolly just make fun of them (friendship) - Taffy
7:10PM 06/09/2005

Jan and Howie by gumball machine also doing HOH quiz NT - memyselfandi
7:10PM 06/09/2005

Howie and Janie are doing the same, quizzing each other, inside by the fish tank NT - Sluggo
7:11PM 06/09/2005

Throughout all this, April's hands rarely leave her face; she's always picking at something. NT - Sluggo
7:12PM 06/09/2005

Howie and Janelle doing the same thing as she does crunches... - Taffy
7:13PM 06/09/2005

And Janelle rewards her crunches with a snack from the kitchen NT - memyselfandi
7:16PM 06/09/2005

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