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Janelle just double dippied!! YUCK NT - carrie1969
7:18PM 06/09/2005

Ivette looks deep in thought as she sits on the side of the hot tub. Covers herself with towel and lays back. NT - Yaya007
7:19PM 06/09/2005

Janelle is standing in kitchen dipping crackers into a butter/dip tub and... - memyselfandi
7:23PM 06/09/2005

Friendship girls still practicing at hut tub... - Taffy
7:28PM 06/09/2005

Howie comes back in kitchen giving Janie big big Star Wars pep talk J: "I'm the last of the Sovereign six" - memyselfandi
7:30PM 06/09/2005

Janie and Howie in kitchen - notchbaby
7:35PM 06/09/2005

Jan: do you think there's anyway that I can get them to turn on each other? - Taffy
7:36PM 06/09/2005
Howie did not say to make a deal with Maggie, he said get rid of her and she can then turn April and Ive against each other NT - notchbaby
8:18PM 06/09/2005

Howie says get rid of Maggie then she can turn April and Ivette against each other - memyselfandi
7:37PM 06/09/2005

Nerd Herd practicing the tie breaker question... - nickinoodles
7:40PM 06/09/2005

Cameramen reminding Janey "It's time to get in shape"... that english muffin never had a chance NT - BenSparks
7:44PM 06/09/2005

Nerd Herd discovers that James is the only guy to win the veto NT - nickinoodles
7:44PM 06/09/2005

Mag and April go in to make dinner; Ivette stays outside where Janie and Howie are hanging out NT - nickinoodles
7:47PM 06/09/2005

F1/F2- Ivette resting head on towel as she leans on hottub ledge//f3-f4 janelle putting on running shoes NT - memyselfandi
7:49PM 06/09/2005

Howie and Janie at the Memory Wall - helena
7:51PM 06/09/2005

Howie telling Ivette what a pain it is to pack and that BB told him to bring all this stuff.... - nickinoodles
7:54PM 06/09/2005

Ivette/Howie having BY private chitchat now - then Beau eviction week rehashing - memyselfandi
7:57PM 06/09/2005

Howie wanted Beau... - nickinoodles
7:59PM 06/09/2005

Howie says he never thought about the 500,000 but will miss competing in the events - memyselfandi
8:02PM 06/09/2005

Ivette's worried about going up against someone with a partner on the jury... - nickinoodles
8:04PM 06/09/2005

April complaining about Ivette again to Maggie in kitchen - scoobydoo
8:06PM 06/09/2005

Howie talking about giving to charity if he won.... - nickinoodles
8:10PM 06/09/2005

April freaking out because Ivette said she thinks she won't win over April or Maggie in F2 - memyselfandi
8:10PM 06/09/2005

┼pril/Maggie in Kitchen - scoobydoo
8:10PM 06/09/2005

Maggie: the diary room makes you think you're not going to win NT - scoobydoo
8:12PM 06/09/2005

Maggie saying Eric came on really strong and she had to take a backseat NT - scoobydoo
8:14PM 06/09/2005

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