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Maggie brushing her teeth like she removing rust from a post! In other words VERY HARD. NT - Yaya007
10:26PM 06/09/2005

Maggie in shower and you can see her white bottom thru the glass. She appears to be naked. NT - Yaya007
10:28PM 06/09/2005

April and Ivette in downstairs bathroom with Howie while Jan is in the shower... - Taffy
10:36PM 06/09/2005

Ar: you think ivette would strike a deal with janelle? Mag: no [LONG] - ferretkiss
11:01PM 06/09/2005

April and Maggie up in HOH, April complaining about Ivette and Janelle - memyselfandi
11:03PM 06/09/2005

ivette smiling while janelle and howie have fun. ivette blowdrying her hair.. - ferretkiss
11:15PM 06/09/2005
While blowdrying her hair Ivette shows Howie that she has some grey hairs - Suzan
8:43AM 07/09/2005
Butterfingers Janie drops the lightsaber on her big toe NT - Robnoxious
11:30PM 06/09/2005

LOL Janelle and Ivette are laying on the floor, playing Boobie coasters... howie tosses the ... - ferretkiss
11:22PM 06/09/2005

M: Is Michael going to have any respect for that sh*t? (referring to Boobie/Cooter Coasters) NT - SassyPrncess
11:31PM 06/09/2005
A: He'll be jealous as h*ll! His mom is going to be p*ssed. NT - SassyPrncess
11:32PM 06/09/2005

M: I really don't know why they would call us dorks, though, (when we) see what they do. NT - SassyPrncess
11:36PM 06/09/2005

A: Michael hit it (J) and quit it. There is no way he is going to stay. NT - SassyPrncess
11:41PM 06/09/2005

M: I wonder what asphixiation (her words) people have with their boobs?! NT - SassyPrncess
11:41PM 06/09/2005
a fixation NT - firegoddess
11:23AM 07/09/2005

some of the Janelle backstabbing by HOH people inside.... - ferretkiss
11:47PM 06/09/2005
When Ivette first arrived in the HOH after having what appeared to be a great time with Howie & Janelle - Suzan
8:47AM 07/09/2005

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