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HOH room... - Taffy
12:02AM 06/09/2005

janelle gets up, saying 'you're cute' towards howie (probably hoping he was awake or would - moonscape53
12:04AM 06/09/2005
April kept on saying "all she does is study" over and over again (Ummm...April, it's not like you can't do that also..) NT - Tracie
12:13AM 06/09/2005

Janelle's back in the GR, both her & Howie are now asleep. NT - drummer_inblack
12:12AM 06/09/2005

they're watching Jan on the spy cam... - Taffy
12:14AM 06/09/2005

April: she's gonna sit there and say she's never swallowed in her life - Taffy
12:19AM 06/09/2005
it was April that asked if Janelle's looked like roast beef...(she always lying!) NT - nickinoodles
7:20AM 06/09/2005

A/M/I discussing they aren't America's Choice. Mag just said "Yep,it pays to be a c**t. (In ref. to Jan) NT - auntjulie
12:31AM 06/09/2005

Ivette: we're not being portraid in a good light you guys... - Taffy
12:32AM 06/09/2005

Ivette said something about April's mother... - Taffy
12:38AM 06/09/2005

Still fish on all feeds... - Taffy
12:47AM 06/09/2005

Janie gets in another slam about the NH spelling with their legs (LOL)... - applecrisp
12:56AM 06/09/2005

Feeds are back and all is quiet...then April says something (couldn't understand) and we get fish again :( NT - Taffy
1:04AM 06/09/2005

We're back... - Taffy
1:17AM 06/09/2005

Everybody's quiet now, maybe they're finally going to sleep...no - Taffy
1:23AM 06/09/2005

ivette having panic attack - kaysar_and_janie
1:28AM 06/09/2005

ivette talking about what she would do with money - kaysar_and_janie
1:39AM 06/09/2005

Female voice: So, where do you think Frankie is gonna live when he gets out? - Taffy
1:41AM 06/09/2005

fish for a little bit... - Taffy
1:44AM 06/09/2005
Clarification: Ap asked M if she got her birth control shot once a year, and called the drug 'diphtheria' (pronouncing it incorrectly). ... - CanCon
2:09AM 06/09/2005

Ivette is still not feeling good... - Taffy
1:55AM 06/09/2005

Howie awake. In BY securing the perimeter with his Jedi powers and light saber. NT - Veruta
3:30AM 06/09/2005

Howie in MBR changing his shorts. Non-BB voice: Howie, *whisper* Please go to the DR. FISH. NT - Veruta
3:37AM 06/09/2005

Back from FISH. Howie in DR. All else quiet. NT - Veruta
3:39AM 06/09/2005

Howie out of DR. In BY preparing for a workout. NT - Veruta
3:55AM 06/09/2005

Howie working out in BY. Token Howie fart. Howie: Sorry BB. Light saber between sets. NT - Veruta
4:01AM 06/09/2005

Poor Howie is still working out, but doesn't do any one thing for very long. NT - Sluggo
4:27AM 06/09/2005

at 4:30 am Howie is still working out NT - smileycute
4:29AM 06/09/2005

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