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maggie & ivette are - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
4:38PM 06/09/2005

BB: Howie please go to the DR. Howie: Oh C'mon BB, I'm making eggs. NT - Janie_Roxx
4:38PM 06/09/2005

Howie telling Janie about Blindate - Taelyn
4:40PM 06/09/2005

Howie making eggs and BB calls him to DR and He is - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
4:41PM 06/09/2005

Janelle Has the Munchies - valentine
4:42PM 06/09/2005

april coming out of HOH she just - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
4:45PM 06/09/2005

Janie washed her dishes NT - VanWinkle
4:45PM 06/09/2005

Waiting For Her Tuna Melt, - valentine
4:46PM 06/09/2005

Howie already out of - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
4:50PM 06/09/2005

Howie and Janelle Discuss Star Wars - valentine
5:00PM 06/09/2005

Howie Says the Latest Star Wars Movie Was the Best - valentine
5:02PM 06/09/2005

Star War discussion - notchbaby
5:10PM 06/09/2005

BB: Maggie please go the DR. April: Maggie is gonna be pissed. NT - Janie_Roxx
5:15PM 06/09/2005

OMG janie loved Blair Witch Project and believed it was true! NT - notchbaby
5:16PM 06/09/2005
So did Ivette. NT - PSister
5:19PM 06/09/2005

April, Howie and Janie are talking about all the Horror movies they have seen, getting a long really well. NT - notchbaby
5:17PM 06/09/2005
So much for Janie saying she wasn't going to talk to them, Janie is talking excitedly NT - notchbaby
5:18PM 06/09/2005
Janelle never said she would not speak to I/M/A, she said THEY weren't talking to her and she didn't give a f*ck if they didn't. NT - Taffy
6:34PM 06/09/2005

Maggie & Ivette on hammock talking GAME - toddlisatyriem
5:49PM 06/09/2005
And we have Janie bashing!! NT - rowletttx
5:53PM 06/09/2005

Howie and Janelle in Gold room - toddlisatyriem
5:52PM 06/09/2005

Howie would have put up KAyser if he would have gotten HOH on the first surfboard HOH - toddlisatyriem
5:54PM 06/09/2005

Howie says that he knew that James was shady from day one - toddlisatyriem
5:56PM 06/09/2005

Howie commenting on Cappies... - toddlisatyriem
5:58PM 06/09/2005

Three of them are trashing Janelle again, big time. - Sluggo
6:01PM 06/09/2005

coven sitting on hammock, just a-bashin' -- howie!!! - kaysar_and_janie
6:05PM 06/09/2005

Howie and Janelle talking game in GR... - Taffy
6:09PM 06/09/2005

Different day, same verse - ivette, april & maggie bashing Janelle BIG TIME NT - bbaddict2005
6:15PM 06/09/2005

M, I, & A still agreeing not to give Janie a vote in the final no matter what NT - bbaddict2005
6:18PM 06/09/2005

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