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FISH NT - VanWinkle
12:23PM 06/09/2005

Back from fish, lockdown is over, HG rush inside, nothing seems to change though, they scour around kinda disappointed NT - ostra
12:34PM 06/09/2005
Maggie / Ivette / April all RUN OVER and line up as the panels raise for lockdown to be over. They are waiting and waiting as the door rises... - PandeMOANium
12:51PM 06/09/2005

April and Maggie bashing Janelle for being selfish... again. NT - moonunit
12:36PM 06/09/2005

Maggie and April grab coffee and head back out to sit at the table - ostra
12:38PM 06/09/2005

M: she's not a bombshell anymore (ed. think it was still about Janelle) NT - ostra
12:39PM 06/09/2005

maggie says janelle is "not a bombshell anymore" NT - medusa
12:40PM 06/09/2005

April is again constantly picking her nose, the camera does a close up hoping to catch her at more of it , but then she goes inside. NT - Panda4
12:42PM 06/09/2005

just before bashing Janie maggie tells April how she misses Beau's bible, she's read it a lot (ed. apparently Beau took it with him) April doesn't - ostra
12:45PM 06/09/2005

BB: Ivette, please go to the Diary Room, NT - bbfaninaz
12:45PM 06/09/2005

Ivette went to the storage room. BB: Ivette, please go to the Diary Room NT - bbfaninaz
12:46PM 06/09/2005

BB: Janelle, please center your michrophone NT - bbfaninaz
12:49PM 06/09/2005

April talking about her job, Maggie asking pointed questions about her money and benefits NT - moonunit
12:59PM 06/09/2005

Ivette just said that Laviquin (?) got rid of her warts. NT - medusa
1:01PM 06/09/2005

april wants to be a part time pharm rep. but would still like to work in the ER as well NT - medusa
1:02PM 06/09/2005
I meant Maggie NT - medusa
1:03PM 06/09/2005

April "I love my manager in Huston, God I love that ******r!" NT - medusa
1:04PM 06/09/2005

Maggie: Oooh..smell that? fire! it smells great. Ivette: oh yeah. <ed. note: LOL> NT - Diana
1:05PM 06/09/2005

Maggie: Anyway you slice it, it's only 14 days... - Diana
1:07PM 06/09/2005
Maggie hopes her family is OK, her dog(s?) is OK, she says God I hate not to be in control NT - ostra
1:10PM 06/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie are practicing for HOH... - medusa
1:12PM 06/09/2005
and Ivette already (presumptuously) said "Howie, evicted week 11" NT - medusa
1:14PM 06/09/2005
Practicing for HOH comp w/ Ivette. Maggie: "Janelle evicted week 12" NT - AlNisa
1:21PM 06/09/2005
2X now about Howie. NT - medusa
1:15PM 06/09/2005
they write off Howie as evicted week 11, and Maggie says about herself evicted week 13 NT - ostra
1:14PM 06/09/2005
maggy: "janelle..blah blah... evited week 12" big grin. NT - BBBoobies
1:14PM 06/09/2005

some extreme close ups of Maggie and Ivette on cam 1, maggie washing dishes, ivette checking the bread (ed. for signs of mold maybe) NT - ostra
1:21PM 06/09/2005

Ivette finds a bottled water in the fridge, says "oh this is Beau's water" - ostra
1:24PM 06/09/2005

Ivette's pulling out some tupperware with leftover food, one by one she dumps the contents into the garbage Maggie laughing "that's f... hillarious NT - ostra
1:29PM 06/09/2005

April joins Ivette and Maggie in kitchen saying she feels a little sad - notchbaby
1:32PM 06/09/2005
Reeses and M&M's were empty too, they shake their heads (ed. H/J probably ate them) NT - ostra
1:34PM 06/09/2005

April out of DR, she joins the F3 in the kitchen, nothing going on on any other feeds :( BB: Janelle go to DR NT - ostra
1:32PM 06/09/2005

ivette is cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, that girl knows her way around a kitchen NT - notchbaby
1:33PM 06/09/2005

Maggie says, I hope April is not getting depressed, there is a difference being in a depressing place and getting depressed NT - notchbaby
1:34PM 06/09/2005

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