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talking about elementry school...how Florida kids have to take spanish NT - medusa
6:47PM 07/09/2005

Everybody having dinner toghether... - Taffy
6:47PM 07/09/2005

now mag, ape, janie, and howie are looking at and talking about the fish...nothing to report. NT - medusa
6:51PM 07/09/2005
While looking at fish, Howie said that he wished he went to an all-girl school. Mag: "Dave went to an all-girl school." NT - SleeplessOnLI
6:54PM 07/09/2005
When still in front of FT, Howie teases Maggie about being a hippie. "Like Charles Bronson, no Manson". - SleeplessOnLI
7:11PM 07/09/2005

April says she is so crampy. Janelle doing dishes. Ivette gone to bathroom. NT - Yaya007
6:54PM 07/09/2005

Janelle's doing dishes... - Taffy
6:55PM 07/09/2005

Maggie removes black tank top and puts on a pink one now takes it off and puts black one back on.NT - Yaya007
6:56PM 07/09/2005

Ivette is planning to reproduce... (OMG) NT - nirak
7:06PM 07/09/2005

April picks nose while doing laundry NT - Queen_Laury
7:07PM 07/09/2005

Ivette is carrying very friendly conversation with Janelle about - nirak
7:10PM 07/09/2005

Wow Janie and Janelle are bonding over their biological clocks - fnfish
7:10PM 07/09/2005
Janie/Janelle bonding - sonshine
8:00PM 07/09/2005
Must be Ivette and Janelle. NT - Caramel
8:11PM 07/09/2005
janie and janelle? NT - billw84
7:15PM 07/09/2005

Janelle having a long conversation with Ivette as they sit at dinner table - memyselfandi
7:12PM 07/09/2005

Janie said that she treats her dogs like little children right now "that's all I have" - fnfish
7:12PM 07/09/2005

omg janie loves yNr - fnfish
7:15PM 07/09/2005
(she also mentioned that she doesn't watch anymore, no time) NT - fnfish
7:16PM 07/09/2005

Ivette talking to Janelle about baby names that she would love - nirak
7:16PM 07/09/2005

Ivette and Janelle STILL talking about baby names, baby stuff - memyselfandi
7:18PM 07/09/2005

Ivette used to be a Girl Scout Troop leader. Ed: It all makes sense now NT - memyselfandi
7:19PM 07/09/2005

Yvette just said to Janelle that she hates it when people bash other people (talks bad about) - bakerladee
7:25PM 07/09/2005

Ivette wants children really bad... - Taffy
7:32PM 07/09/2005

Ivette tells Janie AGAIN how it's so much easier for her to be in the house because she doesn't have anyone waiting for her at home NT - Diana
7:34PM 07/09/2005

Janelle just told a really sad story about her best friend from back home - fnfish
7:35PM 07/09/2005

Janie saying how her dog will do anything for attention. Ivette (good naturedly): I wonder where she gets that from. LOL NT - Diana
7:35PM 07/09/2005

Maggie to April in Gym: - fnfish
7:42PM 07/09/2005

Maggie and April trying to reassure each other that one of them will win HOH on Thurs - memyselfandi
7:53PM 07/09/2005

H: You're a cute little pawn, April. NT - SassyPrncess
7:59PM 07/09/2005
A: I am sure HoH has been approached about me leaving. NT - SassyPrncess
7:59PM 07/09/2005

Ivette who was all bubbly before talking to Howie/Janelle...then April leaves and Ivette is "thinking" - memyselfandi
8:02PM 07/09/2005

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