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Maggie and (especially) April are just nervousing like crazy. - Sluggo
3:41PM 07/09/2005

WOWWWWWWWWWW april finaly told the truth to maggie just now - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
3:43PM 07/09/2005
But did april ever mention her part in the plan too. NT - TBC
3:51PM 07/09/2005

Ivette's back from the DR, joins M and A outside... - Sluggo
3:47PM 07/09/2005

Ivette: "Mom, thanks for making me the woman I am today." LOL NT - Sluggo
3:48PM 07/09/2005

Ivettes retelling all the rest of her shout-outs in the DR. - Sluggo
3:50PM 07/09/2005
Correction: Sorry, she's talking about what she put in her blog. NT - Sluggo
3:51PM 07/09/2005

Maggie about Beau: "He was the most loved houseguest." NT - Sluggo
3:52PM 07/09/2005

Ivette said she typed two pages in her blog. - Mareenie
3:52PM 07/09/2005

Now they're in the kitchen discussing food. Meanwhile, all this time, Janie's been on the treadmill. NT - Sluggo
4:02PM 07/09/2005

Maggie analyzes how Ivette answers questions ... - Kahhli
4:21PM 07/09/2005

april said to ivette, do you think our families are proud of us? - serac
4:24PM 07/09/2005

Ivette commenting on how it must make Janelle mad to have played such an amazing game and to still lose ... - Kahhli
4:27PM 07/09/2005

Ivette is crying.... - PandeMOANium
4:29PM 07/09/2005

april telling ivette that she is going to be a good mother, - serac
4:32PM 07/09/2005

maggie says everyone who has played this game has played a good game so far. NT - serac
4:37PM 07/09/2005

Ivette says she kind of wishes next week was another double eviction, - serac
4:38PM 07/09/2005

ivette says I don't know she could very well get what we don't.... - serac
4:44PM 07/09/2005

Ivette says to maggie are you thinking? - serac
4:45PM 07/09/2005

maggie says she needs a good massage when she gets out because of all the stress. NT - serac
4:46PM 07/09/2005

April just now: "I didn't want to look like a 12 year old boy with breast implants. It's not my fault. It was the genes." NT - memyselfandi
4:49PM 07/09/2005

april asking if howie is right about matt still liking her...... - serac
4:50PM 07/09/2005
bulimia - rayvale
4:57PM 07/09/2005
Anorexia - rayvale
4:56PM 07/09/2005

april saying her groove is coming back to her now. - serac
4:52PM 07/09/2005

JAnelle FINALLY finishes with her treadmill workout! NT - toddlisatyriem
4:54PM 07/09/2005

April says they are probably portraying us as the "Nerds" because we are cleaning all the time - Kahhli
4:54PM 07/09/2005

april says they probably portray us as the nerds because we clean... - serac
4:55PM 07/09/2005

Inside Lockdown! NT - toddlisatyriem
4:57PM 07/09/2005

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