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Maggie still has no clue as to why Kaysar put her up in week three.... - nickinoodles
10:24AM 07/09/2005

maggie talking about herself in highschool NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:25AM 07/09/2005

howie in kitchen getting a cup of coffee NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:25AM 07/09/2005

Holier than thou Maggie explaining to Ivette all the charitable work she did when younger... - amynyc
10:27AM 07/09/2005

Maggie: My mom did such a good job, I don't think I thank her enough - amynyc
10:28AM 07/09/2005

Ivette seems fascinated with mag's descriptions of growing up in her small town - amynyc
10:31AM 07/09/2005

Ivette just said her aunts address to Maggie...her aunt lives in the same town as Maggie's grandparents NT - Diana
10:33AM 07/09/2005

Mag explains that her town was "hippies" when she grew up, but now - amynyc
10:34AM 07/09/2005

Ivette - how far is your town from San Francisco/ Mag: about 45 mins - amynyc
10:35AM 07/09/2005

Ivette back in house, Mag alone and yawning a lot in BY NT - amynyc
10:36AM 07/09/2005

ivtte back in BY w/maggie NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:37AM 07/09/2005

Ivette back in BY - Mag wants to try her black stretchy pants on - amynyc
10:38AM 07/09/2005

Ivette's eyes just popped out of her head when Mag answered more of Ivette's questions about Mag's small town - amynyc
10:41AM 07/09/2005

BB: Maggie pls go to the DR NT - amynyc
10:43AM 07/09/2005

Howie & Janie in GR beds talking across the room..just more Janie doll stuff NT - amynyc
10:44AM 07/09/2005

Ivette in kitchen washing dishes, Maggie in DR, April not on camera (in HOH rm?) NT - amynyc
10:45AM 07/09/2005

Howie to Janelle (in GR): thanks for playing boobies coaters with me, that was awesome NT - amynyc
10:47AM 07/09/2005

Howie: America send Ashlea back, she has a great rack..(singing it) NT - amynyc
10:48AM 07/09/2005

Howie singing, rally style: "Send Ashlea back....she's got a great rack!" NT - nickinoodles
10:48AM 07/09/2005

Howie: the NH was seduced by the dark side, you (Janie) are the last of the jedi force - amynyc
10:50AM 07/09/2005

Howie whispers he is going to walk around with janie's plasma tv card around his neck (to tick off NH) NT - amynyc
10:51AM 07/09/2005

Howie and Janie talking about James (running back & forth, lying, etc.) NT - amynyc
10:53AM 07/09/2005

Janie's cold, just pulled the covers around her and seems to want to stay there in bed .. - amynyc
10:54AM 07/09/2005

Maggot said her mom did such a good job raising her. (ed. Did her mom ever say anything about saying bad things about someone behind their backs?) NT - Spiderman01
10:55AM 07/09/2005

April joins Ivette in BY - complains she has cramps - amynyc
10:58AM 07/09/2005

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