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Maggie said that what Janelle does is unecessarily mean (ed: and the Big "C" comment Maggie made was not??) NT - AlNisa
10:00PM 07/09/2005

April is saying that Ivette and Janelle do have a lot in common, Maggie pissed they're hanging out again - memyselfandi
10:04PM 07/09/2005

Janelle went in gold room, Howie joins AIM in barracks playing with light sabers in bkgd NT - memyselfandi
10:07PM 07/09/2005

Maggie tells April her goodbye message for her is really funny - memyselfandi
10:12PM 07/09/2005

Ivette to Howie: if you want to know who has been 100% honest, Beau, myself and maggie - BHnoah
10:14PM 07/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette alone in HOH room - memyselfandi
10:18PM 07/09/2005

Maggie says she hasn't asked God anything during this game. She just wants to be a better person and that is where God comes in. NT - Yaya007
10:21PM 07/09/2005

April now in BY with Howie / Howie tells April that Janelle doesn't really like Ivette (Ed: d'oh!) - memyselfandi
10:24PM 07/09/2005

F3 has Pseudo-HOH Maggie alone in HOH room on HOH bed with mud mask on face, head phones on and lording over spycam NT - memyselfandi
10:26PM 07/09/2005

April says game will not be over even in sequester - memyselfandi
10:29PM 07/09/2005

April: I always said I didn't want to come in here thinking about the money - memyselfandi
10:40PM 07/09/2005

BB: April, please go to the diary room. (she doesn't) - memyselfandi
10:42PM 07/09/2005

Maggie/Ivette discussing her talking to Howie/Jan.. the money - memyselfandi
10:49PM 07/09/2005

10:54PM 07/09/2005

When they were packing in MB did anyone catch maggie say to april something about her pajamas .. - lizzy
10:55PM 07/09/2005
no. april asked if she needed to pack all ofher pjs and maggie said no. she said on her goodbye message she said "if you are watching this we have - MonsterDubs
10:57PM 07/09/2005

Now we have feeds again without sound. Howie/Janelle talking by washing machine. NT - memyselfandi
10:58PM 07/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette in HOH discuss Ivette talking to Howie and Janelle - MonsterDubs
11:00PM 07/09/2005

The hamsters are awake but still we get F1/F2 - laundry spinning in dryer F3-LR F4-kitchen table NT - memyselfandi
11:03PM 07/09/2005

all feeds are empty rooms (ed- must be my bedtime. didn;t i swear to go to bed early tonight d'oh!) NT - MonsterDubs
11:05PM 07/09/2005

BB: Ivette please go to the diary room. NT - memyselfandi
11:06PM 07/09/2005

Still no one on feeds. All empty rooms. NT - ShelBel
11:16PM 07/09/2005

Janelle comes out of sliding glass door, looks at laundry, not done, goes back inside NT - memyselfandi
11:17PM 07/09/2005

Janelle sits at kitchen table alone to look at memory wall NT - memyselfandi
11:18PM 07/09/2005

Janelle comes to BY to check on clothes (still drying) then goes to dining room to brush hair. NT - crymerci
11:20PM 07/09/2005

F1 & F2 Now show Maggot and Ape in the HOH BR. Iv still in DR. NT - drummer_inblack
11:25PM 07/09/2005

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