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April: "I want tomorrow to be over." Maggie: "Mmm hmm." - Sluggo
2:48PM 07/09/2005
Maggie said Janelle cannot take Ivette to the end cuz Ivette would get James' vote... - Taffy
3:06PM 07/09/2005

A and M are talking about how hard it is to figure out who would vote for whom - Sluggo
2:51PM 07/09/2005

They're both dancing around the point that they have to go with Janelle to the final two - Sluggo
2:55PM 07/09/2005

April: "I don't think his (Howie's) opinion about me has changed." - Sluggo
2:58PM 07/09/2005

I/M/A in BY...About Janelle and America: - Taffy
2:58PM 07/09/2005

Maggie goes inside, leaving April outside alone. NT - Sluggo
2:58PM 07/09/2005

Maggie's back, and it's just all the same strategy talk all over again. NT - Sluggo
2:59PM 07/09/2005

Howie and Janelle in the gold room, similar strategy talk. - Sluggo
3:03PM 07/09/2005

Howie tells Janelle about what the NHers were saying earlier about strategy... - Sluggo
3:06PM 07/09/2005

Howie: "They're not gonna do it." (evict April) "The sides were chosen a long time ago." NT - Sluggo
3:08PM 07/09/2005

April: "I don't have a problem talking to her. There's no need to be rude." - Sluggo
3:13PM 07/09/2005

April: "Money does not solve problems" (to Maggie about Ivette) NT - puck71
3:16PM 07/09/2005

April and Maggie discussing Ivette again. - Sluggo
3:16PM 07/09/2005

Maggie: "There's no right answer in this game. No matter what happens, somebody will get hurt." NT - Sluggo
3:18PM 07/09/2005

Howie tells Janelle to think about that she has two chances - one the HOH and two the veto - tells her not to worry NT - Jana
3:19PM 07/09/2005

H and J in the gold room still, chit chatting. - Sluggo
3:23PM 07/09/2005

cameraman zooms in on aprils butt while she was filling up her and aprils water bottles up... NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
3:24PM 07/09/2005

Janie: "Have you ever woken up with a woman you thought was ugly as hell?" - Sluggo
3:25PM 07/09/2005

maggie starring at memory wall pics... NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
3:25PM 07/09/2005

april and maggie going to lay in chairs in back yard the chair broke and april - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
3:28PM 07/09/2005

3:28PM 07/09/2005

maggie quzing april for hoh comp NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
3:30PM 07/09/2005

april quzing maggie for hoh comp NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
3:30PM 07/09/2005

Howie: (Adult) - Sluggo
3:31PM 07/09/2005

Howie's down for a nap. Janelle's in the BR washing her face, etc. NT - Sluggo
3:38PM 07/09/2005

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