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but maggie saying april still thinks janie is taking ivette instead of april to the f2 NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
9:56AM 07/09/2005

ivette saying i have to f*ing kill myself for that veto i have to fight for myself to get that veto... if janie wins hoh and she puts me up and maggie - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
9:57AM 07/09/2005

maggie keeps sighing then she says 13 more days NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
9:59AM 07/09/2005

maggie starring off into space thinking really hard by the look on her face... NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:00AM 07/09/2005

maggie asking ivette what she is thinking about NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:00AM 07/09/2005

10:02AM 07/09/2005

ivette asking why BB got them up early and maggie said - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:03AM 07/09/2005

f1 is on LR f2 is on kitchen f3/4 are in BY w/ ivette and maggie NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:04AM 07/09/2005

maggie just said i forgot who is on the chopping block NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:07AM 07/09/2005

maggie saying to ivette that they - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:11AM 07/09/2005

ivette saying she believes james did have something w/janie but maggie says - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:11AM 07/09/2005

ivette saying she cant ever forgive james for what happen in week 3 but she says she understands why he turned agaunst cappy but - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:13AM 07/09/2005

now maggie and ivete are having a disscussion on - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:15AM 07/09/2005

maggie saying that everyone that wanted eric gone has gone except for janie and maggie - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:16AM 07/09/2005

maggie going to pee and ivette going inside saying - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:17AM 07/09/2005

but ivette is making another cup of coffee after saying she shouldnt NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:17AM 07/09/2005

ivette having a bowl of frosted flakes NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:18AM 07/09/2005

maggie still in bathroom NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:18AM 07/09/2005

maggie out of bathroom going to wash her hands NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:19AM 07/09/2005

ivette having coffee and cup of ice water and bowl of frosted flakes for breakfast... NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:20AM 07/09/2005

maggie and ivette went back outside NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:20AM 07/09/2005

BB howie please go to the DR maggie saying holy sh*t they are calling us early this time NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:21AM 07/09/2005

Maggie changes batteries, comes back & whispers to Ivette "Let's go outside:... - amynyc
10:21AM 07/09/2005

maggie asking ivette if today is her 2nd day on her period while ivette is eating NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:22AM 07/09/2005

ivette asking if you can grow an apple tree in miami and maggie saying i guess NT - LIVEFEEDWATCHER
10:23AM 07/09/2005

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