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Topic #2431237
fnfish - April goes to ivette in barracks are you ok? 0 Replies #2431237 3:33PM 09/09/2005
A: You know we all prepared for this and that we were going to have to fight this out.
I: I'm fine. (crying) It's just the reality that I knew your key was going to be in there.
Ivette is certain that April will vote her out.
A: You know we all have to fight for ourselves now. I feel like You would pick Maggie and Maggie would pick you. This whole thing makes my stomach hurt. The veto is the only thing that will guarantee safety for you or me or Maggie.
April: What she said was actually really good "You are so good, but you don't give yourself enough credit."
I: I should've done better in that faces veto comp.
A: Woulda' coulda shoulda: I mean I could've won HOH yesterday but I screwed the pooch because Julie messed me up. I feel bad cause I've let all y'all down.

Then April leaves and starts talking about dinner.
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Topic #2431253
amyt92 - More April and Ivette 0 Replies #2431253 3:34PM 09/09/2005
Talking about Janelle's Nomination speech. Janelle said something about Ivette being a good player and not giving herself enough credit for it. Ivette crying because she feels April will pick Maggie over her. April saying that she should have won HOH last night and not "screwed the pooch" and let Julie freak her out
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Topic #2431264
bbfaninaz - April Ivette and Janelle all in the kitchen making dinner, or lunch? NT 0 Replies #2431264 3:34PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431284
bbfaninaz - Janelle said, BB is so cool, like everything I said I like in here, they put in my basket NT 0 Replies #2431284 3:35PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431357
ferretkiss - maggie is chipper. she got back from DR said she requested candles and wine. tlaking about being horny NT 0 Replies #2431357 3:39PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431426
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mags and ivette in BY and they are both on the block and janie is in kitchen chopping up 0 Replies #2431426 3:43PM 09/09/2005
onions and crying from the onions and april went and told mag and ivette that she is crying because of the onions and mags says janie its ok you put us up on the block you dont have to cry about we are ok with it mags is joking of course and now ivette is telling mags she hopes and wants mags to win the veto...
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Topic #2431475
knifey_spooney - Maggie in BY.. tells Ivette that we (The Friendship) must NEVER campaign against each other. NT 0 Replies #2431475 3:47PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431479
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - ivette saying april played like she was weak at times NT 0 Replies #2431479 3:47PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431494
nickinoodles - Ive to Mag: April is a dirty, dirty manipulator... 0 Replies #2431494 3:47PM 09/09/2005
discussing how fishy the nominations are....and that they are both speculating that Ape and Janelle have some sort of deal and that Ape is playing both sides or sold the two of them out.

Mags talks about how April can't stand people not liking her...
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Topic #2431514
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - now ivette saying april has basically been lying the whole time because she said april told the group that 0 Replies #2431514 3:48PM 09/09/2005
there are things I (april) will not due to win the 500k and that means i will not talk to the s6 group to win the 500k...
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Topic #2431521
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - ivette saying to mags that we have to win the veto or we r screwed NT 0 Replies #2431521 3:49PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431538
knifey_spooney - Ivette says that either her or Maggie need the veto, or they weren't meant to be there.. Maggie says "I have to win the veto" NT 0 Replies #2431538 3:49PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431548
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - ivette asking why doesnt BB give them a tread mill comp and mag says cause its to easy ivette saying 0 Replies #2431548 3:50PM 09/09/2005
no its not some of us cant run for more than an hour and some of us can...
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Topic #2431559
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - janie in kitchen making nachos i think for everyone NT 0 Replies #2431559 3:51PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431569
ferretkiss - ivette to maggie: if we dont get that veto, if i dont get that veto.... 0 Replies #2431569 3:51PM 09/09/2005
maggie does not answer then says: i have to get that veto.
ivette is fishing with the expectation that maggie is on her side. maggie not answering to this. no direct talk from either one about it, either ivette asking maggie if she will save her, or maggie telling ivette how she will vote.
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Topic #2431571
amIsane - Magg and Ivette both at table very quiet in deep thought NT 0 Replies #2431571 3:52PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431593
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - janie had told maggie at least i didnt say i put you up there as a 0 Replies #2431593 3:53PM 09/09/2005
pawn and maggie said it doesnt matter how you word it when you put some one up and janie said yes it does cause when you say im putting someone up as a pawn its basically saying i dont think your a strong enough player to evict and maggie just kinda agreed and laughed..
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Topic #2431609
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mag and ivet going to play volleyball NT 0 Replies #2431609 3:54PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431621
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mag told ivet we will go get janie and april and it will be 2 against 2 lol.... NT 1 Replies #2431621 3:54PM 09/09/2005
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Veruta - This was meant in the context of playing volleyball. NT #2431774 4:03PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431630
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - ivette plz go to the DR... NT 0 Replies #2431630 3:55PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431665
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mag getting volleyball thingy set up now april in BY with mags and ivette gone 0 Replies #2431665 3:56PM 09/09/2005
to DR and janie is still in kitchen.... (janie is such a good person i mean to cook for people that trash her and hate her that takes a very strong loving person to do something like that..)
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Topic #2431681
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - mag and april counting how far back the out of bounds should be for volleyball NT 0 Replies #2431681 3:57PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431685
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - janie washing something in kitchen. NT 0 Replies #2431685 3:58PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431702
LIVEFEEDWATCHER - F1 BY F2 BY F 3 LR F4 kitchen NT 0 Replies #2431702 3:58PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2431732
bbfaninaz - April is totally lying to Maggie saying she NEVER told Janelle that both her and Ivette would take Maggie to the final three NT 0 Replies #2431732 4:00PM 09/09/2005
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