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Topic #2432356
cussler - I: I hope they aren't portraying me in a nasty way..(ed: just saying the truth, sweetheart) NT 0 Replies #2432356 4:42PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432376
Zazny - M: I really hope my family isn't suffering the consequences of me going on this show NT 0 Replies #2432376 4:42PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432393
Zazny - A: [They may make us look like bad people] We have lives. I have to have a job to go back to NT 0 Replies #2432393 4:43PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432423
Zazny - A: I'm not talking to DR. I'm not commenting on this; I: 10 more days of being portrayed as a bitch NT 0 Replies #2432423 4:44PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432442
memyselfandi - Ivette laying it out for April and Maggie that America must view them all as awful people 0 Replies #2432442 4:45PM 09/09/2005
Ivette says she is going to have to do some explaining when they leave the house.

April doesn't understand.

Then Ivette says she can kind of understand for her not getting AC because the latin community in Miami probably doesn't watch the show but she doesn't understand how April didn't win as a married woman from small town Texas or Maggie as a nurse and married to a firefighter and had a firefighter for a partner.

Ivette says Janelle has no morals and no soul in the house and is not going to reward her for that.

April: My only hope is that one of us will win the 500,000.

I don't put anything past Big Brother. They have done so many things that I never would have imagined.

Ivette says the morals and integrity of the game dictate that one of the F3 wins the big money at the end and BB better not mess with that.

Lots of Janellousy and they're wondering how they are being portrayed. They all speculate that she goes in the diary room and rips on all of them as much as her.

Ivette: Because why else would you play a great game and forget to be nice to people?

Maggie really hopes her family isn't badly affected by her going on the show.

April tearing up talking about how unfair BB must be portraying her after how well her family raised her "For that to go in the sh!tter for them to slice and dice this sh!t to make us look like bad people..."
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Topic #2432452
knifey_spooney - NH hoping BB doesn't edit them badly... 0 Replies #2432452 4:45PM 09/09/2005
April says "We" have real jobs to go back to, we make a real living... her job is to talk about sex...

Maggie hopes her parents aren't ashamed of how she is being portrayed on TV, says it will kill her..

Ivette says thats what happens when you sign a release. Ivette says her mother knows that isn't really her (Maggie) on TV. Maggie says the town of Sebastapol doesn't know...

Ivette says that she only cares what her family and Maggie and her family think. The rest of the people don't matter.
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Topic #2432494
amynyc - Ivette - I am not gonna lie at all & say that I didn't bash Janelle. But she bashed me too, but they (BB) probably didn't put it on! 0 Replies #2432494 4:46PM 09/09/2005
Ivette- Janie says she only dates someone who makes $250,000 plus

Maybe she goes into DR and says she's just playing with us.
But, I am not gonna reward her for that.
Unless she knows something we don't and America is gonna vote for the winner.

Maggie - I really hope my family isn't suffering the consequences of me being on this show,
April complains about BB editing to make them look bad. We have real, credible jobs we are going back to, not like her job (cocktail waitress).

April doesn't want to talk to DR anymore.

Ivette- BB portraying me as a bitch.

Maggie worried about her mom, and what people in her small hometown are seeing and thinking about her.

Ivette - it's just tv, people should know better.

(Umm, it's the live feeds that are doing you guys in!!)
(Little do they know BB shows portray them okay and leave a LOT of their bashing and hateful comments out!)
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Topic #2432515
Zazny - Ivette says people who watch the show and can't separate between "real" and "t.v." are bad people 0 Replies #2432515 4:47PM 09/09/2005
Ivette told Maggie that her mom knows the real maggie. Maggie says "not the town of Sebastapol."

I: I honestly do not care. Maybe I came on this show to realize it is just t.v.
A: Not everybody knows it's just t.v. if they're not here. Like my job will not know if it's just t.v. This just t.v. can ruin my job.

April is wiping away tears now.

M: This makes us not want to play

I: I knew Janelle would win. I'm not going to get down in the dumps for it though. Nobody forced me [to come on this show]. I wanted to come on this show. This is my payback. This is a kick in the ass to say be careful what you wish for.

Ivette says that Tush and some other friends didn't sign the contract (so they were her choices before Beau!?)
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Topic #2432542
knifey_spooney - April says her job will not understand that it is "just TV"... this "just TV" (portrayal) will ruin her job. 0 Replies #2432542 4:48PM 09/09/2005
Ivette is saying she should have known that Janelle was going to get it, Janelle gets whatever she wants.

Maggie says BB must have known that it would hurt their self esteem not to be picked.

Ivette saying that she doesn't give a sh-t about it, because she signed a contract, and she must be being portrayed badly on TV. She said everyone told her to be careful signing a contract, Tush and her friend Mario wouldn't sign it, thats why they didn't get "flown out"... and then FISH
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Topic #2432545
memyselfandi - Maggie: They had to know that this would hurt our feelings and make us not want to play. 0 Replies #2432545 4:48PM 09/09/2005
Ivette is now saying she doesn't care it's just TV. They all say they don't care about the prize but April is worried about how people at her job will see her. They won't know it's TV.

Ivette: "This is a big kick in the @ss saying careful what you wish for."

Ivette is telling them this is what they signed up for, but then she starts talking about all the people who didn't sign release forms: Tush, her friend Mario and we get FISH briefly
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Topic #2432556
Zazny - I: They can portray me how they want, but I can see my mom saying 'that's not my Ivey' 0 Replies #2432556 4:48PM 09/09/2005
(ed: Ivette's mom said the opposite on Thursday's show)
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Topic #2432600
knifey_spooney - Ivette sure her mom is at home watching the show and saying "Thats not my Ivie" .. 0 Replies #2432600 4:50PM 09/09/2005
She says she isn't taking back anything she f--ing said about her!

April says she doesn't talk trash about "her" in the DR.

Ivette says obviously they don't show on TV that Janelle leaves all her dirty underwear everywhere and they have to clean up after her all the time.
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Topic #2432629
Zazny - M: Her winning is not the problem, it's the thought we may be seen different than we thought NT 1 Replies #2432629 4:51PM 09/09/2005
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BB6Addict - ... and different "from how we see each other." NT #2432850 4:59PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432659
knifey_spooney - April: I talk sh-t about her! Absolutely! 0 Replies #2432659 4:52PM 09/09/2005
April says she couldn't give a rats a-- about seeing/meeting Charlie Sheen, it would have been cool, but she doesn't care.

Maggie says it means they (NH) are not being portrayed properly on TV, not how they see each other.

April says it must be because the producers can't put half of what Janelle says on TV, its all X-rated.
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Topic #2432707
IHateApril - Ivette thinks America hates her because she is a lesbian. NT 0 Replies #2432707 4:54PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432708
knifey_spooney - Ivette thinks America hates gay people. 0 Replies #2432708 4:54PM 09/09/2005
"Guess what America? I'm going to go back to Miami and be a big ol' lesbian, be a waitress, back to her loud ass family"

Ivette says if America comes up to her and tells her she is a bitch, she will say "F-- you!!"
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Topic #2432706
Zazny - A: It sucks they're being so selective of her...I guess they can't put half of what she says 0 Replies #2432706 4:54PM 09/09/2005
A: Half of what she says is X-Rated so what footage can we use of her? Not a lot. [ed: remember the HOH conversations where the Nerd Herd talked about sex, not to mention their constant bashing]
M: I can't believe I said 'does that mean you're gonna share the plasma and trip.' And she said no. I love it.
I (making fun of Jan): I never win anything!

A thinks we hate her because she's a lesbian.

I: If America comes to talk to me about what a ***** bitch I was, I'd say ***** you. They'll say 'oh you're that bitch' and I'll say '***** you!' '***** Janelle hater' '***** you and your ***** kids!' Obviously it pays to be a bitch, so why not go out there and be a ***** bitch.

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Topic #2432725
knifey_spooney - Ivette about America "F--- you..f-- you and you and your f--ing kids!" NT 0 Replies #2432725 4:55PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432737
bbfaninaz - Ivettes says I am a hoot to watch, come on!! NT 0 Replies #2432737 4:55PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432742
neator35 - Ivette Says she's a Fu*#ing Riot to watch in the diary room!! NT 0 Replies #2432742 4:55PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432743
Zazny - Ivette doesn't understand how the Nerd Herd isn't hysterical and fun to watch NT 0 Replies #2432743 4:55PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432761
Zazny - A: S.O.S. could be the first person to lose their partner wins America's Choice? Who knows! NT 0 Replies #2432761 4:56PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432768
neator35 - April thinks only men are watching NT 0 Replies #2432768 4:56PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432770
bbfaninaz - April trying to say that ameicas choice was to give it to the first person who lost a partner NT 0 Replies #2432770 4:56PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2432783
imnotpunk - April: 75% of the viewers must be male NT 0 Replies #2432783 4:57PM 09/09/2005
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