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Topic #2434038
bbaddict2005 - A: can we cuddle tonight: i need some love 0 Replies #2434038 6:09PM 09/09/2005
maggie: yeah - big time
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Topic #2434047
cags - April to Maggie: Can we cuddle tonight I think I need some love NT 0 Replies #2434047 6:10PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434062
bbaddict2005 - Maggie: i can't wait for her to come back (sarcastically) NT 0 Replies #2434062 6:10PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434065
cags - Maggie: Sarcastically "I can't wait for her to come back" NT 0 Replies #2434065 6:11PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434104
bbaddict2005 - April: let's take turns taking showers 0 Replies #2434104 6:13PM 09/09/2005
M: i don't feel like it right now
I: why did they wake us up so early.
A: what are you going to say if you're sitting at the end with her
I; i'm not
A: none of us are safe - i hope we all understand that there are always hidden agendas
I: i don't think i'm on her hidden agenda she told me she was a great player maggie was just someone to fill a spot so, she needs to at least guarantee that she's sitting in the top two, right? she knows that i'm determined when it comes to longevity. If it comes to being skilled she knows I know the whole order of everything. I know a lot about this house. I'm going to give her a run for her money. It wouldn't be smart for her to take me - she'd be better to take you - -

now april and ivette arguing about how april isn't a weak player
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Topic #2434113
bbaddict2005 - A: I still think she thinks she has a chance to win $500 for her to give up to her is the dumbest thing ever NT 0 Replies #2434113 6:14PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434123
nickinoodles - Ive saying that Janelle wouldn't take Ivette b/c... 0 Replies #2434123 6:14PM 09/09/2005
she knows Ive is good at comps...memory comps especially...endurance comps...so instead she'd take April, who needs time to think and gets frazzled...

Ape: i only did that twice

Ive: three times

Ape: twice

Ive: three times

Ape twice...
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Topic #2434130
ferretkiss - Mag: Her thing to get in here was Theres No Limit To What I'll Do to get the Money, right?........... 0 Replies #2434130 6:15PM 09/09/2005
Apr: i dont even know who she is.
Apr: I need some love (talking about sex when they get out)
Apr: these zits have all been caused by BB. i have one here and one under here. no its stress, im constantly touching my face. im serious, are yall looking at me every night going shes a f*cking pepperoni pizza?
mag: No!

talking about their dirty feet, they feel gross, nasty.

Iv: What the f*ck did they wake us up so early for today? If we arent going to win anything.
Apr: She had to nominate two people today. None of us are safe. Ive f*ckin asked and asked.

Iv: She told me im a great player and I dont give myself enough credit. Maggie is just there to fill the spot. She needs to be standing there in the top two. she knows im good at putting things in order, and im good at things about the house.

Iv talking about how April gets frazzled in comps. April thinks she (Jan)is still going for the 500 thousand. vV says she has to take someone who is not going to give her a run for the money, and that person is me, and possibly Maggie. [ed: major put down for April right to her face, interesting.]

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Topic #2434132
bbaddict2005 - Ivette telling April she's a better player than April, that's why janelle will take april to the end 1 Replies #2434132 6:15PM 09/09/2005
maggie just listening taking it all in
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Queen_Laury - Ape doesn't understand Evilette's Argument #2434204 6:19PM 09/09/2005
Evilette says that Janie is strategically knocking off the greatest threat in getting to the top 2 -- Evilette. Ape says JANELLE IS SO SELFISH THAT SHE REALLY THINKS SHE CAN WHEN THE $500,000 -- so it doesn't matter who she competes against.
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Topic #2434160
bbaddict2005 - april telling ivette janelle can win the money over ivette 0 Replies #2434160 6:17PM 09/09/2005
maggie disagreeing
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Topic #2434190
bbaddict2005 - talking too fast to transcribe, but basically trying to convince each other who janelle would or would not take to the end NT 0 Replies #2434190 6:19PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434200
memyselfandi - April: I don't put anything past her. I don't trust her. I just don't even know her. (long) 0 Replies #2434200 6:19PM 09/09/2005
Maggie says none of them know who she is.

Maggie: Because her thing in here was there's no limit to what I'll do to get the money (Maggie mumbles barely sounding like she even believes it anymore)

April is upset because she has stress pimples under her chin.

"Be honest. DOn't you look at me every night thinking I'm a f'ing pepperoni pizza."

Maggie and IVette: NO!

Ivette's again complaining about them waking her up early.

What are you going to say if you're sitting at the end with her?

I'm not!

April says that none of them are safe and they need to understand that.

April is saying Janelle could have "hidden agendas."

Ivette not hearing it, said Janelle told her that she's a better BB player than she gives her credit for. Ivette says Janelle knows if Ivette wins HOH she's not going to be taken to the final two.

April is saying that Janelle has to be thinking about who she can win the money against.

April: I still think she thinks she has a chance to win the 500,000.

Ivette says it's dumb for Janelle to think that. Is saying that Ivette would be evicted this week because she's the person who could most give her a run for the money, then Maggie, then April.

Ivette is saying Janelle must see that April is slow with answers and that Ivette has a good memory for the shows and was the only one who did the pinata thing right.

April: I think with how selfish she is, I don't think she's going to sit there and think $50,000.

April doesn't think Janelle gives a sh!t over who she evicts, but that Janelle thinks she can most win the money over Ivette.

Ivette quietly: YOu think that?

Ivette thinks Janelle wants her gone because she won't get as much competition and she has to get rid of Ivette to secure James' vote. April thinks Janelle wants her gone because she thinks April might be a possible vote for Ivette.
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Topic #2434203
bbaddict2005 - A: she's just glad to be in final three - she doesn't give a sh*t whos here with her NT 0 Replies #2434203 6:19PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434224
kristinek - April trying to convince M & I that Janelle thinks 0 Replies #2434224 6:21PM 09/09/2005
Ivette is the one she wants to go against in the final 2 because she thinks she can beat Ivette. Saying Janie thinks she can get the 500K and thinks going beside Ivette is her best chance. I & Mag skeptical over this.
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Topic #2434230
bbaddict2005 - A: (to M) you're in a great place this week 0 Replies #2434230 6:21PM 09/09/2005
M: how do you figure
A just the way she's talking - you know I & me will take you to final 2
you deserve it you deserve to be in that place
Maggie is completely silent
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Topic #2434253
Taffy - M/I/A in Hammok... 0 Replies #2434253 6:24PM 09/09/2005
BB...Ivette please stop playing with your microphone...
Ivette: (really loud) Oh please! Please! You never f*ck*ng tell Janelle to not play with her microphone! I'm playing with it ***** today! (they're all laughing)
BB...Ivette, thank you...
I:(still yelling) Oh! Kill me with kindness (hands up in the air)kill me with kindness...WHHHHYYYY???...
M: What more do you want from me?
I: (repeating loudly) What more do you want from me?
BB...Ivette, thank you very much
Maggie screams with clenched fists up in the air...
April: oh, whatever
I: (yelling) You're welcome! what more do you want from me? Obviuosly being a loud life lesbian wasn't enough..NO! I have to be trailer park trash to be liked around here
(all laughing)
April: thank you Ivette
I: (mocking Jan) Sorry BB it was my big boobies

Now they're talking about where Jan puts her microphone and if she (Ivette) did that she'll be hearing BB calling her on it ...Then they talk about something that happened yesterday with Jan's microphone and someone from prodution told Jan really nicely to fix (or if they could fix it for her) while M/A micr. were tangled too and no one offered them help (ed. note: maybe if they were less unpleasant toward the crew, they'd treat them in kind)
Ivette (after a rant of all the horrible things she's gone trhu in the house) They don't care about the f*ck*ng minorities around here!
A: nope, they discriminate
M: nope, they're racist
I: You gotta be the all American girl from next door that f**ks everybody in sight to get sh!t
M: oh, no, OMG (ed. note: Maggie has caught on that she has to watch what she says in the house, but instead of Advising Ivette, she's just letting her shoot her mouth and dig herself in deeper...some friend)
I: you think I care at this point Maggie?
M: No
I: Cuz whatever else America has to offer, we ain't getting it, so, what does it f*ck*ng matter?
A: I swear to God, I'm not even going to that third safe if I'm here
I: she's three for three, I'm telling you
A: there's no fricken need
I: When they open up that thing and we're going shopping, you just know that your rack is gonna be full of K-Mart (they all laugh)
A: it's gonna be BB
I: we're gonna be sponsored by K-mart and she's gonna be Neiman Marcus' last call...

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Topic #2434255
Queen_Laury - Ape Asks Maggot to declare who she would pick if was between Ape and Evilette NT 0 Replies #2434255 6:24PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434259
bbaddict2005 - A: asking maggie who she'd take to the end Maggie: no i wouldn't say - that's not cool 0 Replies #2434259 6:24PM 09/09/2005
A: for me to know - i wouldn't tell her
M: no - because I wouldn't tell her
M: it's none of janelles business - it's friendship matter only
M: did she ask you
A: kinda
M what'd she say
A: she said she knew I'd take you not her
M: i mean, you pretty much said that out on the patio today
A: i was saying what she thinks i didn't tell her what i'd do
M: you think i'm in a better position
A: all you need to do is not win the veto and you're ok - you're in a safe spt
M: there are no guarantees in this game
M: I have to win the veto - that's it it's all i've got
M: i'm not going to ask ivette
A: that's why we honestly all have to play for it
Ivette comes back - talk becomes generic again
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Topic #2434266
memyselfandi - Maggie says who Maggie is taking to Final 2 is "friendship matters only" 0 Replies #2434266 6:25PM 09/09/2005
Maggie says it's none of Janelle's business. She won't tell April because she wouldn't tell Ivette either.

April tells Maggie "this sounds stupid but" all she has to do is not win the veto and she's OK.

Maggie says there's no guarantees in this game. She HAS to win the veto to stay in the game. There's no guarantees.
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Topic #2434302
bbaddict2005 - A: i wonder how long it usually takes for her to ... live audience, do you think? 0 Replies #2434302 6:28PM 09/09/2005
M: i have no idea
I; nah
A: did you hear my stomach?
I; we slept at what - 5:00?
ivette goes somewhere, maggie & april sitting in nom chairs
ivette back - looks like she's going to clip her nails
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Topic #2434311
bbaddict2005 - Ivette clipping her toenails on the couch - nails flying everywhere (eww) NT 0 Replies #2434311 6:29PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434320
bbaddict2005 - I: it really bothers me to be portrayed as someone who is jealous because i'm never jealous of anyone 0 Replies #2434320 6:30PM 09/09/2005
M: yep
I I never think that i'm better than anybody
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Topic #2434323
SassyPrncess - Iv: It really bothers me to be portrayed as somebody who is jealous. I am never jealous of anyone YKWIS? NT 0 Replies #2434323 6:30PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2434329
kristinek - Mag asking how long Jan has been gone...5:00? 0 Replies #2434329 6:31PM 09/09/2005
Ivette clipping toenails, Maggie filing her fingernails, April asks if everyone heard her stomache growl...Ivette says it bothers her to be portrayed as being jealous as she's never jealous of anyone. She never thinks that she's better than anyone...
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Topic #2434338
bbaddict2005 - I: you have to see how long my nails were 0 Replies #2434338 6:31PM 09/09/2005
A: i know - i love cutting them short
Ivette holding up her nail clippings - - look - look at how long they were
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