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Topic #2437505
scoobydoo - Janie talking about the pony she was promised and never got 0 Replies #2437505 11:13PM 09/09/2005
Ivette had a horse when she was little and so did her brother. Her father traded them?
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Topic #2437506
knifey_spooney - Janelle gripes that she was promised a pony for her "golden birthday" when she turned 10, she is still bitter... lol 0 Replies #2437506 11:13PM 09/09/2005
IVette says she was promised a pool when she moved to a new house, and she is still traumatised that she didnt' get it.

Janelle rehashing the pony story, she says it is still very traumatising for her, they moved a few months before her birthday, to a place where she couldn't have a pony. She was mad. When she was 11 one of her friends was selling a pony and she wanted it sooo bad... she even named it Goldie, after golden birthday.

Ivette said that her and her brothers had a pony at her dads house.
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Topic #2437507
memyselfandi - Janelle and Ivette are continuing to have a long conversation about movies/music the like 0 Replies #2437507 11:13PM 09/09/2005
Ivette is asking a lot of questions and Janelle is telling Ivette about a lot of movies and musicians that she likes that Ivette hasn't heard of. Maggie is sitting there sourfaced/tightlipped watching Ivette like a hawk and not laughing when Ivette and Janelle both are.

Some tidbits:

Janelle knows the Sweet Valley High books really well. Ivette read them too. Janelle read Gone with the Wind like five times. She loves the movie and how strong and fiery Scarlett gets and how she changes (ED: Me too!) She loves the movie "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" (Ed: ME TOO!!!)

Janelle played the flute, was in band. She was in chorus, the church choir. She played the piccolo in symphony band and played the clarinet for a few months.

Ivette tells Janelle she was very wholesome when she was little. Janelle asks why Ivette doesn't think she's wholesome anymore. "I don't play the flute or figure skate anymore, but hell I'm 25."

Janelle can play "November Rain" on the flute and Phil Collins.

Janelle stopped playing the flute because she was afraid of getting wrinkles on her face.

Maggie starts dying with laughter and pulls the blanket over her face.

Janelle wants to play November Rain at her wedding. Ivette jokes, oh are you going to play it on the flute? Janelle: "Yes I am." Ivette says her brother wants to have a wedding just like the video in November Rain but Janelle says the guy dies at the end.

Maggie dies with laughter again after Janelle says that and Ivette asks her what. maggie says she's just having fun and Ivette tells her it's an evil laugh.

Ivette-Janelle resume a conversation about how Janie wanted to play the piano as a kid really bad but her mom didn't want to get a piano for the house and is pissed that she never learned (ed: ME TOO! This is freaky.)
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Topic #2437577
scoobydoo - Janelle's mom is around 45; Ivette's mom is 57 0 Replies #2437577 11:18PM 09/09/2005
Janelle talking about her family. Her sister is 10 and the only child of her mother & stepfather. Her father and soon-to-be stepmother don't plan on any more kids. Said her mom was young.
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Topic #2437600
knifey_spooney - Janelle says her sister has 2 horses. Her parents can now affoard to board her some horses. Ivette asking about her parents divorce. 0 Replies #2437600 11:19PM 09/09/2005
She wants to know how old Janies sister is, how long her mom and step-father knew each other, did Janies mom get pregnant right away? Janelle says that her sister was born when she was 15. Ivette asking about her step-siblings, Janelle says they are really nice, she gets along with them. Ivette wonders if Janelles father and soon to be step mother will have kids? Janelle says no.

Ivette wonders if Janelles mom will have more kids? Janelle says she is too old, 47. Janelle says that there is exactly 19 years difference between Janelle and her mother. Janelle doesn't think people should have kids after 40, Ivette agrees, says it is dangerous.

Janelle says when she was young, all her moms friends were young and didn't have kids. Janelle says that her mom is really pretty, is hot. Ivette says that it looks like she still takes care of herself. Ivette wants to know if she looks like her mother? Janelle says not really, she looks like her grandfather.

Ivette says that she (Iv) does not look like her mom at all.

Ivette and Janelle discussing having a gap between the thighs (like APril) Ivette wants one, so does Janelle, Janie says she wants lipo to get it.

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Topic #2437632
knifey_spooney - April back from DR. Is sitting in bed next to Ivette (don't know where Maggie went) 0 Replies #2437632 11:22PM 09/09/2005
Janelle says her mom is young and cool, and she loves her because she can talk to her about anything. She says she isn't a "hip" mom, like she isn't into the same music, but she can talk to her about anything and they get along so well.

Ivette talks about someone she knows that has a 26 year old daughter and a 7 year old.

Janelle talking about her mom going back to school since the divorce.

April changes the subject to them calling Kaysar to the DR, and then FISH
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Topic #2437642
knifey_spooney - April says she can't wait for it to be over. Janelle says its crazy that they are only there for 10 more days.. pauses and add "if we make it" NT 0 Replies #2437642 11:22PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2437672
knifey_spooney - Janelle says she can't wait to see Kaysar, Michael, Howie, Rachel, Ashlea and Sarah... she says she really really liked Sarah. April agrees and adds 0 Replies #2437672 11:24PM 09/09/2005
that Sarah is going to be pissed that she evicted her boyfriend. Janelle laughs and says that she won't be pissed.

Maggie comes back looking sour.

Janie called to DR, and as she leaves, they start whispering about her.
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Topic #2437681
BHnoah - Janelle went to DR-- I,M&A in GR Ivette looking @ Maggie "you don't believe it" 0 Replies #2437681 11:25PM 09/09/2005
M; no, not a word
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Topic #2437721
knifey_spooney - Maggie suddenly able to talk in order to bash Janelle. Ivette recounting to April that Janie used to be so wholesome and now she is evil. 0 Replies #2437721 11:28PM 09/09/2005
Maggie laughs evilly. Ivette says too little to late to have a human side. April agrees. They are picking apart everything Janelle said and bashing her.

April snarks that Janelle says that she wants to take them all shopping to some mall, Maggie snorts about this. Ivette says is she sweet? Is she evil? I don't get it.
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Topic #2437730
knifey_spooney - Maggie says she only says that she knows about books and movies because she is now trying to relate to "us" NT 0 Replies #2437730 11:28PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2437744
knifey_spooney - Ivette says she was talking about November Rain.. April says I loooove that movie! Ivette: Thats not a movie thats a song. NT 0 Replies #2437744 11:29PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2437761
Jabbasan - Maggie cackling ?? Janelle called to DR ... 0 Replies #2437761 11:30PM 09/09/2005
Janelle called to DR .. IMA immediately bashing her .. Maggie keeps cackling for NO reason .. why on earth is she cackling like that ?
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Topic #2437795
scoobydoo - Ivette shocked that she likes the same things Janelle does NT 0 Replies #2437795 11:31PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2437813
knifey_spooney - Ivette recounts that Janelle joked that there was 4 of her (in the mirror) she says "shoot me now" 0 Replies #2437813 11:32PM 09/09/2005
April says she is just being nice to account for all possibilites.

Maggie: "Who cares"

April says she is only being nice for one of 2 scenarios. You are on the jury or she is sitting next to you at the end.

Ivette says that she can relate to everything she says... how does she know that she can relate to November Rain, to horses.

Maggie says she picked it up along the way, she hears you say things and then brings it up later... she throws stuff out and sees if you bite.

Ivettte says she is f----ing psychic.
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Topic #2437890
knifey_spooney - Maggie not buying that Ivette and Janelle have anything in common. Maggie tells Ivette that if she really wanted to f-- with her, she could easily 0 Replies #2437890 11:36PM 09/09/2005
do it. She says there is no way Ivette and Janelle really have anything in common, it is all a trick for Janelle to try and relate to her.
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Topic #2437912
memyselfandi - Ivette/Maggie/April dissecting Janelle's "human side" - Ivette grows spine 0 Replies #2437912 11:37PM 09/09/2005
They ask Maggie was up with the laughter. Maggie can't really explain it other than she's in disbelief and she's tired of being sad all the time.

Ivette is convinced Janelle wasn't making up all that stuff about the flute but insists it won't change her vote. She'll vote for April over Janelle she says. She's sticking to the promise. Ivette is confused though about Janelle.

Ivette: Is she sweet? Is she not sweet? Does she really have this really human side?

Maggie says NO.

Maggie says Janelle's just trying to relate to us.

Ivette wonders if they're telling her that the votes can change and she should try.

April speculates that Janelle is being nice to everyone so that in any scenario she's safe, whether the Fs are on the jury or sitting next to her.

Ivette: I can relate to everything she says!

Maggie says that Ivette has said little things along the way that Ivette has gone along.

Ivette is saying she hasn't said anything about Gone with the wind or November rain!

Ivette says Janelle is an f'ing psychic. Maggie says Janelle is just gaming her.

Ivette: Maggie you could not pull that sh!t out of your ass!

Maggie claims she could if she wanted to f'k with Ivette. Talk about places in Miami. Talk about dogs.

Then Ivette says she can't sleep in gold room. doesn't like the energy of this room.

Ivette is now telling Maggie that if Maggie keeps pushing her to sleep in the gold room she'll get mad.

Maggie finally says if the vibes bother her then she's going to sleep in barracks.

Maggie: I can't NOT sleep with you.

Ivette is telling Maggie and April to sleep in gold room together.

Ivette is telling Maggie and April they are strange for needed to sleep in barracks with her. April and Maggie get pissed. Ivette repeats they are SO WEIRD. (Ed: Please stay this way Ivette!)
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Topic #2437930
knifey_spooney - Ivette says she is sleeping in the Barracks. Maggie: NO! You are sleeping in this f--ing bed with us! 0 Replies #2437930 11:38PM 09/09/2005
Ivette says no, she doesn't feel comfortable. Maggie says no, you are f--ing sleeping with us in here.

Ivette arguing, says that she will not, she does not feel comfortable. Maggie can't understand, asks why. Ivette says that she doesn't force Maggie into things, MAggie says that she does, she tried to make her eat apples.

Ivette doesn't like the vibe of the GR, she is sleeping in the Barracks. Maggie says fine, we are sleeping in there with you.

They move into the Barracks.
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Topic #2437972
memyselfandi - Now April and Maggie are making fun of Ivette's vibes 0 Replies #2437972 11:41PM 09/09/2005
April asks if Cubans are really big into vibes or something. Ivette says she doesn't know from Cubans, she just knows them.

Maggie asks Ivette what color her energy is. Ivette says shut up. They discuss auras.

Ivette continues to tell them she can't be in the gold room. (I can't hear her well but I think she is discussing she doesn't like either the rats being so close to that room or the pictures of the evicted Sovs staring at her)

Ivette: It's not about the game. It's about me.
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Topic #2437983
Taffy - During ivette and Jan's convo Maggie just got up and left the room... 0 Replies #2437983 11:42PM 09/09/2005
April comes in after a few mins...Now it's Ivette who gets up and leaves...Maggie comes back in smiling...Jan asks her why is she smiling and she says...nothing, I'm having a good day...
BB calls Janey to DR...Janey says I'm just gonna say goodnight now cuz I'm gonna go straight to bed...
Now I/M/A start disecting...Like expected, they are making fun of all the things Jan said about her childhood...
Ivette says it's all too little too late...April talking again about her convo with Jan about POV...
Ivette: is she sweet, is she not sweet?
April: I don't know...
Ivette: I'm confused...
April and Ivette going back and forth abouthow Jan seems human at times...Maggie's quiet...Maggie is laughing now, but I missed why,
(ed. note: she has a really unpleasant laugh)...
Ivette is saying it's uncanny how many things Jan says that she can relate too...Maggie is insisting that Jan has been eavesdropping on her...
Ivette says there's no way, she could have pulled that out of her arse...
Maggie tells her she can do it too, she would just haver to tell her things about Miami...
Now Maggie is telling her she has to sleep there with her (in GR bed)...
Ivette says no and to stop insisting cuz she's p*ss*ng her off...
Maggie asks why and Ivette says it's the energy of the room...so they all go to sleep to the barraks...
(ed. note: it's no vibe...Ivette does not want to sleep with them in the same bed, that's why she slept on the HOH floor that night...)
Ivette: you guys are just strange...
April: you did not just say that...
Ivette: you guys are so weird...
April: what! if you say that ***** one more time...
I: you guys are so weird...
Maggie: April we're weirdos, get in bed with me mo'fo'...
Maggie giggling to April: do you need another beer...
Ivette keeps talking about vibes...
A: do Cubans are like big into vibes...
Maggie: what aura do I have around me?...
I: shut up
Then she goes on to tell them she likes her space...they concur
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Topic #2438016
KooKooForKaysar - April: "I love you guys"...Maggie "I seriously love you guys"..Ivette "Mm hmm..." NT 0 Replies #2438016 11:45PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2438043
knifey_spooney - Maggie turns to Ivette after April goes to the BR and says I have a question for you: 0 Replies #2438043 11:47PM 09/09/2005
She asks "Have I been the most serious player in the game, or have I had fun too?"

Ivette says that people may think that she has been the most serious, but
Ivette thinks that she has been fun.

Maggie: I love you

Ivette: I love you too.
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Topic #2438065
SassyPrncess - M: This game is NOTHING without us. We have made this game AWESOME, ok? (giving pep talk) NT 1 Replies #2438065 11:48PM 09/09/2005
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SassyPrncess - M: They can't help it that they put so many people in here that love each other so much. NT #2438131 11:52PM 09/09/2005
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Topic #2438085
knifey_spooney - April comes back from the Bathroom and says I love you guys so much it makes me cry. 0 Replies #2438085 11:49PM 09/09/2005
(She is actually crying)

They all declare their love for each other.

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Topic #2438106
knifey_spooney - Maggie says BB can lick her ball sack, and BB says "Thank you very much" NT 0 Replies #2438106 11:50PM 09/09/2005
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