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Topic #7881281
Jokerette - Pool playing right now - nothing happening NT 0 Replies #7881281 12:08AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881327
Jokerette - Jen sitting in ryan's lap 0 Replies #7881327 12:19AM 16/02/2008
general chitchat. talking about loose guys. Guys can't get what they want. Girls have choice. Sheila didn't know that. She has been with amazing guys in her life. She loves men, world wouldn't be right without them. She wants a parnter but it didn't work out. Jen asks interent boyfriend? Yes, met one off myspace.

He drank. Never physical. Give people 2nd chances. I came off as being horrible to you, I judged you wrong. Interesting life for 25. (talking to jen and ryan) People can be whoever they want to be. I didn't know.

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Topic #7881352
Jokerette - amanda and sharon on couch. 0 Replies #7881352 12:24AM 16/02/2008
amanda she likes alex, she can have him. (Talking about the wood) that it's fake.

A: I don't know what to do.

SHiela I'm not happy. Only comfort is my bed. I'm in a sleeping bag with a stranger who said something to me who turned me off. Only thing i care about is what my family and friends think. If I could have gotten into bed and sleep, I would have been normal. I got to know you, I like you (to Adam) You got a lot going on. Noone else was in a sleeping bag with him. Other girls wouldn't be happy either. We are opposites.

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Topic #7881414
scandalous - Matt & Alli sitting in Matt's bed, he said he wants to sleep next to Alli so they can enjoy each other NT 0 Replies #7881414 12:35AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881476
scandalous - Matt talking to Sheila in the bedroom; said I like you're little friend (Alli)... 0 Replies #7881476 12:44AM 16/02/2008
Sheila said, "of course, she's beautiful."

Sheila said why not, you two are attracted to each other, you & Nat aren't attracted to one another. Matt corrects her and tells her that Nat is in love with him.

Sheila seems astonished, said the only reason I wouldn't be with you because I'm the age of your mother. I wouldn't be with anyone in this house b/c everyone's so young.

Sheila asked Matt if he likes Alli, he said yes. She asked him if Nat has tried anything, and Matt avoided the question, said "don't you see her with me in bed at night?"

We get flames for a minute after Mattie talking about stuff from home (he has recently been told in the DR about something from home that he's been forbidden to discuss someone from home) and come back to Sheila saying she understands b/c had she not had time to say goodbye to her son she wouldn't have left.

Alli says someone told her you have to go to the house completely single so someone she'd been dating off/on for 12 years basically told her f-you, and Matt said "same with him." (Cryptic, I know, but we get the pic)

Matt says are we gonna be back in our house 3 months later having not won & ask if it's worth it based on what happened with people we care about in the real world.
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Topic #7881488
scandalous - Sheila says she's worried that she's going to be betrayed as a b*tch b/c of how she treated Adam in the first few hours NT 0 Replies #7881488 12:46AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881520
scandalous - Alli, Sheila & Matt still talking, Alli says she questions her decisions on a daily basis... 0 Replies #7881520 12:50AM 16/02/2008
Matt says him too, b/c he's lost his love, he's not worried about his friends b/c they're cool w/ him being there, talking about them, etc, but his boss was his ex' father, so "that's gone."

Sheila says it's like she's away filming a movie, but it never f&cking ends.

Matt & Sheila both say they're not gonna read the blogs when they get out. Matt says he can only imagine the names that people are calling him (ed. umm, ok no comment)
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Topic #7881531
scandalous - Matt says he's been dreaming about his ex/significant other since he's been there... 0 Replies #7881531 12:52AM 16/02/2008
But he chose to come to the house for some reason, he also said he doesn't believe in chance.

Sheila said she's here to make the publishers in NY to recognize her book. Now talking about dating Scott Baio & going on shows where he was working & stuff.

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Topic #7881540
scandalous - Nat shows up & says she's been waiting all day for Matt to come over & talk to her NT 0 Replies #7881540 12:53AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881545
scandalous - Nat is reallllly excited that Sheila dated Scott b/c Charles in Charge was her favorite show NT 0 Replies #7881545 12:54AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881568
scandalous - Jen & Ryan are whipping nuts over the balcony at Amanda & Parker; someone yelled that Chelsia JUST vacuumed NT 1 Replies #7881568 12:58AM 16/02/2008
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scandalous - Nat's upset for Chelsia, but she's laughing about it NT #7881572 12:58AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881583
scandalous - Nat's in bed between Josh and Sharon, discussing their plan and someone laughed that they could barely see her. Josh said she's 2 legs & some boobs NT 0 Replies #7881583 1:02AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881611
scandalous - Sharon seems to have Nat convinced to take Jen out. Then saying that Amanda will stop acting like she owns the place if she realizes things... 0 Replies #7881611 1:08AM 16/02/2008
aren't going according to her plan. Nat says that she's cool with getting Parker out so they get rid of the people who snap off about every little thing.
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Topic #7881621
scandalous - Matt seems to be trying to convince Park that he'll get Nat to possibly use the veto on him & Jen. He said, "I'll do what I do" NT 0 Replies #7881621 1:11AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881629
scandalous - Jen said wait until Ryan leaves, suggesting that she'll flirt more, Park said you can be "BB whore", Matt said then he'll be the ultimate player NT 0 Replies #7881629 1:13AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881655
scandalous - Matt says he's sweet talking Alli; Amanda & Park are telling him to "take her in the bathroom"... 1 Replies #7881655 1:18AM 16/02/2008
Matt said, after he "does" Alli, he'll go in the DR and say that's 2 for America. Then she'll be evicted & he'll say bye-bye and now they're determining who will be his 3rd conquest.

Park, Amanda & Matt said whoever is the next target to get out, that Matt will "conquer" them right before they're evicted.

Matt just told Amanda & this...jumps in bed w/ Alli hugs her and says we're the other twist, we're bf/gf

Matt just reached over and kissed Alli w/ lots of people milling about in other rooms. He keeps going to kiss her & she says "you gotta work harder than that" he said for a kiss?
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scandalous - Amanda seems surprised when he says Alli would be Matt's 2nd (not sure if she knew or is playing that she didn't know) NT #7881673 1:20AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881664
scandalous - Matt leaves and Alli runs in to talk to Sheila; says he tried to kiss her, Alli says she likes him, but doesn't want to play w/ his emotions NT 0 Replies #7881664 1:19AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881687
scandalous - Alli's telling Sheila her "crying act" today was sooo good & that she's f*cking genius... 0 Replies #7881687 1:23AM 16/02/2008
They're saying that Jen treats Ryan like sh*t and he's with Jen b/c she's pretty. They're saying that Ryan is such a good guy.

They think Alex is an egomaniac.

They think Ryan can do so much better (ed. perhaps Alli?)
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Topic #7881694
scandalous - Alli thinks Jen is lying about being a spec ed teacher... 0 Replies #7881694 1:24AM 16/02/2008
Matt breaks in on Alli & Sheila complaining that Alli won't give him a kiss. Sheila says Alli doesn't want to disrupt Nat & Matt, Matt says Nat's not his type.
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Topic #7881741
scandalous - Alli took off her mic to say something to Sheila (I think she told her that Ryan & Jen had sex in the house)... 0 Replies #7881741 1:35AM 16/02/2008
Sheila then said she'd never do anything in the house.

Alli then told Sheila about some puzzle, that's part of the walls, which Alli has figured out b/c she's good w/ numbers from being a professional gambler.

BB tells Sheila to put on her mic, so Ryan comes looking for them to find out what they're talking about. They told him to continue to let Jen think they're leaving.

Sheila then says how pissed she is b/c apparently Parker came in @ 3am, woke up Adam and told him he better not switch his vote or he'll be known as the biggest liar in America. Sheila says Park threatened her, too.

Sheila's worried about how she's coming off to America, doesn't want to embarass her son.
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Topic #7881784
scandalous - Adam tried to go to bed, but Sheila asked for 5 minutes, meanwhile Matt came in to go to bed, so Matt & Adam are lying in Alli's bed NT 0 Replies #7881784 1:44AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881826
scandalous - Matt/Adam in one bed, Sharon & Josh in the other and their playing with combining names, someone came up with Mattalie, lol NT 0 Replies #7881826 1:48AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881838
scandalous - Adam said we're not the filthiest cast yet as he is scratching his balls NT 0 Replies #7881838 1:49AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881858
scandalous - Nat is hovering around Matt who is lying in Alli's bed They weren't talking about her, but the convo stopped uncomfortably when she entered NT 0 Replies #7881858 1:51AM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7881868
scandalous - Nat is now laying in bed talking to James & Chels....she comments that they have a cam right on their bed.... 0 Replies #7881868 1:55AM 16/02/2008
and they couldn't get away with ANY hanky panky.

James says, "why, could you!?"

Nat avoids the question, babbling about something else.
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