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Topic #7887333
KingMac - Allison saying the first day there was a picture with a man in the boat, and now its.... 0 Replies #7887333 6:10PM 16/02/2008
just a boat and the man is gone.
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Topic #7887343
KingMac - Allison says every quote in every room has to do with that person in that room. NT 0 Replies #7887343 6:11PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887454
Taffy - Allison is telling Sheila she's trying to figure out something... 0 Replies #7887454 6:20PM 16/02/2008
She goes thru the HGs names separating them by their first letter...Allison, Amanda, Alex, Adam...Sharon, Sheila...Sheila says then what about Matt and can't be names...Sheila then says something about some blocks that are position differently every day...saying something to the effect of you can either get sucked into the drama or figure out some puzzle she (Allison) thinks BB is putting there to be discovered (?)
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Topic #7887550
Taffy - Allison tells Sheila: "As long as those nominations stay I'm good"... they both agree that Matt calls the shots 0 Replies #7887550 6:27PM 16/02/2008
in the Matt/Nat partnership...Allison tells Sheila, as they get up to leave, that they (Sheila and Allison) are the only normal ones in the house...
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Topic #7887569
teamdonatolove - dinner is ready at the bb house.. 0 Replies #7887569 6:28PM 16/02/2008
tacos .. yum!
natalie just woke up matt to eat , he says he's coming.
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Topic #7887596
SouthernBelladonna - The Hgs are gathering around the table for dinner. It looks like they have tacos and fried chicken strips. 0 Replies #7887596 6:30PM 16/02/2008
Alex is giving a long and silly "thank you" grace as the others start to eat.
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Topic #7887647
SouthernBelladonna - Now Parker is saying grace. He thanks god for allowing them all to get along for the 2nd day in a row and hopes they will all be friends after BB. 0 Replies #7887647 6:33PM 16/02/2008
Everyone starts eating...compliments to Alex, who cooked part of the meal.

Lots of eating and very little talking now.
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Topic #7887713
SouthernBelladonna - Jen talks about being dropped by her car insurance because of a DUI related accident. NT 1 Replies #7887713 6:37PM 16/02/2008
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teamdonatolove - her car* insurance.. matt has to pay high car insurance prices because he's been in accidents. NT #7887732 6:38PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887724
SouthernBelladonna - The Piggies are going nuts in thier cage on F1. They are hopping all around...must want dinner too. NT 0 Replies #7887724 6:37PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887738
Taffy - Everyone still eating and engaging in idle chit chat... NT 0 Replies #7887738 6:39PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887852
SouthernBelladonna - Various dinner talk... 0 Replies #7887852 6:49PM 16/02/2008
T-shirts that BB wouldn't let them bring into the house...

Alex talks about OCC (Orange County choppers).

Talk about ipods...Amanda can't wear one while she works out...says she has to hear everything going on around her because every place is unsafe and she's always scared.

complementing Alex on the chicken he made...

Everyone seems to be in a good mood...lots of chatter and laughing as they eat.

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Topic #7887860
SouthernBelladonna - Now they're all sharing stories about how they cheated in school. Nat says she never cheated, she would just fail. NT 1 Replies #7887860 6:50PM 16/02/2008
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teamdonatolove - people give stories of how they cheated.. #7887900 6:55PM 16/02/2008
joshuah cheated using his calculator
sheila failed most courses except for art and pe , she cheated in math
by copying off the guy in front of her
amanda says that she got caught in 3rd grade and was scared to cheat again
parker compared answers from neighboring students
i missed matt's scheme
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Topic #7887889
SouthernBelladonna - Josh is pretty quiet during this part of dinner. Matt, Alex, Sheila and Parker are sharing ways they cheated in HS and college. 1 Replies #7887889 6:54PM 16/02/2008
Amanda says she tried once in 3rd grade and got caught...never tried again.
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SouthernBelladonna - Ryan, Sharon, Ali, and Adam are also quiet for this convo. NT #7887895 6:55PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887970
SouthernBelladonna - Dinner is over. Several HGs are starting to clean up the dishes. Matt is talking about... 0 Replies #7887970 7:03PM 16/02/2008
going on a sex vacation to some place he heard about on Howard Stern.
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Topic #7887991
Taffy - FOTH NT 0 Replies #7887991 7:05PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7887992
SouthernBelladonna - Matt starts giving a shout-out to one of his handlers...FLAMES NT 0 Replies #7887992 7:05PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7888084
SouthernBelladonna - Feeds back. Josh, Parker, and the girls are cleaning the kitchen. The boys are playing pool. NT 0 Replies #7888084 7:12PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7888103
SouthernBelladonna - Amanda joins the boys at the pool table and Alex asks if she thinks it will be two weeks per couple. 0 Replies #7888103 7:14PM 16/02/2008
Amanda says she thinks it will be a short season because of things BB said during press conferences....

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Topic #7888139
SouthernBelladonna - Jen and Nat are in the bathroom talking about Nat's shirts. They both love Nat's backless shirts. 0 Replies #7888139 7:19PM 16/02/2008
More talk about shopping...

In the BY, Amanda is doing laundry. James and Adam are playing pool. Ryan too.

Back inside, Matt is getting his neck hair trimmed by Amanda.

Sheila, Sharon, Ali, and Chel are still cleaning the kitchen.
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Topic #7888156
Taffy - amanda now in the Bathroom giving matt a trim with the electric razor NT 0 Replies #7888156 7:21PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7888185
SouthernBelladonna - Nat and Sharon whisper in the SR 0 Replies #7888185 7:25PM 16/02/2008
They're talking about Amanda going around saying things...spreading stuff...Nat says she's going to apologize to Ali...

Nat says Ali probably thinks she's going home and is wigging out...

Nat says she'll take Ali aside and tell her much she likes her and thinks she's a great person.

Nat says that Matt told her that Amanda is trying to stir up the pot.

They leave the SR.
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Topic #7888190
Taffy - Allison, Chelsia, Sheila cleaning the kitchen...Nat and Sharon whispering in SR. Nat feels that Allison is not talking to her at all... 0 Replies #7888190 7:25PM 16/02/2008
so she (Nat) wants to talk to her (Allison). She (Nat)plans to take Allison aside and tell her (Allison) that she likes her a lot...
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Topic #7888257
Taffy - Nat approaches Allison who does not respond with much more than "thank you" and...I appreciate that... NT 0 Replies #7888257 7:35PM 16/02/2008
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Topic #7888267
SouthernBelladonna - Josh and Sharon whisper about the eviction. they thin it will be so much fun to see the reaction when J/P go home. 0 Replies #7888267 7:36PM 16/02/2008
Josh talking about backdooring someone next week...something about seeing what Chelsea will do... (ed. hard to hear them...)

Sharon suggests that after POV, if everything stays the same, they should plant the seed that J/P might go so Amanda won't blow up so bad.

Sharon listing all the people Parker is aligned with

She says it's going to be the start of the whole show....Josh says it's going to be crazy.

Shar says everyone is afraid to get targeted because Amanda is so wacko. Josh says Amanda is crazy. they laugh about how crazy Amanda is...

Josh wants James/Chel to win HOH next week and do the dirty work.

James comes in and asks what they're talking about...Sharon says "you"...then says about all the craziness that's going to go it's in their best interest for Parker to go down...

Sharon worries that the vote might be 2-2. Josh says there is no way. Nat and Chel come in and the convo stops.

Nat tells them that she's talked to Ali and everything is better.

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Topic #7888274
SouthernBelladonna - Josh says he thought dinner was really awkward. Ali agrees. NT 0 Replies #7888274 7:37PM 16/02/2008
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